5 Best LG 55UH7700 4K Smart LED TV- Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

LG 4K LED televisions are UHD and Super UHD TVs, providing viewers a superior picture at home. Choosing the right TV can be a daunting task, but it’s worth knowing that LG TVs speak fairly well of themselves where their specs are concerned.
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New Best Deals for All Type of 4K LED TV (Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021)

This Article is About best Deal in 4K LED TV.The LG 55UH7700 4K HDR Smart LED TV comes with a native 4K UHD resolution screen for the utmost clarity, as well as an outstanding ability to portray detail. It also supports the latest in color and HDR technology

The LG 55-inch 4K TV has an edge LED backlight system that is supported by local dimming, so different levels of light can be delivered to various sections of the image.

Televisions are one of the most common screen displays in any living environment. This should be taken into consideration when shopping for a TV.


This 55-inch, 4K HDR LED TV is conveniently priced at under $1,000. You know that features such as these are already attractive on their own!
The slimness of the frame and its stand give it a distinctive and elegant feel that we can t help but love. The light grey coloring with metallic sheen not only make Slim frame and no visible bezels are just some of the ways this LG offers a visual treat.

The LG 55UH7700 is a model with three HDMI inputs, three USB ports, and integrated Wi-Fi/Ethernet options for an affordable 4K TV that also supports network media playback.

The UH7700 includes a remote control with a unique, vertical wheel which you can use to scroll through lists of menu options.

LG 55uh7700 4K Smart LED TV, Ultimate: • 49”, 55”, 60” and 65” screen sizes with True-4K resolution for best-in-class picture clarity and detail.
• HGTV helps you find the perfect show to fit any mood: heartwarming home movies from New Zealand

The 55UH7700 is a seriously attractive and well-developed TV that looks more high-end than mid-range.

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Smart TV – WebOS

LG’s webOS smart TV operating system is still the king of the world for me.

With its scrolling bar of richly colored content link icons and plenty of little graphical tricks, Smart TV means never having to search for that show you want to watch again. Navigating the menus and adjusting the settings with this TV are very simple.

Basic information about the webOS 4.0 interface

i). WebOS offers a clean, easy to navigate user interface and it’s empowering, friendly and slick. ii). You can find your favorites on LG’s online platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Google Play Movies and TV because they support HDR and 4K content delivery for the latest

LG’s WebOS smart platform is still the most simple to use and effective interface in the smart TV world.

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HD/SDR Performance

When it is necessary to show deep dark colors like a black nuance, the UH7700 falters.

The screen will not give a perfect black and rates of grey instead.

Colors in dark scenes are often affected by the grey veil that hangs over them. White objects against black backgrounds can also create a pattern of vertical lines, which is often an effect due to your neighborhood dimming system.

If you want a more balanced look without turning down the backlight, hack back the set’s contrast by changing the value. You could also utilize local dimming to improve contrast without triggering light banding.

Obviously, this inevitably reduces the level of brightness in your TV’s images. For me personally, though it is a trade worth making when watching contrast-rich screens such as typical films in a dark room.

Dimming the backlight on LG’s 55UH7700 4K TV did make colors lose some of their punch, but enough color still saturated our screen to keep them looking pleasing.

The 55UH7700 does a decent job of upscaling HD sources at its native 4K pixel count, creating a moderate amount of sharpness and detail.

Motion on this 55-inch TV appears clear. Even with an IPS panel system, the lack of contrast causes some blooming in video games which makes it not as good for video gaming.

It s worth noting that the 55UH7700 backlight issues are less problematic, although they will still be present to some extent if you mostly watch TV in a brightly lit room.

The LG 55UH7700’s pictures are unimpressive due to a lack of contrast between subjects and the background, and because it has an aggressive local dimming system.

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4K/HDR Performance

The 55UH7700 really can’t handle HDR at all. I noticed it on the SDR playback and had to adjust my settings for the HDR, but then I couldn t see a difference

Scenes which should be dark appear lighter, as the thin vertical bands of light around stand-out bright objects are more noticeable and distracting.

When HDR content is present, reducing the backlight setting will not solve problems with too much brightness. It’s important to understand that this can result in an experience that isn’t actually HDR. The picture might look unbalanced, with dark areas being more prominent and without detail.

The user will enjoy this TV for its exceptional colors when watching HDR content on YouTube, Amazon or Netflix.

To clarify, I am not talking about a comparable type of extreme SDR-to-HDR increase you get with the most expensive screens on the market this season specifically Samsung’s KS9800 and KS9500 series. However, the 55UH7700 gives a lot of an HDR lift to pictures for $1,000.

Much like OLED TVs of 2016, Dolby Vision HDR content played on the 55UH7700 gives more advantage to the a lot more common HDR 10 system. The picture isn t as bright, but it s richer in color detailing and provides a far more natural, cinematic balance between HDR s light and dark extremes.

LG’s 55UH7700 failed to deliver a good sense of depth or steady color from dark scenes.

LG s 55UH7700 UHD 4K smart TV is impressive when it comes to playing movies, as the HDR content isn t all that good. The benefit of this television is its ability to bring out sharpness and detail in HD videos or even standard definition video streaming material.

I must conclude this section with several further problems, though. First, during Ultra HD Blu-ray playback I noticed motion and camera pans in the image battling with quite defined stuttering/momentary freezing, whatever setting you d selected for the TV s motion processing. This issue is not always noticeable, but it becomes infuriating during action scenes.

This issue is unresolvable; when playing HDR games such as Deus Ex [HUMANITY DIVIDED], the Game preset is not available and there will be 70ms of input lag, whereas without this difference if you use the Game preset when in SDR mode, it’s only 30ms.

4K/HDR TLDR: The backlight and contrast flaws associated with standard dynamic range content leave HDR looking terrible. Turning the backlight down is not a viable fix for this problem as it does nothing to improve the picture quality.


LG’s 55UH7700 is one of the thinnest TVs, but it gets better sound quality.

The first thing that the listener will notice is how open and well rounded the sound coming from this television is. This can help voices always sound convincing and clear, stops action scenes from sounding so cramped that they become harsh, and signify that the speakers can provide a reasonably convincing sense of soundstage escalation as action films shift through their gears.

Bass reproduction is surprisingly potent for a thin, slim television like the 55UH7700, which prevents sound from being unrealistic or overly bassy.

Not every detail of music will be projected to the same degree, but that is a relatively minor complaint when considering how well it works in general.

TL;DR: The 55UH7700 gives a polished sound performance, despite its slinky-looking bodywork.

Other panels to ponder

The 55UH7700 has a contrast problem and poor HDR performance, so it’s not difficult to find TVs that will outperform this model.

For example, Samsung also has a fantastic 55-inch HDR friendly TV in the condition of the 55KS8000 but this will cost you $800 at current pricing.

It seems the only time to buy HDR is when you re willing to pay for a TV that offers it and don t bother with those without anyways.


The 55UH7700 displays advanced high-resolution and HDR imaging when it comes to movies. The TV’s slim, silver form factor makes its $999 price worth consideration.