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Though L-shaped desks are becoming increasingly popular, the “position desk” or “adjustable height L-desk” has traditionally been on the less common end of office furniture. Consumerism in the United States starts earlier than most people may believe.

There are not many L-shaped standing desk options in comparison to their rectangular brethren, but there have been enough offerings made in the market over recent years that should you have space requirements, price range and room for an L-desk, then there is always a power L-desk out there that will probably work for you. And if not, usually the DIY option is available and we’ll cover that as well.

1. Introduction
2. What is a L Shape Desk?
3. Do you need Storage for your L Shape Desk?
4. How do I decide on the best computer desk size?

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It is more difficult to find an L-shaped desk than a standard 2×2 square shelf because there are fewer options, but they are still hard to locate through a simple Google search. As a result, the following comparison is of the most popular models that are available on the market today.

If you can’t find just what you’re looking for, ask one of our L-desk specialists in the live chat field on the right side of your screen.

Two, 3 and Four-Leg Desk Configurations

A three-legged ‘L’ shaped desk is the most expensive standing desk in terms of materials. A typical L-desk has two perpendicular work surfaces with three legs.

L desks are the same as corner desks, except they have only one desk surface rather than two.

A less expensive option for many users is to employ a two-legged, corner desk, which are usually suitable for extremes of 35 per side. The cost savings come from the simple nature of construction, as well as an easier and quicker time in mounting the screen at the chamfered edge.

If you’d like help with how we You can also add a side desk by mating part of a desk with a standing table. This technically forces it into two sets, but produces an incredible amount of versatility and more usable desktop surface area This option is better for people who don’t have a lot of room, but still like the idea of having some space to spread out.

L-Shapes desks are a type of furniture that is typically shaped like the letter “L”. Here are some manufacturers who also offer what’s known as a “pork chop” design, where one leg is both shorter or taller than the other to give it an asymmetrical shape. We have not examined those separately yet as they are certainly not one of the more popular options.

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Depth and Width Options

When purchasing a l-shaped desk, you may have to consider the depth of one or more of its edges. Most L-shaped standing workstation manufacturers offer only an individual depth on both right and still left sides of the table, usually 30″. A few, like iMovR, provide alternative depths: either 30″ or 24″, which There are a few important things to know before you buy the workstation of your dreams.

Desktop Surface Options

L-shaped desks are the best option for customers that need to work next to each other, such as in a bank.

L-shaped desks such as this one are generally not possible because the wood is too thin. As mentioned earlier, a real L-desk will usually be made up of two work surfaces: a rectangular one and an attached peninsula design. In iMovR’s case, either the side surface can be rectangular or as is usually the situation with their products, they offer both options! in the shape of a semicircle.

Work surface materials vary greatly from regular, edge-banded, high-pressure-laminate to ultra durable and beautiful browse(x) 3D laminate with ergonomically optimized features. The iMovR L-Table has a patented SteadyType keyboard tray build in.

The way the two desktops come together is something users would want to remember. If you’ve worked well at an L-desk before, you may have noticed that there’s often a groove in the work surface where the two desks meet. This desk has a slight groove or grain change where the two desktop areas meet.

Installation Considerations

L-shaped desks are costly to build and difficult to make. L-desks are difficult to assemble because they can be complicated and require professional installation.

Although the L-designed desk is a great addition to any space, they are not usually easy to set up. Second, you should screw the tops into the base from your back side as well as scooting around in the desk. If using wood screws make sure to wear protective goggles so that you do not get sawdust in your eye.

The L-shaped desk that comes pre-assembled from the factory, requiring only 4 equipment bolts and 5 wood screws to secure the medial side table to it. “Putting together a standard L-desk can take hours and I had to ask for help with the assembly, but these days I have managed to put together an entire iMovR lander desk in less than 30 minutes on my own – during a coffee break,” said one of our staffers.

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Price Tiers

Note that the costs for these L-desks are listed starting at their smallest size, you need to include shipping. Some makers offer slightly less expensive 2-button elevation controllers but iMovR offers full digital controllers with programmable height presets. A desk can be customized to fit your needs, whether it’s adding extra space for projectors or upgrading to a granite top.

Prices start in the range of $1,300-$1,500 for tables with tiny base and top (e.g. 60 x30). These include Jarvis L-table from Totally; the UpLift L-shaped table from Human Answer; and MultiTable s L-shape desk.

Desk tops are limited to 30 ft deep on both sides and there are only a small number of size combinations available. The colors offered range from solid wood grains or solids, so there is little opportunity to customize the table style to your home environment.

The Jarvis L-Desk from Fully has a Jiecang base and quadpar support. Available in 3 HPL colors (dark colored, walnut or oak), the desk offers three combo size options. Bamboo desks can come in essentially two sizes. Rates start at $1,249 and go up to $2,095 for the largest desktop. However, Fully also lists a more affordable desk on their website with magnet-covered (spray painted) tops and prices starting from $1,145 Other products have been out of stock for a while, such as bamboo desks.

Human Solution offers various L-shaped desks that are comparable to Jarvis Jiecang but still different aesthetically. The cheaper of the two L-shaped desks starts at $1,329 and only comes in 3 sizes with 6 market desktop colors.

Output text: The most expensive desk comes with a Custom Laminate L-Desk that contains five size and six HPL colors. The distinguishing aesthetic feature from the cheap version is the rectangular cut on both ends rather than of classic right angle.

The MultiTable L-shaped Desk with Electric Power Start starts at $1,369 and is available in four sizes and five colors of a thin, 3/4 HPL desktop. For best results in the quality of our fabrication processes for our tops we’ve promised to manufacture them here in America The Multitable, a simple desk with few choices but just as difficult to assemble as its competitors, currently has 1 star on Amazon because of an apparent software bug. It is impossible for customers to choose the size when ordering on their site and they can only select from two options when assembling. Therefore, if you want one of these desks, then you’ll need to contact their customer service department.

Of the products throughout the market, all of them come with a similar warranty (7 years) on the base and no warranty offered on the desktop.

In the high-quality tier of $2000-$2300 there are two options: an all American made iMovR Lander L Desk (starting at $2,048) or a Jiecang manufactured and American sourced Man Solution s desk with hardwood tops (starting at 2,304).

The iMovR Lander L-Desk (which has 1,920 size and color combinations) may be the perfect desk for those who want to work standing up. L shaped desktops are stronger and keep going longer than other types of surface because they have been laminated. The top layer can be tailored to your needs and is also laminated with grommet holes that mould into the materials, giving you all the natural look without spending a fortune.

Among the key features of iMovR’s on-demand developing is that their 3D laminated tops can be offered in 640 size combinations, from 65 to 83 regions per area (found in 6 increments), and with the choice of 24 depth option for the table, not just 30.

The unique design of the Lander L-Desk ensures that you can easily swap out your medial side table, one of two attached to either end. It is possible to remove the side section when not in use and still have a fully-functional 3-legged desk. Other types of L-desks can’t be taken apart so easily, so keep this in mind if you foresee any future office relocations or renovations.

One of the afeatures this desk is rather unique to it, and that’s how consistent the height for all height levels are along its shape. No other L-shaped desk has as much consistency in their design. Lumber grain direction can be visually distracting.

The Lander L-Table arrives 90% preassembled, which makes assembly much simpler in comparison to Fully, Uplift or MultiTable. It can also features an automatic elevation control paddle and a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app for controlling the table at iphone app for controlling your table and taking profit of its built-in wellness coach characteristic. For a shared workstation, each person can have their own preferences for height and the ability to customize it on your smartphone. When you walk up to the desk, your changes will be synced automatically. l shaped desks provide plenty of space without taking up a lot of room in the office.

Human Choice offers their L-desk with upgraded wood for $1000 to 2400 more depending on the kind of wood you choose. These can be found in five size options. The downside to the pure wood version is that the radiused inside of a custom laminate table disappears, leaving you with just an average 90-degree corner. The difference between this L-desk and the other L-desks is that it doesn’t use UpLift on its economy tier.

At a cost of $4000-$6000, the Lander L-Desk offers 36 different species/stain combinations to choose from for sustainable desktops. This means there are more than 6,000 possible combinations available. This is an example of a maple six-foot major L desk with a leather finish.

There are some major differences between the solid-wood and 3D laminate versions of our L-desks. The manufacturing period for a wood version is typically three to five weeks, while the seven day timeframe for a 3D laminate table is much shorter. On a 3D variation you can change where the expansion goes (left or Since there is no groove and the grain does not change direction, in this interface (since it does on all other L-desks with solid wood top).

Going the DIY Route

Whether you choose to make your own desktops or purchase them, be prepared for a big expense. All of these suppliers offer high-quality 3-legged ottomans and standalone bases (iMovR also offers the standalone Vigor basic for extra heavy tops like granite). You can find useful tables bases to help with your standing desk.

The Takeaway

If you’re budget conscious and don’t mind the less expensive L-desks from overseas, there are several reasonable options.

Spending time in front of a computer is an unavoidable reality for many people, and most desks tote the same simple functionality: putting you in a position where you can work without pain.