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MSI s latest 25-inch GT75 laptop now comes with a built-in desktop processor and the new RTX graphics card. Laptops are great because they can handle pretty much anything. Check our site for any kind of black friday that maybe going on.

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MSI Modern 14 B10MW Laptop

But before you get lost in all that power, let’s remember the beautiful 4K display and sublime music system. The Titan may be the ultimate multimedia machine, which is why it made our best VR-ready laptops and RTX 2080 gaming laptops lists.

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MSI GT75 Titan Laptop Review

The GT75 is heavier weight than most competing desktop replacements like the Aorus X9 (8.1 pounds), Alienware Area-51m (8.5 pounds) and the Eon 17-X (8.6 pounds).

Despite the vivid backlit keyboard, this laptop is relatively unassuming notwithstanding a few flashy red accents. And the backlit red and white dragon emblem in the rear leaves no doubt about who made this unapologetic beast.

The vents are lined with flat, gray fins that resemble pearl. In the guts, you ll find the word “Titan” written in white text flanked by two red screws and a thick black border beneath it to emphasize it.

The MSI GT75 Titan laptop has an inky-black keyboard deck that slides smoothly, and a palm rest raised slightly to create typing on the clicky-clacky keyboard even more enjoyable. To the right of the numeric keypad are buttons for power, MSI’s Dragon Center, fan speed, Windows Media Center and SteelSeries Engine software.

The MSI GT75 Titan can be your go-to notebook for the road. I’m able to carry it home all on my back without injuring myself, but If you’re going to work with a laptop and not just do casual gaming, one of its only flaws is that there are two power bricks linked together by an adapter cord. One more obtainable choice for professionals is carrying the notebook from room to room, yet if you are taking it to LAP homes or LAN parties lift with your knees.

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Pricing and Configurations

Be right back, looking at a loan to cover this thing. I had a ridiculous amount of fun reviewing the $4199 style of the GT75 Titan. It s armed with an overclockable 2.9-GHz Intel Core i9-8950HK processor, 32GB of RAM, a 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD with a 1

Microsoft Surface Go: Best Laptop For Productivity


I realize that there should have been more Thunderbolt 3 ports, or at least one USB Type-C port on the GT75 Titan, but with all of the ports located along its frame and considering how often I plan to use them, you’ll hardly be able to run out of accessible slots. This includes two USB 3.1 ports as well as

Along the left side of the laptop is a trio of ports–3 USB 3.1 and jacks for headphones, a mic and S/PDIF for high-fidelity soundtracks. In back, you find Thunderbolt 3 port, mini DisplayPort, HDMI 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet.


MSI has excellent displays that should not be overlooked. Whether for gaming, watching movies or typing this review, the Titan’s 17.3-inch 4K screen delivered sharp detail and jaw-dropping colors on a seriously bright panel. Watch the trailer. The detail was so good I could see individual hair curls and deliberate paint stroke color. The actress nodded in agreement with the presenter’s words and her flawless dark skin seemed to shine. The backdrop included blue walls and autumn-colored earrings just as she had requested.

Getting muddy is easy when playing with your friends in Battlefield V. As I climb into enemy territory, my mind sinks as the terrain takes a deep red hue from dirt and death. Burnt earth shines brilliantly before being consumed by the shallow stream of flowing water that tossed up bits of gray sediment along its path. I found tiny veins of gold when I looked in the right places. The colors reminded me how small I am and how lucky I am to be able to find it.

A large, beautiful screen can be ruined by ugly screen tearing. Nvidia’s G-Sync technology syncs the graphics card with the display to make sure images are as smooth and sharp as possible. Though the refresh rate of this panel isn’t as fast as a 1080p screen with 144Hz and 3ms response time, it will still work efficiently to display images.

The MSI GT75 Titan provided 178-percent of the sRGB gamut. This is greater than the average for premium gaming laptops, as well as results from the X9 (122 percent) and Eon 17-X (104 percent).

Nvidia’s flagship laptop offers exceptional brightness, easily outperforming its competition–those modeled after the Titan always first-offered impressive bulk. This unit averages 271 nits in contrast to 252nits for the Eon 17 X and 243nits for the X9. Still, it failed to reach an average of 278 nits for this class of

MSI pre-installed its True Color software, which provides six presets (Gamer, Anti-Blue, Movie, Adobe RGB, sRGB and Office) to help you always have the very best viewing experience possible. I missed the need to go out beyond Adobe RGB, but it’s definitely up to your preference. The Color application in the real msi gt75 titan laptop also enables you to calibrate your own color and create desktop partitions.


MSI, Dynaudio and Nahimic continue to work in concert to produce a listening experience that is loud, clean and rich. This creates an auditory feast no matter what environment you are in. Are they likely to replace external speakers? No, but laptop for computers they’re great.

Playing Outkast’s Prototype, I was treated to full-bodied harmonies with a heavenly tenor headlining. The mids and highs were bright, essential for such an acapellasong: save the snare drums. When I switched to J. Cole s Middle Child, the richness continued in my bedroom as my speakers were awash with trumpet and tight wordplay unlike most notebook computer subwoofers, this one added some knock to the lows.

The explosions in my Battlefield V playthrough was so loud, it scared my dog out of a sound sleep. The booms and the accompanying sound of gravel and shrapnel punctuated my journey to an enemy airbase. It was as if their voices were so clear and present, I actually felt like i was inside the game!

Nahimic has been my favorite feature of this laptop since I unboxed it. One example of this is the surround-sound technology, which changes how music sounds when playing in both Media or Gaming modes. The Smart Amp also aims to neutralize the sound of your vocals when you sing. At maximum volume, the voice may be slightly distorted or artificially enhanced.

The Nahimic Sound Tracking tech is among the best I’ve used, and it’s come in handy during Battlefield V. The Static Noise Suppression feature was a favorite of mine, as it makes recording easier for streamers who are in louder environments.

Keyboard and Touchpad

One of the best things about this notebook computer is that it includes a keyboard with mechanical keys. Unlike previous versions, these keys are not positioned at the front edge of the deck or lip, but instead in the middle.

The other significant change is the added Chiclet-style keycaps.
These types of caps are flat, just like those on a typical laptop keyboard, and they’re making their way to more mechanical keyboards because they take up less space than domed keys while being easier to press.

The 2.5mm key travel is far better than the 1.5mm to 60g minimum requirement for notebook computer keyboards. The keys are punchy and quick, so there is no potential to bottom out. In fact, these amazing keyboard switches help me type faster on 10fastfingers by 70 words per minute.

The onscreen touchpad was very fast and accurate. Summoning Cortana, scrolling between open software or zooming in or out from a graphic was near instantaneous. The couple of discrete mouse buttons are almost as springy as the keyboard

SteelSeries Engine

SteelSeries Engine 3 software may be the secret sauce behind the Titan s alluring light show. You can program every individually lit key to glow in another of the 16.8 million hues available. Unless you feel just like meticulously creating your own RGB creation, the SteelSeries button along the medial side of the num pad enables you to cycle between eight

If you want a little bit more control over the lighting, there’s GameSense which syncs up the lighting to flash or blink when something important happens in your game. For example, in CS:GO, this might mean mapping certain keys to respond when you kill someone
or get a head shot, as well as monitoring your health and ammo with steel series engine 3 grants you the opportunity to map a few macros to 1 key. as soon as you’re finished with your masterpieces, the application saves your settings to the cloud using the cloudsync feature for use wherever you go.

Say Hello to Nvidia RTX

Nvidia s new RTX chips are the most effective models ever, sporting advanced shaders and structural efficiency.

References There are a number of benefits for gamers, not the least being better performances when playing games such as smoother gameplay. The company’s Optimus and Battery Boost technology have been updated, making more power efficient systems. You can also reduce laptop noise by utilizing WhisperMode.

Even though the most RTX s biggest features are Ray Tracing and DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), it also has a huge optical drive which can accommodate both Blu-Ray discs and 4K video. MSI has apparently implemented new technology to create photorealistic images. This is the best example of their work, as game environments are usually either unrealistic or missing reflections altogether.

Long input text: Testing a laptop can feel like blood sport for a lot of expert reviewers and enthusiast sites at times, with each machine’s frame rates tested against

With Ray Tracing, you’ll receive screen reflections that look more natural. This is a significant step forward for rendering graphics and animation quality; however, Ray Tracing is at its best when it comes to improving lighting in games. As the entire year progresses, it will grow and offer more games that use Nvidia’s novel Ray Tracing technology including Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro: Exodus, Control and Battlefield V to mention a few.

Ray Tracing takes a lot of work and would not be possible without DLSS technology. NVIDIA’s proprietary AI, which your company is calling the first AI for gaming, does more than make game graphics look prettier: it also makes them run smoother while not sacrificing detail or realism. DLSS is trained to play a casino game at high resolutions, capturing many complex scenes. DLSS takes what it learns and creates high-quality graphics with details from tens of different images. The shortcut leads to improvements on the graphics and performance fronts.

DLSS technology was first introduced in 20 games, including Anthem, PUBG, Dark Souls 3 and Hitman 2.

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Gaming, Graphics and VR

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX cards has a ton of computing power. That’s not all. It also features 8GB of video memory to back it up.” The graphics on this laptop were amazing when I tested it, but I’ve seen performance drop recently. It may be because of the age of this computer, or other factors.

The Titan also had a solid showing during our synthetic benchmarks obtaining 76 fps on Rise of the Tomb Raider, beating the 63 fps premium gaming laptop average. However, while the Alienware Area-51m also offers its own RTX 2080 that reached 92 fps.

Whenever we ran the Hitman benchmark, the Titan got a better fps than the average of 96. Since it was half as slow as Area-51m and Eon 17-X which followed closely at 140 fps, however, it managed to surpass them both with an impressive 143 fps

Though it beat the category average of 90 fps and 85 fps for GeForce GTX Titan s, it hadn t defeated all tests.

on the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War benchmark, the Titan reached 112 fps while on average it reached 86 fps and on the X9 99 fps. The Area-51m was better at 132 fps

The Titan is ready, willing and able to take you straight into a virtual reality wonderland.


In those instances where you might want to do some work, the Titan laptop is ready for it. I opened 32 browser tabs in Google Chrome, some of them streaming Twitch and others running Tweetdeck plus watched Voltron: Legendary Defender on Netflix with several other applications open at the same time. Although it does have a powerful processor right out of the box, you can overclock it in order to make sure no lags or slowdowns happen.

The Titan outpaced its benchmark by a significant margin with 22,765 on Geekbench 4. However, the X9 delivered 25,915 versus the Area-51m which prints 29,989.

In our spreadsheet test, the Titan was over 30 seconds faster than the average in 36 seconds. The X9 was a couple of seconds faster at 39 seconds.

Despite its bulky size, the Titan is fleet-footed in certain areas. The laptop has a 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD that can duplicate 4.97GB of multimedia files in 6 seconds–a transfer rate of 848.2 megabytes per second. The GTX Titan was not a match for the Area-51m, which features two 1TB PCIe M.2 SSDs in RAID 0 configuration and attained an amazing 1,272 MBps average speed.

The GT75 titan does well in transcoding, outperforming both the X9 and the typical PC when tested.

Battery Life

The laptop only lasted two hours and 20 minutes on the Laptop Mag Battery Test (continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits of brightness).

That result also matched the X9, but it’s shorter in comparison to the average of 3:15 and outperformed even against the Area-51m with 2:36. Still, it performed better than Eon 17-X which took 1:52.


MSI’s Cooler Boost technology is one of its standout features.
It has a dual-fan setup with 11 strategically-placed heatpipes to allow the notebook computer to handle high levels of heat before it gets too hot and loud for long gaming sessions.

I played Battlefield V for 15 minutes and found that the touchpad temperature measured 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The keyboard undercarriage had an even greater temperature of 103 degrees, with the interior temps exceeding 94 degrees. The last measurement is above our 95-degree comfort threshold, which while not comfortable is not likely to be an issue in most situations.

After letting the computer cool for a while, we ran the test and watched a full-screen HD video for a quarter of an hour. The touchpad, middle of the laptop surface and bottom measured 88 degrees on average.


MSI Max-Q builds laptops with high quality 1080p webcams.

I took a number of test shots in my own bedroom to see how the camera processed color. I noticed that it seemed accurate for the most part, particularly on my denim shirt and walls. The photos also have been grainy at times so there may be individual locs in my hairline or delicate stitching on my shirt pocket.

Software and Warranty

MSI has installed all of the I require for a gaming computer in one place. You can even change VoIP music and game audio tracks with the Voiceboost feature and switch between a number of different optimized system presets with the machine Tuner. Dragon Center also offers Gaming Mode which automatically optimizes your notebook filled with GameSense lighting for games like Dota 2, Overwatch, PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and Starcraft II.

MSI equipped the GT75 Titan-001PR (GT) with Killer Control Center to provide quality Internet experience. The laptop also includes Nvidia GeForce Experience which offers preventative measures in case of errors throughout gameplay.

There are a variety of preloaded applications that come on windows 10, including Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Friends Saga and Cooking Fever. Evernote and MusicMaker Jam are both excellent, but I don’t care for the other four.

The MSI GT75 Titan laptop arrives with a one-year limited warranty. By monitoring how MSI fared in our twelve-monthly articles Tech Support Showdown, Best and Worst Brands and Best and Worst Gaming Brands you will be able to determine if the company is reliable or not

Bottom Line

The GT75 Titan by MSI is a massive, powerful laptop sporting the latest features in sound and graphics. While the $4199 price tag will be out of reach for many gamers, you won’t find a better option than this powerhouse.

If you are looking for something a tad less expensive (and I really do mean a tad), browse the Aorus X9. For $3,899, you get yourself a system that is extremely lightweight with screen size and powerful in its right. But if you are looking to buy a multimedia beast, the MSI GT75 Titan should be near the top of your list.