5 Best Logitech Harmony Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Logitech has been the leading name for universal remote controls and continues to get more advanced with each new iteration. The latest version is the Harmony Elite, which includes the Harmony Hub and a touch-screen remote that replaces its former Ultimate Home line. It’s extemely programmable and controls both entertainment and smart home devices. At $349.99, the package is expensive but still much cheaper than purchasing a custom control system installation The Harmony Elite makes it easy to control up to eight devices with just one remote, so you can rest assured your favorite TV will always play the perfect show.

1. What is Harmony?
2. Setting up your system
3. Downloading the app for iOS or Android

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Best Logitech Harmony The remote is a wide-angle infrared transmitter, so you can place it near your TV or media console.

The two 3.5mm ports on the back of the Logitech Harmony Hub allow for connection to both IR receivers provided with our system, which are small plastic lumps fitted with long wires you can place in front of any device that is too far from the hub itself. The Logitech Harmony Hub plugs into a micro USB port on the trunk with the included cable and wall adapter. The trunk also holds a pairing/reset button.

The best thing about this set is the remote. It s a long wand with the touchscreen built in and is sleek, black, and thin. The bright, colorful screen displays devices and activities in two separate lists by default, which enables you to drill into different sets of controls predicated on the active device or the experience running. The software also provides access to a Settings menu, although the majority of the adjustments should be made through the Harmony app.

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Logitech has done a terrific job in making the touch screen on the Logitech Home Hub easy to use, especially as I have found myself using it more and more.
The remote is a nice addition for times when my kids are playing or need me to set up an app on one of their gaming devices while I am in another room. The There is a numeric and four color buttons below the pad, with a couple more home automation buttons on the right side.

The remote contains two charging contacts that take their residence underneath the circular dock. It sits on a micro USB port/cup combination and can be placed in the cradle for long-term use to keep it charged. The micro USB port is needed to update the remote’s firmware and sync when you want to use Windows or Mac Harmony instead of Android or iOS (you need a wired connection for updating the firmware, but otherwise, it can be setup on the apps).

The setup of this universal remote is relatively simple, yet slightly time-consuming because it requires the installation of all your devices and configuration. The iphone app leads you through connecting the Hub to your Wi-Fi network. It also creates a free account for you on Harmony that will control your settings. After this, the application can help with hooking up the remote and ensuring it is working correctly.

You can program your devices in to the remote at any point once you create the Hub. Enter a description of your device and it will automatically be programmed into one category on the remote. IR-controlled electronics will work automatically, but additional steps may be necessary for non-IR devices.

The Homekit menu on the app provides support for many different home automation devices. This includes LIFX, Lutron, Nest, Philips Hue, and SmartThings

Once your devices are setup, the remote control s buttons will directly control the active device and the touchscreen (and app) expand to provide additional options when needed. I found it easy to switch between TV and PlayStation remotes by using the Devices menu.

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Altering your household’s electronic accessories using automations has never been easier thanks to activities. They allow you to remotely control different devices by creating a macro that automatically configures everything. For example, an alarm wristwatch TV Activity can change the device and cable box input, as well as set a remote to regulate it.


Using the four buttons on your remote control is as simple as setting up specific tasks or devices you want each button to perform.
It only took about a minute for me to set up one of my buttons on my Harmony remote to turn all of my Philips Hue White Ambient lights off with a longer press, that made it really easy and convenient when You can only assign one function to each button.

The Harmony works together with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, if you have an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-equipped device, you can trigger activities with voice commands. Initially, you could only start or stop activities using the AWS phone application but as of September 2017 React OS! Logitech has recently added full playback and volume control to its Alexa skill, and if you are using a Roku device you can activate specific software and live tv set channels by voice command.

The Logitech Harmony Elite may be the most powerful universal remote on the market without spending money on a custom system, which are usually significantly more expensive than Elite’s $350 price. The Logitech Harmony, though still more expensive than other remote controls, offers a powerful and versatile system that can control your home entertainment devices as well as some of your smart home devices. The most costly component of the system is the touch screen remote; if you’re looking to save some money by either getting just the hub or combination both with a button For features and performance, the Logitech Harmony Elite is one of their best remotes yet, and our Editors’ Choice.