Top 10 LG C7 4K TV Offers Available On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

As of late, LG has led the way in 4K TVs. These unique panels bring people some of the most affordable OLED TVs on the market.

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Get Huge Discount on LG C7 4K TV in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

This is an excellent type of the 2017 LG OLED C7 and especially its 55-inch incarnation, the OLED55C7. Even after reviewing the flagship W7 OLED, the affordable but harder to find B7 OLED and newer models like the C8OLED and B8LED, we still feel this TV presents a superb value for

As newer models are coming out that have few features you don’t find on 2017 sets like larger RESEARCH Tables and new processors, the C7 has less price in a number of cases (often around $200 or £150). Though, that doesn t seem to be the case this year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 .)

Nonetheless, the OLED C7 offers an excellent balance between price point and performance, providing a screen that will give you a great picture via self-illuminating pixels at a cost that many more people than ever before are able.


The LG 55EC7 isn’t using the initial picture on glass technology sported by LG s Intensity E7 and G7 OLED TVs, but it continues to be an astonishing feat of design.

Gone are the days of a curved screen. Here comes top-notch minimalistic design in an elegant C7 4K TV display.

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If Unfortunately, if you want a paper-thin TV and are not concerned over image quality then the LG W7 OLED is your only option.

but that’s not to say LG sacrificed any form for function here – it gets the narrowest of black frames around the screen’s edges, giving it an image on wl appearance. It’s a TV that looks every penny and some of its US$2,200/ 2,500 price.

The C7 OLED offers a robust set of connectivity options, including four HDMI inputs and three USBs. It also includes built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

This concern is the only complaint with the 55-inch OLED55C7’s design. Make sure to handle your LG C7 4K TV with care and make sure any small children or large animals do the same!

Design TL;DR: If you set out to find a TV more attractive or futuristic looking than what we found, good luck.

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Smart TV (webOS 3.0, Freeview Play)

On the downside, there s 1) LG s webOS smart TV interface was the first The one which really felt enjoy it have been developed from the bottom up for TV instead of smartphone or PC users: It’s graphically rich, incredibly straightforward and logical in its layout 2) Easily customizable 3) Slick to navigate 4) Sens

These services include: Amazon and Netflix, YouTube and NowTV, as well as catch-up TV for the major UK broadcasters; all of them are available thanks to the Freeview Play service.

The latest webOS in the LG OLED55C7 offers only a few new features over earlier versions including support for 360 VR clips navigated by waving LG’s magic remote control and the ability to use number buttons on the remote to access favorite apps. But if it aint broken, don’t fix it.

Slick, logical and simple to follow, webOS remains the most user-friendly smart TV system around.

HD/SDR Performance

Samsung’s first generation of OLED sets, like the 55-inch model we have on test, was exceptional – easily trumping any LCD or LED TV .

From its blend of perfect black levels, to the immaculate backlight uniformity and immense shadow detail, this 4k TV is sure to please.

LG has improved their high-definition upscaling to 4K for this year s models: The OLED55C7 displays screen better pictures that are sharper and more descriptive, which leads to less picture noise and edging. Colors are more accurately portrayed through the upscaling process due to improvements in quality.

The LG OLED55C7 may not be quite as effective at upscaling to HD than Samsung or Sony, but the gap has been significantly reduced. So much in fact that many people will not consider it a concern worth fretting about when considered in comparison with all of the other great picture qualities this model offers.

This 55″ 4K OLED TV has fantastic upscaling in HD content and exceptional SDR playback.

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4K/HDR Performance

OLED, as a result of how each pixel produces its light and color independently from its neighbors, has long made OLED an ideal companion for high dynamic range videos.

The LG OLED55C7 offers its brightest and deepest colors without the compromises of other LCD televisions.

Similar to OLED TVs of the past, it’s also great seeing that LG has now ensured near black colors in the OLED55C7 are more controllable and better detailed than before. One particular and non-negotiable downside is that the C7 lacks any form of HEVC decoding which, in turn, eliminates HDR playback from streaming services like Netflix.

Last year, OLED sets also often saw their usually outstanding black depth become washed out–right into a distressing grey–if an HDR shot contained just the incorrect brightness. This problem has been sorted with HDR10 sources, anyway. LG’s new processing engine boosts the consistency of OLED55C7’s HDR playback.

The most surprising exception to the improved black level consistency is Dolby Vision.

The 55 inch OLED C7R4K TV couldn’t get the black levels right on some scenes when watching the new 4k Blu-rays of Power Rangers and The Fate Of The Furious, even after adjusting settings.

One can only wonder why Dolby Vision is delayed, especially considering that it appears to be due to the way in which Dolby seems to drive LG s panel at greater levels than LG does when playing back HDR10 content (the difference in display quality is quite apparent and rather obvious, as evidenced by how Dolby will provide more detail, a wider

You can solve Dolby Vision s black level wash outs by reducing your TV’s brightness setting. However, this makes the HDR pictures much less bright, which compromises the viewing experience.

The OLED55C7 presents amazing pictures with Dolby Vision 4K HDR technology, but do not seem to fare well when watching a regular 2D Blu-ray movie because of the lack of depth.

Though lower than last year, movies moved across the screen with more judder. The motion processing provided a slight amount of unwanted effects that we wouldn’t want to see on many sets. As has been typical with our testing of OLED, the 55C7 had a difficult time balancing brightness and noise, as well as HDR settings versus Cinema presets. The Cinema modes remove noise that I don’t believe HDR needs, but lack the dynamism of convincing HDR.

The picture quality on this TV is very impressive. As with any new tech, there are some small drawbacks.

Keep in mind that if you stick to standard picture presets, the Excess 20% of brightness LG claims for its 2017 TVs should have a transformative effect on HDR performance. The OLED blacks that traditionally sat in stark contrast to the whites are now able to be lumped with stunningly better brightness for HDR content.

This latter effect makes exterior HDR scenes look more lifelike and, moreover, better balanced. Where we imply that when dark objects in an image appear against bright backdrops, they no more appear to be empty silhouettes. Underneath all the jargon and marketing buzzwords, this is a major deal for us.
Brief explanation of why improved clarity: Since HDR can be very bright on some TVs, it’s more convenient to watch indoors while the sun is out. Conversely, if you’re watching outside after sundown then SDR content will technically look brighter than an

However, the power of OLED to provide pixel-level light and color precision means the OLED55C7 ’s images enjoy an intensity that LCD TVs, with their significantly less localized light controls, battle to match. The colors on a 4K TV display are beautiful and consistent, not blotchy like they would be on an LCD screen.

This TV is great for gamers because it renders pictures in a mere 21ms and can show more impact from quality 4K sources than any previous generation of OLED TVs.

The LG OLED55C7 s vibrant picture and deep blacks make it a very pleasant device for watching movies. The occasional noise that shows up in dark scenes is the only noticeable issue, which is usually remedied by changing the settings.

4K/HDR Performance TL;DR: LG’s OLED55C7 delivers brilliant HDR and 4K display quality thanks to the panel’s excess brightness, driven by its Light Emitting Diode technology.


A mixed bag of tricks, the LG OLED C7 delivers on sound quality only in a limited capacity.

The OLED55C7, despite lacking any obvious speakers, supports Dolby Atmos. This only works with Dolby Digital containers in order to take advantage of the immersive cinema sound technology, which is more limited than that of Blu-rays or Ultra HD Blu-rays.

Problematically, though, as the support for Atmos will there be, it’s questionable whether you can ever get a true Atmos effect from a built-in TV audio system. Yes, the LG OLED55C7’s audio system is great…although you’ll have no sense of sound coming from behind you or above as long as your TV isn’t mounted on a true/full Atmos system.

Though the soundstage is sometimes a little narrow, it offers some of the most accurate image detail I have seen. In Arrival, you can follow one jet’s trajectory from top left to bottom right without interruption throughout its trek across the screen. in a sentence is too.

The C7 won’t distort or sound harsh in loud scenes, but it rolls off bass early enough to prevent feedback or distortion. The quality of sound, the detail you can hear in every mix is exceptional, it even has hi-fi quality.

Despite its surprising strengths, the LG OLED55C7 falls short when pitted against cheaper models in the series. The bass is not well-managed, tending to only reach a limited range within many recordings and lower volumes. Male voices sound thicker and less clear than women s voices. There is no sense of space or distance when the scene becomes tense.

Sound TL;DR: the OLED55C7 offers surprisingly clean, punchy sound from seemingly nowhere. It also has Dolby Atmos capabilities if your media is set up to support it.

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Other panels to ponder

If you want the same amazing picture quality as the OLED55C7, but would also like a better sound system and a design that is both prettier and more modern, then check out LG’s E7 model.

Alternatively, you can save about $250 by opting for the LG OLED55B7 instead.

If you re considering LCD TVs due to its ability for better light, Sony’s fantastic XBR-55X930E is available online for under $2,000/ 2,000. On the other hand Samsung s curved screen QE55Q8C with its high color volume qled technology costs around 2,500/$2,500.


The OLED55C7 delivers pictures just as fantastic as those of more costly 2017 LG TVs and is even remarkably near the 2018 models but at a much cheaper price.

Ultimately, LG’s OLED55C7 55-inch 4K HDR Smart UHD TV is an enormous bargain for a television of this caliber.