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After reviewing its Ge Force GTX 1080 and 1070, MSI is presenting us with a third graphics card armed with the same cooler. Naturally, on a Ge Force GTX 1060 it feels just a little over-sized. the most apparent difference is its lack of a SLI connector. Black Friday is a day where shopping at the mall entitles you to terrific discounts on your dream gadgets.

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Even though there’s not much about the card’s appearance to introduce, we’ll still go in depth on our performance results. There is a significant catch though:

MSI cards have an excellent model, which is the reason that many gamers use them. MSI had a card delivered with modified firmware just in case we wanted to check it for our GTX 1080 Gaming X 8G GPU review, however this will certainly not happen again because it does not align with our testing policy. The sample, which employs higher clock rates (as well as perhaps an increased power target) compared to the BIOS you would receive from an off-the-shelf board, is not eligible for any award because of a requirement that it was mixed with other boards. Let’s disqualify this card right away.

MSI GTX 1060 Technical Specifications

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Best MSI GTX 1060

Exterior & Interfaces Similar to its larger relatives, this card s fan shroud is made of a thin plastic. Underneath, you ll find a frame that increases the structure s stability.

Keep your system cool with the MSI Ge-force GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G. The heavier card weighs 35.4 ounces and is 1003 grams in weight. It’s 2 inches long, 13.5 inches tall, 3-inches wide, and takes up two full expansion slots and some vertical space off of the motherboard to consume so make sure you That’s because they have large fan blades that can expand to up to a width of 9.5cm.

The board has a singular plate that occupies the area at the back. With ventilation holes, it does not have any thermal pads attached to help with cooling. As a result of back-plate, it is important to plan for an additional 5 mm clearance in order to avoid collisions with your CPU’s cooler, especially in small form factor cases. The MSI GTX 1060 only requires one dedicated PCIE slot, so you don’t need to worry about fitting two graphics cards inside the same case.

MSI’s logo at the top of the card lights up. The 6 mm heat pipe is prominently visible, as well as 8 mm pipes. The 8-pin power connector sits on the finish of the card, rotated by 180 degrees.

MSI has given the RX 480 gaming card a black and scarlet design with, again, a board condition similar to that of its more powerful GTX 1070 and 1080 models.

The outside of the card is fully covered which means it has better cooling. The fins on the cooler are horizontal and direct airflow towards the slot cover and out through the trunk (the area behind a car’s engine). This design ensures that most heated air gets pushed out to the back, leaving only a minimal amount in your computer case.

The MSI gtx 1060 has five connectors, four for multi-monitor setups that include one dual-link DVI-D connector and two HDMI 2.0s and three Display-Port 1.4s for TV screens

Where there are no display outputs, we see other bracket features openings that give airflow. However if the DVI connector was taken off too, it could be a lot easier for ventilation. NVIDIA’s recent Ge-force GTX 1080 Ti announcement includes a DVI-to-DP dongle for the many consumers still requiring that interface.

The motherboard provides Active PFC power to all five phases and doesn’t need an auxiliary connector for the memory modules.

The GPU power supply’s 5 phases are manipulated by a uP9511P created by UPI Semiconductor Corp. The dual N-channel MOSFETs in the M381 line are being used for the high and low side voltage converters which saves you space and money.

The input text goes into great detail on how the motherboard is wired internally. There are a multitude of different components that all do various functions, but an explanation of what they are and their purpose in relation to one another would be more helpful for readers interested in buying the motherboard.

MSI’s coils seemed decent, but they were no better than what you would expect from a high-end product of this category. The quality was certainly not out of the ordinary and could be seen in other chain stores with something inside to attract customers.

Two capacitors are added right below the GPU to erase voltage peaks. This design is similar to NVIDIA’s reference implementation.

Only six of the eight available slots are populated, with memory modules installed (32x 128 Mb). The voltages vary depending on the clock rate and total 3GB graphics memory.

MSI Ge-force GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G

Once placed under a stressed load, our GPU Boost rate decreases from 2000MHz on the slope of our voltage curve.

The GPU in the MSI GTX 1060 has a clock rate at idle of approximately 240 MHz.

We took our measurements by using a variable low-pass filter, so we mention short load peaks only in passing (see the grayed-out bar in the chart below), as those peaks are rarely relevant for practical purposes.

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MSI’s Ge-force GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G doesn’t use the motherboard slot’s 3.3V rail, so it isn’t included in our chart.

The power distribution we observe shows that slightly below 100W of the power generated is supplied by the auxiliary connector.

The benchmarks for these tests are:

MSI’s Ge-force GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G power rating for the PCI-SIG is only 5.5A, and we’re seeing readings under 3A, which puts this card in compliance.

Please find more information on these currents with our measured readings:

The cooler is located directly in the front of this card, and it does an adequate job for cooling.

MSI s GP106 GTX 1060 Gaming X is great because of its elaborately-designed heat-sink. Unlike the company s factory designs for its higher performance cards, this model uses a closed frame that not only keeps the board stable but also cools other vulnerable parts such as memory modules and power circuits.

The MSI Ge-force GTX 1060 has a good design that helps it dissipate thermal energy, but more space would have been better for maximizing airflow.

The frame has screws in the back which are used to keep your plate tight against a specially-made PCB. The advantage of this is that 3 mm spacers allow for airflow, so everything stays cool and runs smoothly.

As stated, this cooler is nearly identical to the hinges applied to the GTX 1070 and 1080 Gaming cards. It uses the same horizontally-oriented fins and heat pipe configuration. The direction they face is irrelevant, since they re manufactured from sintered composite material

An enormous nickel-plated sink takes heat from the pipe and gives it off to aluminum fins.

The cooler is easy to use, quiet, and does a great job of keeping temps cool.

MSI has ensured this graphics card won’t flame out by including a back-plate and frame. Our tests of gaming and performance showed no sign of failure.

Our gaming test sequence shows the low five voltage regulator phases handle most of the load, and the memory’s VRM stays cool because it doesn’t have to do much work .

In the end, MSI’s cooling solution does an excellent job (and it should: their cards are rated for loads much higher than this).

With low-rpm fan speeds and a hysteresized temperature control, this card is nearly inaudible.

The GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G is a quiet card when it s operating at the default fan profile.

MSI s Ge-force GTX 1060 is quieter than 29.3 dB(A). This means a standard apartment in which minimal background noise can be heard, would not be able to hear the MSI 1060 card run at full load while it’s inside it’s case.

We found minimal vibrations in the low-frequency range of the fans because of their slow rotations. These are easily ignored, though, since it’s not much of an issue.

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