5 Best LG 65UJ6300 4K Smart LED TV Sale On Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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The Best LG 65UJ6300 4K Smart LED TV Black Friday Deals


The design of the LG UJ6300 is quite basic, and everything is made out of plastic. There are no stylistic aspects like the top end UJ7700, but it doesn’t look bad nonetheless. It will not be the centerpiece of any room. A few of the rear-facing inputs can be difficult to access if positioned against a wall.

The stand is nearly as wide as the TV and looks like the UH6100 from 2016. It is made of plastic, but it does not wobble at all.

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Picture Quality

The contrast ratio is passable, but may make scenes seem washed out. The lower contrast ratio poses less risk of visibility in a well-lit room, as the lights generally work to diminish this distinction.

If you compare this IPS TV with the other IPS televisions we have reviewed, the UJ6300 contrast ratio of 1314:1 is in fact better than most of them.

The Expert (Dark Room) display mode on the LG 65UJ6300 gets the most accurate image quality, but also features a much lower SDR brightness for a better representation of black details compared to Standard mode. If your set isn’t bright enough, you should use the Standard mode with a color temperature of W30 and any appropriate settings that can apply*.

*Including our recommended setting(s) is optional.

Mediocre Peak Brightness. The brightness does not change to correspond with the content being shown, as all our tests were about equal (the true scene test is measured near the sides of the screen which are dimmer). This regular brightness is a good thing, but it isn’t as bright as HDR content. A plot of brightness over time is demonstrated here.

If you notice HDR content is too dim in the Cinema and Game picture modes, you can enable Dynamic Contrast as detailed in this article. This won’t improve the brightness of highlights, but it will make most scenes brighter at the expense of slightly lower image quality. One of the downsides to Movie mode is that it produces better picture quality than Standard, but not as great as Cinema. Currently there’s no way to correct this other than switching back to Standard for quick viewing and then adjusting color and light settings accordingly.

The UJ6300 has a poor grey uniformity, which is mainly caused by darker edges. Vertical bands are slightly noticeable within a few feet of the center, but dirty screen effect isn’t as noticeably present when watching content like sports programs.

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Color Temperature

Out of the box, this LG UJ6300’s accuracy could be better. The white balance dE is high enough that any general viewers can see it, whether or not they’re an enthusiast. The white balance falls on the warm side, missing most blue. Overall, color accuracy isn’t the strongest suit of this TV.

After calibrating and measuring our LG UJ6300, we noticed that the TV’s settings would affect the measurements. Beyond that, the procedure has a solid success rate and corrected high white balance dE down to an acceptable level of 0.24 which is outstanding in comparison with our target gamma 2.2

The provided color management system has just tested to be quite good, despite the fact that some colors were still somewhat off. But even though it was flawed in some ways, total color dE overall is currently more than half what s was before calibration.

The TV is standard in its color spectrum, and at best will be able to display the colors of Rec. 709—which has insufficient greens when watching HDR content.

When HDR content is played in Cinema and Game picture modes, the TVs dims it significantly. The issue can be alleviated by enabling Dynamic Contrast when playing in either of those two picture modes.