5 Best Microsoft Surface Pro i7 Laptop Black Friday Deal 2021

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 improves on one of the best 2-in-1 laptops around with good 10th Gen Intel performance and a long-overdue USB Type C port. But Microsoft’s flagship detachable hasn’t evolved drastically over its predecessor, the Surface Pro 6, and it has shorter battery life than last generation.

The top Pro 7 is a good laptop, but it might not be for you. It’s excellent if you need a detachable and want to use the Tab Go keyboard with it.

Nonetheless, if you need a good 2-in-1 laptop with decent features and performance, take a look at our Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review below.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Price and configurations

The Microsoft Surface Area Pro 7 starts at $749, which gets you an Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and your decision of a Platinum or Dark color scheme. Upgrading to the $899 config nets you a Main i5 CPU and doubles the RAM to 8GB.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Specs

There are plenty of configurations available for the Surface Pro, with a myriad of options and price points that allow you to find the perfect fit.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has been out for a while now, and it s worth noting that the more expensive versions go on sale fairly frequently because of this. We ve seen price cuts across all available configurations on the company website and occasional deals at various retailers.

The purchase price of the $1,119 Surface pro 7 is still more expensive than another laptop.
We evaluated the Platinum version and it comes with a Signature Type Go over ($159) and a Pen ($99). If you want to use this pro at its full potential, you will have to spend at least $1007

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Design

The Microsoft Area Pro 7 isn t all that revolutionary. The tablet is usually similar to its predecessors, but with a rear-facing kickstand and an optional Signature Type Cover Go over keyboard cover. For those looking for a less flashy look, I recommend the Platinum Surface Pro.

Despite its sleek design, the Surface Pro 7 features bezels that look much too large for a 2019 laptop or tablet. Compared to the Pro X, which has a thicker bezel and looks more old-school, THE TOP pro i7 laptop is sleeker looking.

As its slim design is top-heavy when a keyboard is attached, there are so many things to like about its versatility.

My biggest issue with the Surface Pro 7 is that it looks outdated because of its large bezels.

The kickstand rotates from 0 to 165 degrees. and that means you can prop it up for notebook use or tilt it slightly above desk level if you’re drawing or taking notes. The Sort Covers keyboard attaches seamlessly to the Pro 7’s underside, and the optional Area Pen can attach magnetically (though I hope there is a dedicated pen dock

The Surface Pro7 is a good laptop for use on the go, even when you want to wiggle around in your seat. Although it’s touch heavy and won’t provide quite as much stability, it’s still only 0.3 inches thick and 1.7 pounds without the keypad attached. It is a little bit thicker and heavier than the iPad Pro, but notably lighter than laptops like the Dell XPS 2-in-1 (0.5 inches, 2.9 pounds).

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Ports

The Microsoft Area Pro 7 gets points for including a USB-C port, although overall connections are limited on this device. Apart from USB-C, you get yourself a USB-A port (convenient for legacy peripherals), an audio jack, a microSD card slot and a Surface Connect port for juicing up.

Although I’m glad the top Pro has finally adopted USB-C, I was bummed to learn that you can’t demand the Laptop or computer through that port in case you lose the top Connect charger. It is also worth noting this is a USB 3.1 port rather than Thunderbolt 3, which means you do not get speedy 40GB/

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Display

The best of the best in laptop engineering is now a Windows Surface Pro 7. It’s thin, lightweight and everything you need to be productive at work or play.

In the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer, the reddish colors and blue pops nicely on top of the Pro 7 panel. In a shot of Resistance crew gathering at Millennium Falcon, an organization looks sharp in color (but slightly oversaturated). My immersion in the battle scene felt unusually deep, allowing me to see every detail on the Falcon and detect every reflection coming from C-3PO’s character.

We ran a number of tests on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and found that it reproduces 97% of the sRGB color gamut, quite close to last-year’s Area Pro 6 (percent) but not near as bright or as accurate.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Audio

PRO 7 model in SPEAKER

Taylor Swift’s bouncy radio pop sound resonated less on the top Pro 7. While Swift had a soft voice, it was difficult to hear much bass and the volume barely carried out justice to the orchestration.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Keyboard, touchpad and pen

When using the Surface Pro for typing, I really liked how the keys felt since they have a deep travel and provide a springy feedback.

We tested the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with the $159 Signature Typecover, which transforms it into a bona fide laptop when needed. I love the Burgundy Surface Pro 7. I got glossy Platinum, Dark and Cobalt Blue keyboards to personalize it for my style.

The Surface Pro’s sort Cover keyboard was very easy to type on, given its deep travel and springy feedback. Typing at 103 words a minute (a little bit above my usual typing speed) with no errors felt like being totally comfortable regardless of how fast I typed.

The 4-inch wide touchpad with a satisfying click and soft-touch wrist rests makes it simple to type comfortable. But the lack of an arrow key for copying, pasting, or formatting is frustrating to say the least. But usually, this laptop keyboard cover is so great that I would like it was included with every Surface Pro 7 by default and wasn’t another add-on.

My experience with the optional $99 replacement pen was positive. I could create a to-do list in Sticky Notes without any difficulty. It reacted properly to pressure when using the paint program like drawing and doodling with pencils. I like the programmable shortcuts that are featured on the pen eraser-like option. They include long-pressing to bring up Microsoft Sticky Notes or carrying out a quick click to instantly open Microsoft Whiteboard

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Performance

The Intel Core i7 CPU of my Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is 10th generation, and I didn’t experience any major slowdown in speed during the day-to-day tasks nor while multitasking.

The new Microsoft Surface Pro only endured through 7 time and 52 moments of Wi-Fi web surfing on our electric battery test, which is substantially lower than the last years Area Pro 6 (9:20).

The Pro 7 performed similarly well on benchmarks, scoring a solid 17,225 on the Geekbench 4 general performance test. It is roughly comparable to the most recent 12 inch iPad and Dell XPS 13 2 in 1 but outperformed last year s 8th Gen Core CPU driven Pro 6 which scored 13,761 by a large margin.

The 256GB SSD in the Microsoft detachable transferred files at a good 267MB per second, snagging a better overall score than the Pro 6 but not as high as the Dell’s 512GB SSD.

The top pro 7 barely made the cut for non-intensive gaming.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Battery life

But, you want to have a lightweight charger handy for longer journeys. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 can handle nearly all of your workday on one charge and endured through 7 hours and 52 minutes of Wi-Fi web surfing during our battery test time, below last year’s Surface Pro 6 (9:20) and significantly behind the iPad Pro (13

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Verdict

Microsoft seems to have one on its hands with the Surface Pro 7. An excellent touchscreen for note-taking and drawing, better choice of keyboards… The Pro 7 offers a few improvements that add up to being just as slim and travel-friendly as its predecessors.

Even with a new processor, the Surface Pro 2019 is too reminiscent of previous models. If you’re looking for an alternative iPad or Galaxy Tab, give it a shot.

The best Surface Pro 7 still falls short of the previous generation for battery life, and you can get more juice from cheaper models. But if you’re looking for a substitute, you will get better battery life and updated designs.