5 Best Microsoft Surface Keyboard Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Microsoft released the best keyboard, a full-size product targeted at making typing on the Surface Pro 4 convenient. With Black Friday deals and sales available for purchase from you to anyone.

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Get Huge Discount on Microsoft Surface Keyboard in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro tablet is an excellent replacement for a laptop, but its Type Cover lacks the ability to replicate typing.

To make the Surface Pro (or any Windows 10 tablet) a more viable notebook computer replacement, Microsoft has created the Microsoft Surface Keyboard. The MS Surface keyboard is on sale for $99.99 (89.99, AU$159.95).

This keyboard is cheaper than the Surface Touch Cover, but it doesn’t protect your tablet. Still, if you’re looking for a Microsoft-branded keyboard peripheral and are OK with paying a little more, it might be worth checking out.


Microsoft recently released the Surface Pro 4, a tablet that is slick-looking and has a premium feel. The company also created an attractive keyboard which comes in silver and gray, improving its appearance even more.

Generally, this keyboard is slim and measures a few millimeters high with the exception of one part. This stand is quite thick, running almost in full around the peripheral.

furthermore, the design of this keyboard isnt just minimalistic and stylish looking-this device also features two AAA batteries that happen to be included and replaceable by detaching a magnetic cover.

The keys are gray plastic, and provide sufficient travel when typing. Both the keyboard and its own keys are full size, making the Microsoft Surface Keyboard nearly as comfortable to type on as other keyboards.

It is a little longer than the Surface Pro 4 keyboard but it doesn’t make it difficult to use.

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is designed to stay at your desk where it will be used. It should not be taken on trips with you.

We d hazard a reckon that in Microsoft s ideal world you d use a Microsoft Surface Keyboard at home or work, then utilize the Type Cover when on trips. A pleasant thought of course, but the high price of these keyboards ensures that having both won t be considered a viable solution for most people.

Overall this is a good-looking and high quality keyboard that you won’t want to take with you everywhere.

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Do you want to know the best Microsoft Surface Keyboard? For starters, installation is quite easy. First, remove the plastic slip by the batteries, then utilize Bluetooth settings on Windows 10 Phone.

– Bluetooth isn’t built into this keyboard, which is great because it means you won’t have to worry about anything getting lost in transit.
– The setup procedure is very straightforward: Windows should find the keyboard and ask for the code shown onscreen.

The keyboard isn’t bulky, and it works well once it is connected. Bluetooth is a necessity for the keyboard to work on some computers, but there are dongles available as an optional accessory should you need one.

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard connects with the tablet seamlessly, providing a comfortable typing experience.

Ghosting is a common problem for people that do a lot of typing, though we don’t recommend the Microsoft Surface Keyboard for gamers since it’s just responsive enough if you’re not looking to game.

Thanks to the size of this keyboard, it is comfortable for long periods. I even tried it on a Windows tablet with Microsoft’s Surface Keyboard and it worked well–which only makes sense since its made by Microsoft.

We liked

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard offers a wonderful, smooth typing experience on top Pro and any other Windows 10 tablet.

This keyboard’s large size offers the comfort of a full-sized keyboard, but it can also mean decreased portability.

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We didn’t like

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is expensive, but there are cheaper alternatives out there. You might also need to buy a smaller and more lightweight keyboard if you plan on carrying it with you.

Final verdict

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is an excellent device if you use your Windows 10 tablet a lot at a desk.

Microsoft mice, keyboards and other peripherals have always had excellent construction and in Windows 10 setting it up is fairly easy.

It is unlikely that you will carry your laptop around with you every day, but if you are okay with the purchase premium, this keyboard might be a great tool to take when you travel abroad.