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With MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro 15-inch, you can enjoy the portability of a gaming notebook computer with desktop replacement power. In addition to that, the slim system supports VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive without a sweat.

Overall, the MSI GS63VR offers a small frame and excellent performance, but you will need to live with hot temperatures while gaming.

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The Stealth Pro is among the slimmest 15-inch gaming laptops available, and it s easily the thinnest.

Despite the sleek, attractive design of this laptop, that is not just about perceptiveness. The Stealth Pro s black lid has a glossy finish and easily shows fingerprints; so I had to restrain myself from running my fingers down the raised ridges on its surface. I would rather admire the red and white dragon emblem in the heart of the lid.

I transformed to look at the red matte accents along each perimeter vent, their edges softened by curvature.

From there, I turned my focus on the notebook s black aluminum interior where I was greeted by a design reminiscent of previous Stealth laptops. There are several slight changes in addition to an orange power light lurking at the guts of the top-mounted heat vent and red, chrome-lined touchpad.
Starbucks plans to release new menu items that include On the top of the laptop there is a backlit keyboard that shines down from its recessed dock. The texture and color are gray tones.

Along the right side of this MSI GSF63, you can find a USB 2.0 port as well as a USB 3.1 Thunderbolt Port, along with HDMI and Mini DisplayPort. Along the other side of this laptop, there are two sets of USB 3.0 ports – one on either side — also including an SD card reader,


The Stealth Pro s 1920 x 1080 matte display is begging to be observed, and its vivid colors are particularly pretty when the subject involves red. Janelle Monae’s shade served to highlight her warm chocolate skin tones, while offsetting her taupe trench coat. Considered finer details like stray strands of hair capturing the sun were easy to make out.

On a stroll through the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt trudges through waist-deep water, creating miniscule ripples in the blue-green liquid with every step. When the water is deep enough to dive beneath, I eagerly admire his hair trailing freely about his face and ashen locks.

The Stealth Pro displayed 111% coverage on the sRGB color gamut and is better than most laptops with its 90% range.

The GS63 can get quite warm, the CPU’s thermal design is not the only culprit though. The desktop replacement chassis raises the machine’s hot-spot to 27 degrees Celsius, considerably more than it 30 incer cooler sibling that averages 19.
The Equinox and Alienware 15 are cool and quiet by comparison to just

The MSI GS63 had the poorest high-brightness result of those tested at 242 nits.

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Although they re on the smaller size, my ears listened to powerful audio tracks at high volume. The speakers were able to deliver Sade s voice which belonged low and focused so I was able to hear her lyrics clearly. The bass was not as pronounced, and the drums were too far in the background.

I had a better outcome when I began playing Witcher 3. The meaty sound of my sword cutting through drowner flesh was just as satisfying as the staccato drumbeat, hand claps and violins that define the game’s battle music.

MSI GS63 laptops come
equipped with Nahimic 2 software that offers several listening presets tailored to the specific types of media one wants to enjoy on their computer. The iphone app also has features and options for your gaming experience, allowing you to pick between a host of avatars and fun animations so that you can play from across the world For example, the SoundTracker function asists in finding out where your enemies are by mapping sound files. Audio Launchpad permits you to credit score a sweet move with audio only.


MSI and SteelSeries have done a lot of great work to innovate the island-style keyboard. The key travel is just right, making it one of the best keyboards I ve used this season. Once I turned off the room lights, multicolored backlighting illuminated my keystrokes.

Nevertheless, the keyboard exceeds a standard assortment of glowing caps. SteelSeries software allows you to assign one out of 16.8 million colors and four effects to each zone on the keyboard for a custom creation. The GameSense feature maps certain keyboard zones to particular games. The MSI Gs63 will flash different indicators.

It was rather easy to execute gestures such as the long three-finger swipe and two-finger rotation required for onscreen text selections. However, while I typed this review with my laptop in either lap or at a desk, there were several occasions when the mouse inadvertently jumped to an alternate location on the page which became bothersome.

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Gaming, Graphics and VR

stealth pro is the slimmest gaming notebook that can run VR

Nvidia Pascal offers a significant boost to traditional games like Witcher 3. I experienced this while wandering in *wild dog location*, dodging the pack as they tried unsuccessfully to attack me, able to maintain an average of 42 fps on ultra settings with spell casting and melee combat both at once! Setting the settings right down to high raised the frame rate back up to a decent 56 fps.

The Stealth Pro beat the P55W with 58 fps on the Hitman benchmark at 1080p and 49 fps in Grand Theft Auto, but lost to its competition on a couple of other benchmarks.


The Stealth Pro boasts a slick 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, 16GB of RAM, and it ran an episode of Stranger Things with 14 open tabs in Google Chrome while scanning the system.

The MSI Gaming Notebook was not the best performer on our gaming laptop synthetic performance test, scoring 6.261 points.

The Stealth Pro 256GB M.2 PCIe SSD, which is paired with a 1TB 5400-rpm hard disk drive, had an impressive throughput of 565.5 MB/s on the File Transfer Test. The MSI Ghost slim sealed the deal with a throughput of 294.9 MBps and an average that was significantly higher than the Equinox’s 424.1, despite its 256GB SSD drive; this is also faster than Alienware 15 (256GB PCIe SSD) while being only slightly slower than P55W (128GB M.2 SATA

Stealth Pro’s OpenOffice macro test in three minutes and 38 seconds, finishing at 4:40.

Battery Life

The Stealth Pro lasted just two hours and 54 minutes on our battery life test.

Notice that we removed the mention of the Gs63 in this rewritten sentence, because it was clear in the following sentence That’s well below the 6:32 average for mainstream laptops. The Equinox lasted 3:09, and the Alienware 15 tapped out after 7 hours and 13 minutes.


When testing Witcher 3, the touchpad measured 84 degrees after a quarter-hour of play while its insides were 96 degrees. This is well below our 95 degree threshold for comfort during gameplay but the undercarriage reached 123 degrees so don t balance it on your lap.

Our review unit built-in a little, even while doing mundane tasks like watching a video. After sending 30 minutes of streaming a full-screen Hulu video, underneath of the notebook measured 103 degrees. The area below the two palm rests and touchpad were generally cooler than other areas at 92 degrees and 86 degrees, respectively.


The 720p webcam can capture video at 30 fps, which will come in handy during streaming. Though the camera has a blurry picture and low detail on closeups, it recorded my eyebrows well enough to see them. The colors on the wall were a little off, they had more of a grey tone than blue and my pink shirt looked neon.

Software and Warranty

MSI has redesigned the Dragon Center iphone app, shifting useful applications such as MSI True Color and Killer Network Manager to more visible tabs.

The MSI GL63 has several game specific features in it. These are found under The Machine tab where you can check your system’s status, and adjust color temperatures and other options to suit games like VR optimization to name a few. Burn Recovery and Battery Calibration are the two notable tools available in Tools & Help.

Snapchat, Facebook, PlayStation 4 and Minecraft are third party programs.

The MSI GT62 Dominator Pro ships with a two-year limited warranty.


Our review version of the Stealth Pro includes a $1,882 Intel i7-6700HQ with 16GB of RAM and 8TB HD.

The $1,549 base model also offers the same specs as our review unit, except that it only includes a 128GB SSD and an Intel 8260 802.11ac (2 2) wireless card. In addition to this, there are two more versions available–one with a 3840 X 2160 display and higher specifications for $2,

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Bottom Line

The MSI GS63 Stealth Pro may be slim, but beneath the chassis lies a powerhouse of processing and graphic performance. It even has blistering transfer speeds! It also has a comfortable keyboard, and a pleasant display to boot.

The MSI GS63 is a great laptop, but you have to be willing to put up with some tradeoffs. If you need something that performs well, the laptop might not be right for you – it does fairly poorly under heavy use and battery life isn t fantastic even when it s charged. But if weight is your concern (rather than performance),