Top Linksys Velop Router Black Friday Deals in 2021

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What you’re spending money on

A remarkable benefit of the Velop MX10 router is that it has its own network, which provides an individual backhaul. That means that your bandwidth is not being used by the router, and can therefore be reached by your other devices such as smartphones or media streamers.

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The latest Velop mesh-networking system is both futuristic and practical – a potent one-two punch in the age of increased Wi-Fi speeds. That’s because, for $700 or so after including all extra satellites required to expand coverage, you get a two-piece setup which can accommodate your future needs. However, the Velop falls

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Linksys Wireless Router with Home Phone Connection

I like the design. It’s not completely different from prior versions, but it could have been nicer if Linksys did more to differentiate itself from past designs that are much the same. Previously, the original Linksys Velop came in black. However, the newest generation is only available in white.

More importantly, Linksys did not include a multi-gigabit WAN port like the one on the Netgear Orbi 6 router. You are stuck with a typical single gigabit jack instead, which means your incoming internet speed from the modem will be capped at 1Gbps. Creating a high-speed home network may seem easy, but it can be tricky to keep up with changes. At the minimum, a $700 system will include the choice of aggregating the incoming speeds from two of these single-gig ports; however, many routers today are programmed to take advantage of this technique. The Linksys Velop may not be discounted, however.

Other mesh routers have incorporated design features like better-looking indicator lights and touchscreen interfaces, and even built-in speakers so that you can justify the premium prices. We won’t see the Linksys Velop Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals 2020

The most glaring omission is that the theoretical speeds pegged at 1,147Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, and 1,733Mbps on the 5GHz band are lower than other options in its price range $650 for the Arris Surfboard Max Pro and $700 for AmpliFi Alien offers a theoretical-top speed of 4,800Mbps. Orbi 6 offers 2,400Mbps on both 5GHz bands.

Individuals can self-guidedly write copy in reaction to background story–further input is not needed. That is a major improvement from Linksys.

As by the hardware specifications on the box, the AX5300 Linksys Velop MX10 is apparently weaker of these 4 top-tier systems. But our slew of speed tests proves otherwise and fortunately:

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An account of two tests

Linksys Velop rates are sluggish, but it s much more bad news. You understand Linksys website claims top speeds for the Velop MX10 that are behind all of those from Orbi 6, the Surfboard Max and AmpliFi Alien? Well, truthfully this is precisely what we observed in our testing on top speed and Visip

When we tried to test the Linksys Velop system by downloading files from a distance, it clocked in at 510Mbps. We found that the Netgear Orbi RF-6400 (as well as other routers) had significantly better speeds when tested at close distance. The speed of the router fell by only 1Mbps when we separated it from a range of 75 feet, which is less than 25% and is considered to be pretty good. Same applies to the Asus RT-AX92U, which is an midrange Wi-Fi 6 mesh selection.

Meanwhile, the latest Wi-Fi router from Nest achieved speeds of 612Mbps at close range. This was about 100Mbps faster than what the Linksys Velop could achieve in this test.

The router’s average speed may not satisfy those with a gigabit internet plan as its top speeds are around 100Mbps, but it offers plenty of power for the average internet connection in the US. 500Mbps or lower plans will get full strength from the MX10’s features.


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Coverage tests, too

After running tests in the office and at my own home, we take the top mesh routers to the 5800 square foot CNET smart home for more testing. Signal strength is not the same as speed, but a better signal will increase speed.

The test nets us those nifty looking heat maps. In each one, green is good and blue is bad. The Linksys Velop MX10 was less impressive, though it still provided sufficient coverage over the near-entirety of the area.

Still, the Linksys Velop wasn t able to out perform some of our Wi-Fi systems. Coverage looks like it should be comparable to a Nest Wifi or an Eero system for about half the cost.