5 Best MSI GL63 Laptop Deals Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

With the launches of Nvidia s GeForce GTX 16-series, GPUs and Intel s 9th Gen Core CPUs earlier this season, hardware makers have refreshed their offerings. Now we’re seeing a flood of these in the market. MSI, one of the leading names in gaming and computers, has seen great success with its laptop business. They have a wide range of laptops to meet all budgets. Given the reliance of many people on their laptops, it’s no surprise that people would like to know more about the new MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN.

The cheapest of the MSI gaming lineup, the Gl63 model offers all-but-minimum specifications for a laptop. It s also relatively lightweight which will make it something of an all-rounder for various types of work.

MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN

Most of the ports on this laptop are on the left, with only a single USB Type-C port.

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Best Deals For MSI GL63 Laptop On Amazon Black Friday Sales

MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN design

MSI has been toning down it’s gamer aesthetic in recent years to appeal to a wider audience. The GL63 9SD-1041IN is the latest model of this new orientation, featuring an unassuming design perfect for everyday use but which retains recognizably gaming features and characteristics. MSI strives to impress consumers with its laptop design, and the lid is a magnet. The exterior is made of metal that has been coated in matte black paint. There are two diagonal claw-mark creases framing the MSI dragon logo and red LED strips accenting them.

This notebook computer is difficult to open with one hand, and the display can’t just be propped up by two tiny supports. There’s quite a bit of flexibility in this model’s lid and screen due to its small hinges. The borders around the laptop panel may seem thick by today’s standards; however, this gives the user a clunky feel. There is no camera feature seen on any of MSI GL63 laptops.

For typing, the keyboard is just as responsive and accurate you could expect from a dedicated gaming laptop. The keyboard layout is standard and there are no Windows keys. The arrow key region offers slightly less space, but the keys themselves are full-sized.

We were not totally pleased with the typing experience, though. The keys themselves felt just a little soft and pressing them took more effort than we would have liked. The trackpad has two physical buttons but they are slightly depressed within the chassis rather than easily pressed. The complete trackpad is centered on the keyboard instead of being centered on the laptop itself. This positioning can be good when using it as a desktop, or for people who have valuable objects and need to protect them from spilling liquid on their workspace.

On the left, you’ll see chunky vents and exposed heatsinks towards the hinge. Additionally, there are large air intake grilles surrounding the bottom. Ports on the left include a Kensington lock slot, Ethernet port, full-sized HDMI port, Mini-DisplayPort, USB 3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps) Type-A On the left-hand side of the laptop, you get a power inlet, two USB 3.1 Gen1 (5Gbps) ports and an SD card slot.

The MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN weighs 2.3kg which is manageable enough for everyday commuting, though not accurately ideal. 180W charger that is included with it also weighs a lot. The overall construction appears solid, aside from the hinge as we mentioned earlier. The keyboard and palm rests are rigid enough.

The keys on the keyboard aren’t too cramped, but the trackpad is hard to work with due to its sunken in buttons.

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MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN specifications and software

MSI offers a variety of GL63 notebook computers in different configurations. They come with 8th generation CPUs or the newer 9th generation CPUs, and some have either older GeForce GTX 10-series graphics cards or RTX 20-series graphics cards with the newest GPUs for better performance.

3.6 Add value to text by revising sentence structure ( There are a few options with SSDs and hybrid hard drives, as well as models with backlighting that changes color instead of remaining red.

We are going to spend most time reviewing the MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN. This model includes a 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9300H processor that is a quad-core, Hyper-Threaded model with base and boost speeds of 2.4GHz and 4.1Ghz respectively. The CPU features 512KB of cache memory and a built-in Intel HD Graphics 630 GPU. There s 8GB of DDR4 RAM.

You don’t get Nvidia’s flashy RTX ray-tracing effects, but a Gleam discrete Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GPU with 6GB of dedicated VRAM is sufficiently up-to-date and affordable. Our review unit was built with a 512GB SSD, and NVMe-based SSD. It’s not as fast as some of the newer drives on the market today but remains much faster than regular hard drives.

The screen is a 15.6-inch Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) 120Hz LCD panel with the option for a non-reflective finish; however, the battery is not removable and comes in at 51 WH rated capacity.

Other noteworthy specs include Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5, 720p webcam, Killer Gigabit Ethernet controller, and dual 3W stereo speakers. These devices are not made to give users quick access to its internals; however, the RAM and SSD are both upgradeable. In addition to the built-in hard disk, there is a free M.2 slot and a 2.5 inch bay for extra storage space.

MSI Dragon Center software enables you to customize fan profiles and system-wide settings such as battery health insurance and voice enhancement for in-game VoIP. There are even auto-tuning profiles for some popular games. MSI routinely includes its own driver and app center utility in their laptops but thankfully little else. That is a comparable approach we have found. However, we did find that it was necessary to manage frequent large Norton Security popup notifications.

One optional download is MSI App Player, an Android emulation environment powered by BlueStacks. We were told to register for the Google Play Store during a reasonably alarming installation process. Google Security Incident Alert

The Android interface wasn’t properly scaled and we were forced to choose between Wi-Fi or cellular data as though we were on a phone, even though our wired Ethernet connection worked correctly. We managed to install the Android version of Asphalt 9: Legends, but graphics glitches caused an issue with keyboard input.

Some gamers might take issue with the less aggressive styling on battery-powered MSI GL63, but that’s more of an aesthetic choice than a performance deterrent.

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MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN performance

The MSI GL63 9SD-9041IN does well as an everyday laptop for casually utilizing word processors, looking online, and such. We weren’t too pleased with the squishy keyboard but you might get accustomed to it over time, and it is laid out decently enough so that it isn’t frustrating – which could have been a bigger problem This laptop has a numeric keypad, which will be useful for some buyers.

At first, we were amazed by how loud our MSI laptop fans are. Some investigation showed that the noise came from their default settings in MSI s Dragon Center software. The UI is terribly confusing. There are presets called Performance, Theater, and Meeting with fan profiles in each one called Comfort, Sport, and Eco. Once we choose Comfort mode the fans started to settle down. They stayed silent unless we were gaming or running benchmarks. You can force the cooling fans to run at full blast by pressing a button above the keyboard when you need to for special tasks like benchmarking.

The screen runs at 120Hz whether you’re using main power or running off the battery. This definitely makes the notebook feel snappier even for mundane tasks. The screen is not very sharp since I had the brightness at 50%, but that was fine. We didn’t mind it while we were focused on what we were doing – and colors popped nicely.

The speakers are a little on the loud side, but the sound quality is a bit off.

Starting the benchmarking round, we first look at PCMark’s all-around score. We got scores of 3,968 and 5,120 in the typical and extended runs respectively. With Cinebench R20, we scored 420 and 1,881 points on its single-threaded and multi-threaded CPU tests. The laptop’s SSD achieved decent scores of 1603.3MBps and 1022.1MBps for sequential reads and writes, respectively.

The MSI GL63 is light but offers a short battery life

Our real-world file compression test, which runs on the 3.24GB folder of assorted files, took 4 minutes and 26 seconds. Transcoding a 1.3GB AVI file to HVR took 1 minute 20 seconds. The Blender 3D rendering benchmark did not complete but POVRay took 2 minutes and 41 seconds because it is own

One thing that is so valuable about the MSI GL63 9SD-1041IN computer is its graphics card. The GPU test on 3D Mark returned a score of 5,315 with the Fire Strike Extreme test returning 6,397. We ran a few benchmarks and played a few games.

This computer has a built-in benchmark to test performance with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Far Cry 5, and other games.
The system was able to play these games at 1920 1080 resolution with TAA on in the High preset and achieved an average frame rate of 56fps for both Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Far Cry 5. We also tried a resolution of 1920×1080 and setting the quality to high with no anti-aliasing and 4xMSAA, which gave an average framerate of 37.03 fps.

To test the graphical performance of our laptop, we ran The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and DOOM manually.

Typing on the keyboard led to a significant decrease in keystroke accuracy due to its elevated surface temperature.

Battery life on the MSI GL63 is disappointing to say the least. The laptop includes a better-than-average battery, but its usage time in Battery Eater Pro was only 1 hour and 18 minutes. Regular use without games will yield about 4 hours of playtime with a full charge If you use the computer as a general-purpose machine, you will have to plug it infrequently.

MSI says RAM and hard drive upgrades are possible, but the internals is difficult to access.

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MSI has put together mixed configurations of affordable items to offer a GL63 laptop that seems great. There are many versions on sale now, and we borrowed the configuration from our review unit to see if it was worth buying. We think a second SSD or spinning drive will be installed in the laptop for more local storage.

The keyboard and trackpad are not perfect, but they don’t disappoint either. The screen is sharp, and even the speakers get the job done well. Given its design, we think this laptop would be a nice addition in an office environment as well as for gaming. To tie many different audiences together into one notebook computer with less of a The only obstacle this notebook computer has is its poor battery life.

MSI has published the official MRP of Rs. 1,34,990 for this particular configuration, but it is designed for much less than that online. Actually another variant, the GL63 9SD-1043IN (identical aside from having a 256GB SSD and a 1TB HDD), often sells at under Rs. The MSI GL63 9SD-1044IN laptop can be found online for around Rs. 80,000 and features a Core i7 CPU. It’s still possible to buy this for under Rs. 90,000 which makes the worthiness proposition look better