5 Best Logitech MX Master 2S Deals On Black Friday or Cyber Monday 2021

The Logitech MX Master 2S is a bit more expensive than our last top pick for general purposes, the Logitech Wireless Mouse M320 . However, this advanced mouse’s innovative features make it worth every penny. The Connectivity Light Ring in particular makes navigating across multiple Mac and Windows PCs a breeze! Not only is the Logitech MX Master 2S an efficient mouse with surface-specific sensor, its Logitech Flow mode enables you to copy and paste documents, images, and text between computers seamlesly. get all kind of logitech mx master 2s.

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MX Master, Improved

The Logitech MX Master 2S looks largely the same as its previous iteration, but it has a new color scheme. The mouse is designed for right-handers and has a standard size. Apart from the shortened Logi logo on the left mouse button and MX Master 2S name printed on underneath, you d be challenged to tell them apart. That s just fine with me. I liked the appearance and feel of it enough to make it my daily-use mouse last year.

The new Darkfield sensor is an improvement from the older models because it works on all surfaces and operates smoother. The Logitech MX Master 2S provides an indication of your mouse’s battery level with three green LEDs on the left side.

Battery life has been extended from 40 to 70 days in the latest version, though I did not have a chance to test it out in the last few days. Logitech claims that the mouse will last for a full day with 3 minutes of charging, though it is convenient to just keep it plugged in when fully charged over two hours. There is a micro-USB port on top of the mouse to plug in the included USB cable. This is more sensible than the Lightning cable port underneath of the Apple Magic Mouse 2, which renders it unusable while charging.

The MX Master 2S is nearly identical to the original version. There are seven buttons (left, right, center, back, forward, gesture, and scroll mode shift) and two scroll wheels for functions such as volume control. Click on the gesture button under your thumb, hold it, and move the mouse up, down, left, or right for additional commands. It’s set to change between windows in running programs by default; nevertheless, you can transform the functionality in Logitech Options. The MX Master is a customizable mouse with six buttons, so you will have to figure out the best positions for your thumb, ring finger and little fingers. Read the Logitech MX Master review to get an idea of how tactile-responsive it is. My experience here was quite similar, though the mouse became second nature after tweaking the Logitech Options control panel to adapt scrolling and mouse behavior to my ideal settings.

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Connections, Connections

The Logitech MX Master 2s is best used as a wired mouse, with the included Logitech Unifying USB dongle or if you need more space for your devices on your desk. The most difficult of the three connection methods is to setup your mouse on a PC or Mac with Bluetooth 4.0 or later.
It does require you pair it, but this isn’t too difficult for people who are used to setting up Bluetooth devices such as headphones and cell phones for instance.

A button on the underside of the mouse enables you to quickly switch between a combo as long as three Bluetooth computers or Logitech USB receivers. For example, if you are using this included dongle on your Microsoft surface book, then pairing the mouse up with your Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch and another PC or Mac via Bluetooth.
In testing, I used the MacBook Pro and top Book to test. Switching between your computers/receivers is as simple since you can tap the button, and three numbered LED lights inform you which devices are connected. Nevertheless there might be an easier way.

I tested both my MacBook Pro

Go With the Flow

The potential of the MX Master 2S is unlocked once you install Logitech Options on each computer. Just download and install the program, along with the Logitech Flow feature. As we talked about, navigating swiftly and simply between your PC screens is a snap. Just cursor over to the screen you want to control, and your cursor will automatically pass through to that screen.

As long as all of the computers are on a shared network, you can copy text or files from one machine and paste it into another. This is tremendously helpful whether you’re doing your work at home, work, or accessing public networks like those found in a coffee shop. Logitech Flow can also be used with a few keyboards such as the Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

That’s what Logitech Flow does – it automates the process of transferring files from a computer to another device. Closing one or both laptops to visit sleep is no issue: once the laptop has finished sleeping, Flow automatically re-activates and returns full functionality in a matter of seconds.

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AN IDEAL Multitasking Mouse

The Logitech MX Master 2S mouse may be the perfect multitasker’s choice for a computer. It feels comfortable and is responsive to use all day, has an 8 week battery life, and comes in at just under $100 on Amazon. Logitech’s new MX Master 2S offers connectivity that is flexible between wired and wireless modes, including Bluetooth. And Logitech Flow becomes an incredible app when you need to copy and paste text from one computer to another with ease. The Logitech M320 may be available, but the new and improved MX Master 2S mouse is our preferred choice.