5 Best Logitech G900 Gaming Mouse Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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Our Verdict

Excellent mouse, pricey but worth the investment.

Suffice it to say that after at least a month of daily use, I (writer’s name here) have not found any flaws with the Logitech G900 gaming mouse. I consider this to be the very best gaming mouse I’ve ever used, with only 1 drawback: the engineering of it comes at a great cost. To perform these feats, Logitech designed a $150 mouse, double or triple the price of other top-rated wired mice in today s market.

Best Deals For Logitech G900 Gaming Mouse On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

Logitech’s G900 is a cross-functional gaming mouse with many features but commits the common mistake of having too much weight in the body. Even though I wouldn’t call it bulky, the G900 doesn’t feel fragile or cheap. There’s no flex in the plastic if you squeeze it.

Logitech’s signature Hyper scroll wheel remains, now hollowed to weigh a few grams less. The wheel still spins for 15 seconds or gives a satisfying notched scroll according to the mode you have it set on with an instant button press. The wheel also clicks the other way for two more button inputs, among my favorite top features in the past Logitech mice. I don’t need to use it for gaming, but I love it as a browser forward-and-back keybind.

G900, a newly designed hinge for the left- and right-click buttons. Ambidextrous designs usually cause a form that is less well suited for a right-handed grip. I have been a left-handed mouse Logitech g700s user my entire life. I empathize with gamers who want a great gaming mouse for their left hand, but this one’s another issue, as I was raised in public school and learned to use the conventional right-handed mousing device there. While there are ambidextrous shapes out there that lots of players swear by (often because they’re small, lightweight mice) just like the Steelseries Sensei, I often find myself mis-clicking the buttons on the proper side or wishing my thumb and pinky had unique grooves or grips.

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The G900: Cherry MX Brown switches and customizable thumb buttons. The three magnetic attachments were easy to install for the left and right buttons, but I had trouble with installing the scroll button. Once installed, however, none of them lost their functionality or detached themselves from the mouse even when jostled around in my bag.

The thumb and pinky grooves on either side of the mouse provide excellent purchase. The shape of the mouse allows for both palm or claw grips, though it appears to be a harsh angle at the top that would most likely pinch your hand. I’ve never made contact with this spot during use in the past month and have never been pinched yet.

Logitech s latest pivot bar design for its primary mouse button creates the best feeling and sounding click I’ve ever found in a mouse. Sound plays just as much of an important role as feel, not to mention exhaust systems on automobiles have a dramatic impact on power perception (Ford actually designed the 2008 Mustang with different pipes so that we would perceive it The Logitech G900 has a smooth, high-quality feel that provides unmatched performance.

This sort of microscopic detail won’t be noticed or valued when we are busy, but it makes a huge difference. This is the kind of feeling you get with every crisp slice of cucumber – and I can use all sorts of other words to explain this as well. I’ve never missed a click with the G900, unlike in my most recent gaming mouse which had me missing clicks.

In my testing of the G900 s sensor (the same featured in Logitech’s G502 and the G303), I was unable to discover any issues with acceleration or jitter, even at a higher DPI setting of 8000. The mouse responds to tiny movements but doesn’t grab microscopic readings from cloth mousepads just how some laser sensors do This wireless mouse is lightweight and can’t get jostled by its wire.

The Logitech G900 is a gaming mouse developed with accuracy in mind. I have written about how precisely it was made and tested, not revealing any faults. My first impressions of this gaming mouse are that it feels great in my hand. It has a fast 1 ms polling rate, so there is no perceptible lag or stutter while I am playing. That being said, I landed a headshot the other day while playing Unreal Tournament and my teammates confirmed it was accurate – they even high-five me,

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The G900 mouse has excellent battery life. It shuts down when not in use, but there’s never been any perceptible lag as I’ve woken the mouse up from sleep. I t snaps to life and is ready for use. Logitech s software takes care of the mouse s LEDs, automatically switching them off whenever I m not using it so that it can operate continuously for months on one charge.

The G900 has one nit-picky design flaw, also the Deathadder does. Those ideas about a gaming mouse quickly add up to $150, but slightly too expensive for the average gamer. If so when you compare the price with other comparable mice, it ll be the very best gaming mouse out there.

Logitech G900 is also an expensive mouse, but its features and wireless performance make the price worth it.

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