5 Best MSI GP73 Laptop Deals Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

MSI GP73 Leopard-014 Series Gaming Laptop may be the perfect gaming machine, with all the features a gamer could want. The sharp screen can take in crystal-clear images; the graphics are huge and vibrant. These high quality parts make for an intense keyboard experience, one that will put you at ease on any battlefield. Get Black Friday deals and sales on your favorite products.

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Get Huge Discount on MSI GP73 Laptop in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

Full HD screen has resolution of 1920*1080 pixels. The fast response time and refresh rate of 3ms and 120Hz, respectively prepare the perfect setting for gaming. You will love the experience at home as much as you would on the road with MSI GP73 94%NTSC Color & Wide View feature. The anti-glare environment ensures that your opponents won’t see what’s coming, and it never causes eye strain when playing games for hours on end.

Operating System

This gaming laptop comes with the Win 10 operating system, which gives you the option of using languages that are most comfortable for you.

Processor and Graphics Processor

M.S.I GP 73 gaming notebook may be as good as it gets when it comes to a laptop that does not slow down even when doing intense tasks like playing video games and watching videos.

The graphics processor is backed up by the 6G DDR5 memory that can handle even the most action-oriented games. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060, best in class technology processor offers an experience equal to none.

RAM and Storage

MSI GP73 Leopard-014 is the computer you need to take your work, family and entertainment with you. With 16GB of DDR4 2400MHz RAM, it can easily handle graphics-, video-, and gaming-intensive applications. This laptop features a RAM size that can be expanded to 32 GB, making it possible for this product to provide a lag-free experience.

This laptop offers 256GB of its own storage space, plus an (optional) 1TB external drive to provide you with a large variety of gaming options. Aside from playing games, this laptop provides enough memory for movies and other files which are often stored on laptops these days.

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Unique Features

MSI has released these new gaming laptops in classic black color that looks phenomenal. NVIDIA VR technology will make it an amazing piece of equipmen

One of the most interesting features is the Killer Gaming Network E2400, which filters and allocates bandwidth to maximize gameplay. The Killer Gaming Network E2400 eliminates the need for an optical drive and other secondary storage solutions necessary to store games. With online streaming, playing on the Internet, or downloading your favorite games, this powerful network card handles all in a lag-free manner.

MSI has released the GP73 model laptop to ensure that no matter how demanding your work is, you can still utilize this device better with its Cooler Boost 5 technology. With strategically positioned fans and a design that does not allow internal temperature to get too high, there are successfully much more vents and air circulation which in turn mean less risk of overheating This implies that the device has no instances of breaking down. Always reachable for you, with you once needed it during your work out.

Up to three external monitors can be linked through support for dual display, supporting 4K resolution in 3840×2160. Thus, it is played with friends and you want to share your enthusiasm for the game.

The best MSI GP73 laptop comes with the TriDef VR feature, which enables you to make your own battlefield in virtual reality. You can pick and choose whatever chair or table you want as your weapon and engage in front-seat combat without worrying about touching any of the controls onscreen.

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Dragon Center 2.0 is a new program that eliminates the need for any manual adjustment of your laptop’s features while you are playing games on it. The MSI GP73 offers a comfortable playing experience.


You need a high quality keyboard that will provide you complete support as you explore the world of gaming. One that is silver lined and can resist ghosting, which offers many advantages.

The keyboard has a cool, dragon motif to match the dark look of Dragon Centre 2.0 when playing on it. The user may also customise the lighting pattern with up to eight modes to choose from.

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USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C is designed to have backward compatibility with USB 3.0s and USB2.0 ports, giving the user the ability to use their favorite devices on a laptop. The reversible design adds a tremendous level of convenience.


Nahimic VR enables you to have lifelike effects in your games. Your headsets will give you high-quality audio and amplify the gaming experience with a surround sound effect, even if it’s just your regular headset. You are feeling tired of the usual, and your interest in having more fresh experiences continues to grow.

Audio Boost technology has a negative-feedback amplifier and an operational amplifier working together to provide sound with less noise distortion.