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With technological advances continuing to move at an ever-quickening pace, the tablet home screen has become a necessary annoyance for parents and children alike. This tablet, designed for children between 3 and 9 years old, includes a lot of software and offers plenty of parental controls. It costs more than other kid tablets.

When should a parent buy a Leapfrog tablet?

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Wrapped in its green rubber case, the LeapFrog Epic is a cute but not durable tablet for children. Within my testing, the tablet survived a few falls from my 29-inch-high desk onto our office’s hardwood floor without experiencing any problems.

LeapFrog placed power and volume buttons on the top edge of this tablet. Headphone jack, as well as a USB port are located at the top. These ports however are deep recessed when not using the bumper guard but we had no issue plugging cables in with the case on. The microSD slot can be difficult to see, however, which helps keep your cards out of reach from accidental ingestion.


The Epic s display is not very vibrant, but it may be okay for a young person. When I streamed video on the tablet’s 1024 x 600-pixel screen, I found that solid colors looked accurate but lacked depth because of the flat panel on which they appeared, rendering Adventure Time ‘s Jake and Prismo in accurate yellows and pinks The tablet’s 22-inch HD screen was at a disadvantage when displaying Taylor Swift’s Out from the Woods music video. Even though I could see the color accurately, I had trouble seeing anything clearly because of the jagged edges.

According to your colorimeter, the Epic’s display does not have a very vibrant color. It has been recorded at 74.6% of the sRGB spectrum, which is on par with both the Fire Kids (69%) and the Xtreme 2 (74.6%). Tablets on the market in general are more likely to show colors.

The colors that the Epic LeapPad showed weren’t particularly accurate, which is normal for kids tablets. The Epic did score 3.02 on our Delta-E test for color accuracy (where lower is better), which was close to the average tablet score (3.0). Amazon’s Fire Kids (1.4) is going to be a better purchase than Kurio’s Xtreme 2 because of it’s more favorable 3.6 rating on Net Headlines, so you might want to invest in the Amazon Tablet if you’re thinking about purchasing one today.

Our tests revealed that this tablet can only emit 211 nits, which is not surprising as the screen is dark and flat. Furthermore it’s dimmer in comparison to a number of other tablets we tested at 296 nits. Worried about not being able to see your screen when you have the tablet facing away from you? Worried no more, as THE EPIC offers an excellent display with a brightness of 364 nits.
The Epic’s viewing angles are also one of its standout features; at 45 degrees or less, the colors on their screens don’t distort.

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Parental Controls

When parents create the tablet, they create an account for their kids that has a four-digit code. The parent can enter information such as names, birthdates and current grades to customize what screens the child sees on his or her tablet. This means parents can select which apps each child has access to.

Web Surfing

By default, kids only get access to the LeapSearch app without any address bar and with only pre-approved bookmarked sites such as for example Time For Kids, Disney Jr. or Highlights Kids. Restrictions in the kid Controls app allow parents to add specific sites. With these restrictions, I can’t imagine a scenario where children are able to access inappropriate content.

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Unlike other kid friendly tablets, the Epic allows for customization and a virtual world on the home screen. Users can choose from three different animation styles and interact with stickers like a twinkling pixie or roaming robot If you enter in where you are, the elements in the Epic s world will match what s happening outside your window. There’s a small house near the virtual city that sparkles whenever a new word of your day is ready.


The LeapFrog Epic is equipped with 31 apps, including educational titles and games. All these apps are vetted by child development experts and educators.

LeapFrog’s free game app, My First LeapPad Platinum Tablet (LeapPad), provides more than $140 worth of content for a low cost of just 10. The apps are developed by LeapFrog itself and some of them will automatically download as you set up the device. All of the apps on our review unit came preinstalled, but we were able to download any others from LeapPad’s App Manager.

The LeapFrog App Center store is accessible with a single click of the shopping cart icon on the home screens in Parent and Child modes. Icon profiles in the store let parents gauge what age ranges a particular title is appropriate for, and provide screenshots and brief descriptions. Spending too much time immersed in games can be bad for children. Parents should experiment with a variety of playstyles:
– Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master ($5, ages 5 to 9) adds simple equations to the favorite franchise’s hack-and-slash gameplay.
– Disney Pixar VERY GOOD Dinosaur game ($10, ages 4 to Unfortunately, this tablet will not support the Google Play store. However, Amazon has released their own app for it.

The Leapfrog tablet includes software, such as Photo Fun Ultra, which helps inspire creativity with your photographs. The software enables you to impose images together with your own selfies, tweak color balance on your own pictures and add mirroring effects. Leap School provides your son or daughter with line-drawn images that kids can tap to fill in.

Pursuing the subject of education, Alphabet Stew is a basic type of Boggle that you can find words by tapping adjacent letters. THE TERM of the Day software teaches kids definitions by asking them to drag letters right into a box where in fact the word they form has already been spelled out and reveals a related drawing and story.

In Pet Pad Party, kids can create their own animal in order to use the pet as an avatar on your pet Chat app. Your child is able to send pre-loaded messages such as I am being silly and Play Tic Tac Toe?

The sound application includes a total of 21 songs that range from two versions of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to duplicate versions of Muffin Man and Old MacDonald. These renditions aren t the first rate performances, but they re sufficient.

The only interactive games that LeapFrog tablets can communicate with each other are three separate, pre-made games: Leapfrog Kart Racing ($9), Arturo’s Big Adventure ($10) and Busy Bee Hive ($10).

Fire HD Kids Edition comes with one year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, which offers over 10,000 apps and books from globetrotting experts. The Kurio Xtreme 2, which comes preloaded with 61 apps,


Unless your son or daughter is a stereo enthusiast, they will most likely not mind the tablet’s mediocre audio output and you will definitely appreciate its low and limited volume. The speaker on the back of the tablet produced sufficient sound to fill a tiny bedroom with an unhealthy rendition of Taylor Swift’s OUT OF YOUR Woods. While Taylor sounded clear, the notebook m But the simpler songs within its dedicated music app on the tablet sounded much clearer.


Though it has minimal horsepower, leapfrog tablet also showed that the Epic had been slow at everything. When I switched between apps, it often took for approximately 5 to 10 seconds before it loaded. When I enabled the browser for my child account, these devices moved at a sluggish pace with three tabs open. The wait and latency may try the patience of small children.