5 Best Logitech G903 Mouse Deals On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

Logitech s newest non-contact mouse pad, the G903 Power Play System, seems to be pretty revolutionary. It has a charging surface that makes the battery last much longer than usual. The only setback is the price. Even for this high cost though, it would still be unlikely to create an impossible problem with usage of this product the Powerplay mouse pad is only able to support the Logitech G703 and G903.

In this review we measure the higher-end option: The G903, an ambidextrous mouse that is apparently quite expensive as it has a list price of $150 and most mice in this range go for under $100. So could it be worth 50 bucks more than the sub-$100 G703? But the powerplay mat remains a fantastic way to get 1:1 tracking for your mouse.

To put it plainly.
The g903 has a sleek design, hyper-fast scrolling and 4000 dpi sensitivity for maximum responsiveness. With highly flexible buttons and an outstanding battery life of 6000 hours on 3 AA batteries, the Logitech G903 is one of the best wireless mice for gaming in 2019.

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Best Deals For Logitech G903 Mouse On Amazon ( Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

Even-handed treatment

Best Logitech G903 Mouse. I used to use an ambidextrous mouse daily (a Zowie AM) but gave it up for the Logitech’s G502 contoured curves – still, even today, my preferred mouse has been that one.

The G903 was surprisingly easy to use, though I found it a little less comfortable than other ambidextrous mice.

That said, this mouse (much like any ambidextrous mouse) is unquestionably more suitable for claw grippers. Palm gripping inevitably brings about pinky and perhaps even ring fingers dragging along the mouse pad, while an excellent claw grip gets them up taken care of. As with any mice, there s no definite answer to this question. It all depends on whether you m a claw gripper or have another style of grip for grasping the mouse, your hand size and even how much cable slack you want.

The G903 makes an excellent argument though. It like the G502, Logitech has crammed high-end features into this wireless mouse. Actually, in lots of ways the G903 is merely a sleek and wireless version of the G502.

Nine buttons are available, but two of them are disabled by default. The right-side thumb buttons will be replaced with a stabilised piece of plastic that connects magnetically. This can easily be swapped out and users can change the left side to match or use allways links if you’re left handed and do the opposite for right handed people Your choice.

Altogether, you have the standard left-click and right-click, as well as a middle click. Next to those buttons are two which default to swapping your mouse’s dpi . They are awkward because they’re located behind the wheel though this is only an issue if you expect to change dpi often. I typically don’t use this button (the sniper mode) during a match, so its awkward placement doesn’t bother me much-in fact, it can prevent accidental clicks.

On the Logitech G903 mouse, there is a 10th button located directly behind the mouse wheel. This button switches between smooth and clunky scrolling modes for the mouse wheel. I ve come to love this feature through the years- I often switch between a textured and smooth mouse wheel while browsing the web, then swap back again when precision is needed (like when gaming.)

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While there are many elements that go into defining a computer mouse, one of the most definitive is how responsive its buttons feel. You notice it right away when switching back and forth to this mouse from our G703, not to mention any competitors. You can practically press the mouse buttons with a single finger, as they’re so sensitive.

While some may not like how light the G903 is, it excels at attuning a user to its click. I can understand that–G903 lacks that reassuring heft and solidity I feel when pressing some mice. There’s no denying though that G903 has unmatched turning speed and response to registered actions. Logitech G903 is a laser mouse that instantly synchronizes with the speed of your movements for impressive performance in gaming, multimedia and productivity applications.

Like magic

You mentioned instantaneous response times, so I assume that means wireless performance.

There are two ways this may go. The G903 is offered as a wireless mouse and also has an alternate “wired” option that uses a USB connector, connecting to the PC with a long cord rather than through Bluetooth. Alternatively, if you re using the G903 with Powerplay, the mouse pad itself acts as your wireless receiver.
I ve used this mode nearly all my time with the G903 though I haven t noticed any real difference between it and that one.

The Logitech G903 is a great wireless mouse for professional gamers. With the company’s Lightspeed technology, it claims to be faster than other wireless mice and many wired competitors.
Rewrite (sustained text): When Logitech released its predecessor, the G900, they proclaimed that their wireless technology (known as “Lightspeed

Wireless mice used to have a poor reputation for unreliability. The cables would often become tangled or broken, there was frequent interference from televisions and other electronics that interfered with the signal, polling rates suffered, sensors were less responsive and even latency became an issue.

Point being: those days are gone.

The G903 is identical to any wired mouse I ve used. There s about a quarter of another second when I first move the mouse each morning, as I head to awaken my computer. That s the only instance so far that Ive noted that the G903 isn t wired. I’ve had no interference, even in my own signal-drenched apartment. No judder, no skipping, nothing. It’s been perfect

That boils down to the sensor. Just like the G502 and most other high-end Logitech mice, the G903 uses the PWM3366 sensor. We ve written about it before but suffice it to state, it s still one of the most accurate and precise sensors out there. The implementation here is unmatched by anything else in this Moving from the G502, I entered all my usual dpi settings and it seemed like nothing had changed.

The battery on this mouse does not support Connected Play, but for normal use I was getting about 2-3 days – even with 10-12 hours of total usage while playing Divinity: Original Sin II. Logitech estimates battery life at 24 to 30 hours depending on your lighting setup, but that needed to be qualified by an important asterisk

Powerplay removes the need for an annoying cable. That lightweight feel can be really enjoyable to use after being used to dragging a cord around. non-Gamers might stick a 10 gram weight in the optional slot on the bottom, but gamers will instead plug the Powercore. Attaching the mouse to the Powercore isn’t all that complicated.

The text is not clear at this point what is being attached, so it would also be great to include pictures or diagrams of attaching the two without a verb to make things more clear.

The mouse is held via a charging system that obtains charged as you use it. I obtained the mouse at 20% battery power, and it had gradually charge while I used it for about one or two-percent every hour. That’s slow importantly, but the mouse still functioned properly during such time so it’s nothing like you’d notice. My rechargeable mouse appears to do a constant balancing act between 85 and 95 percent, cycling back and forth when it’s not in use.

It simply worked.

Logitech G903 for use with Powerplay. The wireless Logitech G903 mouse charges using the included cradle.

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Bottom line

The mouse is ambidextrous which may scare some away, but it has premium switches and dual-mode wheel that makes it worth the money. The G903 is the better of both mice, though this makes sense given its $50 price difference.

That price may be too expensive for many people, in this case coming in almost three times as expensive as a wired gaming mouse. This mouse might come with a hefty price tag, but it s still going to be worth the investment.

But if you have the money, what’s more, this mouse is worth considering. With a reduced look and premium performance, it’s luxury throughout.