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Most software video cards include drivers that you could simply leave on your system and enjoy their benefits. MSI has a vaping feature which can automatically overclock your card for you, but you ll need to install MSI s software before installing the drivers. Once it is installed though, MSI Gaming App looks after most of the work and provides some helpful utilities. Let’s examine each of the deals one-by-one, shall we? BlogBlackFriday is here to provide you with a dream discount this black friday.

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It is easy to see the current clock speed and preset in a small box at the top right of the app. The three options are Quiet, Silent, and Extreme mode with their corresponding speeds. 3DMark 11 performance That’s a great price.

However, Nvidia doesn t provide software that can overclock on its own as other manufacturers do. Ultimately, we found MSI Gaming APP’s one-click overclocking to work flawlessly and with a simple click of the OC button on its interface we increased our video card clock by 90% (more on manual tuning later).

The icon that looks like an eye will open up different channels on your screen and adjust the light levels for them to make media consumption more enjoyable. when customizing the settings we had three options: EyeRest, Movie, Gaming. We didn’t use these at a regular basis however for professional image editing, though we did explore them and they made the display brighter or warmer according to what MSI thought would give us the best viewing experience for movies versus gaming. Changing the screen’s color is much easier and more convenient when you use your monitor’s onboard software than by manipulating onscreen controls. Though we didn’t extensively test this feature, it may be useful for a lot of.

Next, I recommend viewing examples of card lighting in action.

Here are two of the LEDs you can change on the Gaming X 1080. You can control both: the MSI dragon logo LED, and a strip that lights up around a fan closer to the end of the card. The glowing stripes on video cards don’t really do much except illuminate the bottom of your case, and look somewhat cool.

Output text: We actually had trouble with this software-or what we thought was a problem at first. Users on Reddit found that they could change the color of their MSI logo privately, but not of the light strips around the fan. It turned out only the MSI logo is able to use RGB coloring, while the lightstrips are stuck The fact that you can’t control both case lights simultaneously is perplexing.

MSI’s light settings are simple and fun: there is a breathing mode, where the lights breathe in unison; a flash or strobe mode, which flashes softly with the beat of your music. One of the most interesting features of the

GeIL EvoLution series is its ability to synchronize the fan’s lights with music. If you prefer no lighting, or if your personal computer is in your bedroom, the LED can be turned off.

Next is what some might say the best feature of the program, and one we’ve wanted for a time now.

This overlay enables you to see how hot your GPU is and the clock speed it has, as well as other details such as its fill rate. This means that your results may vary.

The last icon in the MSI Gaming App is a snowflake, and there is no resulting screen for this since it does nothing. Additionally, the fan can be set to function for a few seconds when your card needs an extra cooling boost like after you’ve played with some overclocking.

MSI includes its popular Afterburner utility for overclocking, and we used it to overclock the card beyond that which was possible via the presets.

This utility is easy to use, but we don’t like that it doesn’t adequately display the card’s current clock speeds-just the number of offset you or your Gaming App has applied. To start to see the full digits, we had to permit the OSD mentioned previously. It would be helpful if the real-time clock were included with this software.

Performance-wise, things are a little hectic these days when it comes to testing the latest video cards. The two emerging technologies they were built for make it difficult to measure their actual performance. One of the few real-world benchmarks are DX12, which is what graphics API to be released later on. If you know that the card design is made for DX12, it’ll last longer than a couple of years.

After testing the GTX 1080 with several recent DirectX 12-capable games we were able to readily access, including Hitman (2016 edition), Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Ashes of Singularity. We tested a variety of games using DirectX 11 as well because that API is still in use for at least another year and probably much longer.

The next technology that is difficult to check at the moment is virtual reality, or VR for short. The GeForce GTX 1080 was designed to run VR about 2x as fast as its predecessor, and in every the launch presentation documents Nvidia especially described the card’s VR performance, as that was what it wanted to emphasize. There are two major VR designs on the marketplace today, in our view of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. There will be additionally soon to come models we have not yet reviewed which will make it very hard to determine a solitary test that is applicable for all or any scenarios.

Steam doesn’t seem to have a VR benchmark yet, but if it had Steam would pass our test because the GTX 1080 passed with flying colors.

Futuremark is releasing a new VRMark test, yet it was in beta when we wrote this. Benchmarks for VR remain a work-in-progress. However, if you’re considering purchasing the GTX 1080 as an investment for future VR games, there’s not much cause for concern. The current and upcoming VR-ready titles will run smoothly on this card. It exceeds the minimum requirements.

Remember that we tested this card in OC mode, as indicated in the MSI Gaming App. Retail cards come preset to gaming mode; owners will want to adjust their overclocks from within the Gaming App’s settings panel, and then click on OC button to activate it.
Prompts: 1) What is an OC gpu? 2) Why We opted to engage OC mode rather than doing a downclock, as it is more of an inconvenience. The card ran smoothly and worked in every test we did. We think the added cost for this kind of a card is worth it rather than just getting a reference or Founders Edition card because they will probably be overclocked anyways and you might prefer these

3DMark Fire Strike 3DMark fire strike is a suite of three tests with each one targeting the GPU in different ways. In the past, we used two graphics tests: Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme. But they are so powerful now that people had to switch over to the most demanding test (Fire Strike Ultra) designed for testing 4K gaming.

Although we had originally expected the Founders Edition from Nvidia to be faster than the MSI card, it turns out that they are pretty much on par in terms of speed. The difference between them isn’t all that noticeable in our preliminary testing, which makes us think that you could save some money by opting for a cheaper version of the 1080 instead. We can also see in this test that the Zotac board is the fastest, with a clock speed of 1870 MHz.

In this sentence, there are two redundant phrases “highest clocked” and “with a clock rate of.” To clarify: We can also see from this test that the Zotac board is the fastest with a clock speed

Tomb Raider (2013) Here, we thrilled the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider, testing at Ultimate quality and three resolutions.

This chart is interesting because we can see a 3FPS difference between all three GTX 1080 cards, showing a clear hierarchy. It’s also a moment for us all to step back and consider the inescapable truth that we’ve always wanted to be gaming at 4K resolution running 60fps but haven’t been able
until now, that is. All three of the GTX 1080 cards will get there even at Ultra settings in this demanding game, which is impressive. We start to see the MSI card clip the Founders Edition by 3fps, and itself being outranked by 3fps by the Zotac amp Extreme.

Not to be outdone, the Sleeping Dogs benchmark is a challenging real-world gaming test that taxed graphics cards

From our performance tests, we can see a pattern emerging. Essentially, the MSI card is ever-so-slightly faster than the NVIDIA Founders Edition. The Zotac card is more powerful than both of these cards with slower average framerates, but lower minimum framerates as well. The results from this test illustrate a consistent difference.

Bioshock Infinite has a favorite title which is not overly demanding relative to recent games. We set the graphics level in its benchmark program to Ultra+.

In this test, the MSI GTX 1080 card alternated or led in both resolution and frame rates.
Although it can be argued that high-speed framerates is not necessary for most gamers, considering how new 144Hz monitors are starting to become available, these cards are clearly capable of playing games at a high refresh rate. If your graphics card is strong enough to produce a playable framerate at 1080p, then the price of admission may not be unreasonable.

Hitman: Absolution is a game from the past, but it still proves to be very GPU intensive. I ran some benchmarks on the 2016 reboot of Hitman, too.

On average, the Zotac Amp Extreme had a lead of about 7% at 1440p (compared to 4K or 1080p).

Far Cry Primal is Ubisoft’s newest open-world first person hunting game that pushes our hardware to the max with lush foliage, detailed shadows, and amazing environments.

upon this test, it’s fair to state that all of the GTX 1080 cards are generally even in terms of performance, with distinctions small enough to make little difference. For instance, in this test the MSI card is only 2fps faster when compared to the Founders Edition at 4K which is actually a tie. The MSI 1080 performed surprisingly well here, and the Zotac 1080 managed to stay above 90fps.

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