5 Best Luma Home WiFi System Black Friday Deals 2021

Chapter 1:
1. Why Choose the Luma Home Wifi System?
2. Luma Setting up a New Wi-Fi Network – The Basics
3. How Do I Fix My Wireless Signal in Difficult Environments?
4. How to Access Multiple Devices from One WiFi Account (Guest Setup) …

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Design and Features

The 3-pack system of routers reviewed here (which Luma identifies as modules) is designed for the average home, but you can add more modules (up to 10 for the same network; $149 each) if you require additional coverage. In the box, users will get three power supplies and one Ethernet cable. The hexagon-shaped modules come in white, gold, orange or silver and measure 4.1 x 4.6 x 1.1 inches (HWD). There is a round LED on the surface of the module that will flash blue during setup with flashes green when config Since each module is wireless and communicates with one another, you don’t need to worry about plugging your system into a modem or router.

The product delivers both AC1200 data rates on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands —on each of its two dual-band 802.11ac router modules–ideal for streaming 4K content in your home or office Much like the Asus Google OnHub SRT-AC1900 router, the Luma uses computerized band steering and chooses which band is most beneficial, predicated on location and load. While this feature is good to have, the Luma turns up as an individual SSID for each band, therefore you can’t dedicate a specific wifi channel You can only have one Gigabit LAN port on each module. The Gigabit LAN is accessible via the trunk of these devices and a Gigabit WAN input, which are joined by USB 2.0 ports that do not support network storage for this writing.

The Luma network is manipulated utilizing a mobile software for Android and iOS users. Like the Starry Station, the Eero, and the Asus Google OnHub routers, the Luma can only be accessed and managed with a mobile device. The app opens to the Wi-Fi page, which provides in-depth information about Luma’s current location. When you swipe right, a full page comes up that displays all the modules by their name. You can choose to tap any module for information on its status and IP address. The three-bar icon in the upper left corner of the screen provides access to Wi-Fi settings, account or general online help pages, as well as searching for Luma

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Luma Home WiFi System

Luma WiFi has limited settings for the Wi-Fi Network and Account sections. parental controls When adding a user to the Luma network, it is possible to also add their commonly used devices in order to be certain that filers are always enabled. You can use the Control page to provide users access your guest network via text or email and you can also add new Luma modules to the network. The Pause button can be activated to stop access of the internet until it is individually disabled.

The Luma offers a Security feature that creates an immune system for all related devices by constantly scanning them for possible vulnerabilities to hacking and viruses. You can assess your security status by tapping the Security icon on the home screen.

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Installation and Performance

Setup for Luma routers can be done with the length of an easy app on your phone. After you press “Setup Luma” and enter a selection about your home, you are asked questions like your family size or the number of floors in your house so that it is possible to recommend the best router model for you.
Slight I chose a single-family house with two floors (first floor and basement).

The Luma delivered an excellent 457Mbps on the close-proximity (same-room) test for the key module (the main one connected to my modem). On the 30-foot test, Luma managed to edge out the Eero and Asus Google OnHub with a score of 76.1Mbps. The Starry Station was just barely faster at 79Mbps on this test.