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How exactly to Use a Medicine Ball in Your Workouts

A stability ball can be used to work out different parts of your body, including abs and other stabilizer muscles.

But how about doing these very steps with a fitness ball? We may have used the old-fashioned ones in gym class or ours might even be sitting in the corner gathering dust.

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Why a Medicine Ball?

Gone are the days of gym class’s unforgiving medicine ball. Nowadays, our version is a fantastic tool for gaining strength, balance, stability and coordination.

Choosing a Medicine Ball

The weight you want to use for a common medicine ball usually ranges between 2 and 10 lbs, but it’s helpful to have increments. I would recommend buying 4, 6, and 8 lbs balls. to get started on because some exercises will require more excess weight than others.

The best medicine balls:

Medicine balls take a lot of work from your abs and back, so pick a weight you are able for, typically between 2 and 10 lbs. The most motion commences at the core and without strong muscles, you risk injury in addition to looking silly on the fitness center. Using a medicine ball helps you train the muscles in your midsection through workouts that recreate day-to-day activities, not only those performed at the gym.

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Getting Started

It can be difficult to know the way to get started, or how exactly to integrate exercise gear into what you’re already doing.

Medicine balls make great tools for weight training due to their versatile nature. Throwing the ball back and forth is a more dynamic way of getting your aerobic work done, but is also an excellent choice for those who prefer to stay on task during their workout.

The ball comes in seven weight options with diameters which range from 9 to 11 inches, and will absorb your throws without bouncing or rolling. In addition, the groove-like tread on the exterior of this rubber tire offers a great grip despite sweaty hands. Medicine balls are typically used for exercising with high-intensity, but the no-inflate ball offers a different option.

For the more traditional medicine ball there are a few considerations to think about. Typically, leather ones provide a better grip and many athletes prefer them for other benefits, but they tend to be heavier in weight.

It has eight weight options from 4-5 pounds to 21-22 pounds. The comfortable exterior surface of synthetic leather grips well, and it offers an optimal grip in sweaty or tough conditions. The initial exterior is specially designed for durability without stretching out on the inside regardless of its age and use. This ball is perfect for aerobics, CrossFit, and other workout styles.

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What makes the very best medicine ball for women depends

Every person is completely different and each individual needs medication balls that meet her workout goals. Some women want big, heavy fitness balls marketed at men with a strong resistance while others prefer these which are lighter but have more cushioning. The CAP Barbell Rubber Medicine Ball has grown in popularity among women for these specific reasons.

Women interested in dynamic movements can benefit from lightweight medicine balls that are easy to bounce. The CAP ball comes in six weight options, each with a two-tone color design. These balls are well suited for core-conditioning and can also be used in leg and arm workouts.

An alternative to regular medicine balls, Xerball is a hybrid option from SPRI that appeals to many men. Similar to the more common ball in function but with twin handles, this pick enables you to complete more diverse exercises.