Top 7 LG B7 4K OLED TV Review and Best Offer On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

The year-old LG OLED55B7 may have seen better days, but there is still plenty to recommend this mid-range 4K TV. Find the best Deals, Coupons and Sales in all your favorite stores for Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

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## What is a 4K TV?
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4K displays offer a lifelike viewing experience.

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LG 83″ C1 Series 4K Smart OLED TV with AI ThinQ (2021)

You want Dolby Vision along with HDR10? Check. You also want a slick design that’s not just another black-bordered flatscreen? You have it.

The LG B7 OLED is an entry-level TV for 2017. It should be available at a discounted price because the newer B8 and C7 models are well worth the upgrade.

In the United States, it’s available as the OLED55B7P and OLED65B7P. In Australia, it is sold as the OLED55B7T and OLED65B7T.

Even though LG has improved the look of its OLED TVs in 2018, the 2017 models prove to be a formidable competitor. They have all of the features you would want in an HDTV, including: remote control capabilities, screen size options and exceptional sound quality.

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If you are looking for something newer and greater, browse the newest LG B8 OLED but only if you do not mind last year’s technology.


This LG TV offers a thin bezel and crescent stand that will catch your eye, but more importantly it delivers stunning 4K viewing. The LG B7 4K OLED TV has a silver frame around the screen which can be attractive when properly lit, but it also may draw attention away from what you’re watching.

The panel, at just 3mm thin, has a layer of electrical and audio components that bulks up to 48.6mm wide.

The best aspect of this TV is that its four HDMI inputs are all HDCP 2.2 compatible meaning that nearly any source you connect to it will work well with 4K material.

As well as the three USB inputs, there’s a fast v3.0 input, an electronic optical music output and Ethernet. Wi-Fi is standard and a satellite tuner provides access to Freeview Play or “Gleam” television channels.

The set only has one remote, and it s the newest version of LG s cursor-based pointer. It s responsive and easy to use.

With a thin silver frame around the screen and a chromed pedestal stand, this LG B7 4K OLED TV looks sharp.

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LG B7 OLED Specs

Screen sizes available: 55- and 65-inches | Tuner: Freeview Play, satellite | 4K: Yes | HDR: Yes/not stated | Panel technology: OLED or LCD – need clarification| Smart TV: Yes with LG webOS or No in description of input options

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Smart TV (WebOS 3.5)

LG has made several revisions to its webOS platform, but none that are too earth-shattering. The UI is as intuitive as ever, with simple navigation and powerful customisation possibilities.

The Home screen is made around a striped Launch Bar for inputs, apps and features. Live TV and HDMI selection claim the first slots, accompanied by streaming software and catch-up TV services. Continue scrolling and the list changes to functionality including that OLED gallery, Screen Share for casting from cellular devices, as well as multimedia playback. One of the benefits of buying a TV is that you can customise this list. If you frequently Miracast, drag and drop your Screen Share tab to where you want to buy.

The handy remote control has dedicated buttons for both Netflix and Amazon. Rather neatly, these streaming software remains open, even though you navigate from them. This implies that you can pause House of Cards, check the news headlines on Live TV, and go back to your paused episode.

Netflix offers 4K with HDR and Dolby Vision, plus other entertainment options.

LG touts its webOS, which was revolutionary and unique when it first came to the market many years ago. In addition, LG’s Magic pointer remote helps navigation on screen with a commanding but comfortable ergonomic button that feels natural in your hand.

HD/SDR Performance

The OLED TV’s key picture attributes apply to both HD and UHD content – excellent black level depth, vibrant colors, and exceptionally high degrees of detail. 1080P channels are upscaled to 4K, taking advantage of the Ultra HD TV’s superb image quality that offers photographic smoothness.

The OLED TV’s colours are rich and vibrant. It does a really good job with skin tones and bright primary colors. The picture is mostly noise-free, too.

Since the various image presets vary in intensity, we generally opted to leave them off.

HD/SDR Performance TL;DR: The B7 is great with HD content and rich on its SDR performance. It will invigorate your Blu-ray collection.

4K/HDR Performance

Regardless, the B7 produces a high-quality picture for any type of content. Details, textures, and colors all come through beautifully without issue.

The set comes with a choice of seven image presets: Standard, Eco, Cinema, Sports, Game, HDR effect and Vivid.

The set may have a image quality issue. High frequency 4K signals on all presets are affected by moir patterning. To fix this problem make sure Just Scan is selected in the Aspect Ratio menu This is the only way to make sure that high detail won’t be obscured.

A 4K Zone Plate test pattern reveals that the screen is incapable of resolving detailed images with a resolution greater than 1080p. On the other hand, you’re unlikely to find any content which uses high resolution graphics at this level. Showing UHD compatible content in 4K on this display will make these images look more sharp and lifelike

The panel was able to tone map content mastered at 1000 cd/m2/nits, although there were some low level black-level clipping. The set’s colour performance is fantastic too, with rich colours and wide hues. With no visible sign of colour banding, we were very happy with the performance of this LG range.

The OLED is bright enough to provide high-dynamic range scenes with real punch. A 5% window measured peak luminance at 779 cd/m2 or nits; a 10% window dropped to 735 cd/m2.

LG’s support of HDR standards is unrivaled.

It’s up to the manufacturer to implement Dolby Vision in their TVs, but that doesn’t always lead to better image quality.

Okja (Netflix) is a recent movie with Dolby Vision. This 2018 film looks beautiful, especially the scenes of the pig roaming through Seoul in natural light.

Like the film studio, Netflix deploys HDR10 and Dolby vision signals-where supported. Sadly the subtitles are often way too bright and have a bright glare that destroys much of the contrast.

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Some worthwhile titles are Glow, a comedy drama about women s wrestling in the 1980s. The Dolby Vision presentation here is pretty bad with high-lights that often look exagggerated and backlight windows in the woman’s gym that beam with atomic radiance.

This sentence has been rewritten. Streaming might seem like a strange term, but it’s actually the norm these days. Even if it doesn’t sound as nice initially, just watch movies for awhile with this enabled and you’ll change your mind.

In motion handling, the B7 offers an acceptable performance. For sports coverage, we recommend the Clear Trumotion setting, with general TV viewing on User (de-judder off and de-blur at 10). However a movie soundtrack sounds best when the TV is power down entirely.

Black-level performance is predictably superb, although there are some low level beginnings, with blacks crushing out near-black shadow detail. Tone mapping holds white-level info on content mastered to 1000 nits.

This LG B7 TV has a strikingly convincing and dynamic 4K display. Watching Mad Max Fury Road on Blu-ray, we were in the blistering sun amid sands. The lightning bolts crackle with fierce luminance when Max rode into the sandstorm, just like in real life!

Not only does the catacomb sequence in John Wick Chapter 2 have depth, but there is plenty of detail in the brickwork regardless of the low light.

LG’s newest high-performing 4K/HDR OLED has greatly improved brightness and colors.


Audio is a conundrum on the B7. The set incorporates standard low-fi downfiring stereo speakers. They are monophonic, and you will need to upgrade them to something more elaborate sooner or later.

However, this set also includes a Dolby Atmos decoder and Netflix client; all 2017 LG OLEDs (including this set) are Dolby Vision-enabled.

“New York Times” reporter Glenn Thrush says the new Netflix original movie Okja may be one of the first to provide Dolby Atmos with Dolby Vision. For your best possible experience, you ll need to route the Atmos music out of your TV set using HDMI ARC to a Dolby Atmos soundbar or AV receiver.

The TV’s sound quality, without an external speaker system, is average; however, since LG released the firmware update to allow a Atmos signal to be passed through HDMI, it is now feasible for people with an Atmos-enabled audio system.

Other panels to ponder…

LG’s B7 is in competition with a number of similarly priced OLED screens. The 55-inch Panasonic EZ952 doesn’t go as bright and lacks Dolby Vision support, but actually provides sharper 4K picture viewing. Philips’ 55POS901F benefits from Ambilight, but also runs on the 2016 panel which just isn t as effective as

Despite the cost, LG’s own C7 may be a worthwhile alternative.

Get the best of both worlds with this Sony 65-inch A1 OLED television. This screen combines groundbreaking Acoustic Surface sound technology and a beautiful UHD HDR picture performance.


Overall, the 55-inch B7 4K OLED TV offers vivid, dynamic HDR images and impacts with one of the more profound black depths I ve seen. It can also handle regular HD without any problems whatsoever.

In spite of its not being the sharpest 4K performer on the market, LG’s B7 is a worth consideration. While it lacks Dolby Vision compatibility and HDR10 certification, you can still enjoy this model’s HLG support which provides access to more ways to watch high-quality TV content. All in all, the LG B7 4K OLED TV boasts as one of the best Smart TVs on the market and is bound to please consumers with its internal hub called WebOS that provides an easy-to-use system for streaming services. Considering the low prices, excellent performance and impressive features list, it’s