5 Best LG 55UJ6300 4K Smart LED TV Deals (Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021)

You’ll find that OLED TVs are about twice the price of LCD TVs with similar specifications which means if you value excellent image quality then your best option is to purchase one. So if you’re in the market for a new television, upgrading to OLED can be an investment–but it’s worth it. Black Friday sale gives huge discounts so that you can buy your favorite products on the spot!

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Best Deals for all Type of LG 4K TV Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Explore all brands and segments in the 4K TV market.

For this thread, OLED screens have virtually identical display quality to get the least expensive one without any worries. For 2019, that’s LG’s B9 series for review here.

The picture quality of the LG TV is nearly equal to that offered by market competitor Samsung. The B9 model was slightly dimmer and it did a little bit better job clearing up some lower-quality video compared to the C9 model. However, in my opinion, both models are still very close together due to the pricing difference ($200) for the C9 compared to the B9 which is only $100.

Given its place as the least-expensive current high-end TV, and OLED’s place as the display quality king, the LG B9 earns CNET’s Editors Choice award as the very best TV of 2019.

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The appearance of OLED

The downside of the panel is that it creates a bulge in the bottom which takes up 1.75

hours That bulged area houses the inputs, power supply, speakers, and other depth-eating TV components.

The picture is surrounded by a small frame of black rather than silver, and the LG or other logo on the screen corners are not visible. That is the most minimalist design of a TV.

The stands for the new B9 and C9 TVs have a smaller width on the 65-inch models. The B9 model is angled, which sets it back from you about two inches further than the C9. They’re both minimalist and, frankly, just fine.

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LG channels apps, Alexa, Google and Apple

The WebOS menu system of this LG TV is nice and snappy but remains unchanged from last year. It lacks the ground-breaking extras and app-based setup available on Samsung’s Tizen system, as well as the iPhone app coverage seen on Roku TV or Sony’s Android TVs. If you want more apps on your TV, the best option would be to get an external streaming device. The Apple TV 4K and Amazon FireTV Stick 4K can support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, like the B9S, but only two of these types of devices support these services. Meanwhile, LG televisions are compatible with Amazon and Vudu. The built-in software on their 4K TVs work best for these streaming services without the need to plug in external devices.
Correction: Meanwhile, LG’s software for Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon all support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

The remote is designed to move in a circular motion, making it particularly helpful for signing into apps and scrolling through long rows of images.

LG’s 2019 TVs will be the first devices to have both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant built-in. Users can access either by tapping the mic button, or pressing and holding a specific Alexa or Assistant icon on their screens. Basic tasks like What s the weather? work without a hitch from either assistant, with helpful on-screen feedback.

I didn’t dive too deep into each one, but it felt on the whole like Google Assistant was better integrated than Alexa. I could look for movies and TV with Google however the same queries from Alexa directed me to open skills and link my LG ThinQ account. When I try to search for devices using the Alexa App, she tells me she cannot find my B9.

The B9 worked just like the Samsung Q70 did; I could easily speak to someone on the TV screen from my photo library in the Photos app. The screen mirroring also worked, though it didn’t do anything that was necessary. It could allow for videos to play on the TV and be controlled from a phone using apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, and YouTube TV (Netflix not included). We also liked how the TV supports AirPlay from an Apple device, so I could share a video streaming screen with my laptop.

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LG B9 makes OLED style and display quality more affordable

The B9 4K TV from LG is feature-packed and includes a deep learning algorithm. I wasn’t convinced by the performance, although nonetheless still impacted.

LG’s 2019 OLED models are the latest version of HDMI standards, which means their HDMI ports are designed for 4K at 120 fps and support other new features. Have a look at HDMI 2.1: What You Ought To Know

LG B9 lacks support for the Nvidia G-Sync standard which is an attribute reserved for C8 and E8 series. If that is important to you, then you can get a better value from one of these models.

Connections are top-of-the-line. Unlike a lot of Samsung sets, the 55UJ6300 came with an analog video in for legacy (non-HDMI) devices, though it no longer supports analog component video. Topping off this year s improvements are a new headphone output and WISA wireless music support.