5 Best LG Projector On Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2021

With home cinema equipment getting cheaper and more accessible, the practice of settling down on your sofa for a movie has never been easier.

​At the other end of the spectrum, you could create an entry-level home theater for $2,000. We’re talking amplifier and speakers to give excellent sound quality, a projector screen, and a source that can plug in to your HDMI input

but what happens when you long for a real 4K HDR picture with all the current functions of your smart TV as well as built-in speakers that won’t give you tinnitus, while still retaining the ability to pack it away in the broom cupboard after each film?

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Well, that’s where in fact the LG CineBeam comes in. The HU80KSW will set up a fight any dedicated projector at its price, but, much more than that, this is a full home theater system cannily distilled into one lightweight box you can carry as an elongated briefcase. The energy cable has been neatly stowed away at the foot of the unit, so you can completely detach it if you don’t need to plug anything in.

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Get Huge offer on LG Projectors in Amazon (Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sales)

The CineBeam projector proves the power of simplicity. Lift the lens cap and on lower part you will find a mirror. Simply by reflecting your image onto whatever surface you have cleared for viewing, or shining the projector directly at it, of course this implies that you can place the machine anywhere in the room you prefer.

Regardless of where you position the mirror, wear it on your side or in the center of a room, the projector will provide an excellent picture. By wearing it on its side and aiming at a wall or ceiling, your audience will experience flexible viewing options. This projector can make horizontal and vertical adjustments, ensuring you have the perfect picture every time.

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The CineBeam projector control davits range from 66 to 150 inches and is a far step up from any TV one can find for this price.

LG offers 2,500 lumens of brightness and an impressive 20,000-hour laser life