5 Best Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Black Friday Deals 2021

Kodak became among the first 360-degree camcorders to advertise: the PixPro SP360. But its 1080p resolution just couldn t hold up in order to being extended in to format used for uploading 360-degree video on YouTube. The Pixpro 4K camera can’t match the crispness of modern cameras that capture lifelike 4K video, even though it has an increased resolution. And if you’re planning to include a 360-degree camera in your photography equipment, the Kodak Pixpro Sp360 4K ($449) is one that’s worth considering.

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The SP360 has a lens in the top and measures 1.9 by 2 by 2.1 inches (HWD), weighing 4.5 ounces, with on-body controls that include buttons to turn the camera on or off, set shooting mode, navigate menus, start or prevent recording The small LCD display informs you of what shooting mode the camera is currently in.

A typical tripod mount sits privately, which prompts you to handle the camera toward a topic when recording. Below this is a flap that covers the micro USB and micro HDMI ports, and the inner microphone. There isn’t any way to include an external microphone. The removable battery is obtainable with a door on underneath. It’s best for roughly 55 minutes of Ultra HD recording about the same charge.

The SP360 4K does not come with a protective case, but is rated for dust protection and against water splashes. For underwater use, it’s advisable to buy an optional underwater housing ($55) that offers up to 30 meters (98 feet) of protection.

For $499 you get a package with the essential accessories – battery charger, cleaning cloth, and travel case. For an additional $50 you can add accessories to suit your needs such as mounts or cages for other cameras.

One might think that a 360-degree camera with an individual lens is incapable of capturing a full sphere. Instead, it captures video at 340 degrees horizontally and 235 degrees vertically. Outside of these models, two 360-degree cameras that are on sale and have 1080p video capture share similar specs. The Ricoh Theta S can be found in other markets, but will not be available for purchase in the US until later this season; with the same story for the Nikon KeyMission 360.

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The SP360’s field of view is enough for most applications, but if you want to capture what is below the camera lens, the resulting shot will not come out well. But the company offers a kit that includes two cameras, brackets to mount them back-to-back, and different mounting accessories. For $899 it is expensive given the price of this days technology but also considering that Samsung Gear 360 recently sold at VidCon for $350 when it had been wanted
by attendees. The software installed on those cameras

Kodak offers basic 360 degree video software for personal computer use. The SP360 4K desktop app, designed for Mac and Windows, enables you to use your personal computer as a remote view finder and control the camera- but most users will turn to the Android and iOS companion apps for that function. It’s more useful function is trimming clips and preparing them for YouTube upload.

It is possible to trim footage of multiple clips and merge them, but you’re better off using a more full-featured editing tool like iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The Kodak app is a media management software that you can use to organize photos or videos, however there is no option to pull individual clips in the software.

The software is also riddled with bugs-I frequently encountered black frames within the playback window, even when I had loaded video files in. Quitting and reopening the iphone app was necessary to fix it. In addition, the software is lacking features found in other 360-degree video programs for smartphones; it cannot upload to YouTube without additional editing.
Otherwise great.

It has an auto-sync feature, but the software can also be manually synced. There is some room for improvement-if you wish to sync from a spot that is not the start or end of the clip, it usually isn’t easy to achieve as close as possible in both clips using dual sliders. They may seem to be at the same point, but are actually a few seconds off. The app takes some time to stitch clips, despite the quick handling works on my effortlessly powerful iMac. I encountered a minor blur at the seam where stitching occurred.

The SP360 4K offers better video quality than the 360-degree cameras that are limited by 1080p. With a native video set in a sphere bounded by 2,880 x 2,880 pixel square frame, when converted into formats which can be played back on YouTube and Facebook it extends to 3×1,920 pixels. But this camera shoots in 2,048 by 1,080 video. That means you get about 3.4 for almost half the footage that is blacked out.

Frame rate options are limited. For 360-degree 4K footage, you can only just roll at 15fps. You can drop the resolution to 1,440 x 3,960 and improve the frame rate to 60fps. Gleam flat video option at 2160p with 30 frames per second that can be risen to 60 fps 1080 or 120 fps One cannot capture video at 24 frames per second.

YouTube doesn only support 360-degree video, it also supports full spherical and 180-degree virtual reality video.

When positioned vertically and viewed in its native circular format, footage is very crisp throughout most of the frame. But as you approach the outer limits of the image coverage, subjects are noticeably blurred. You will need to pay close attention when establishing your shot so that your subject doesn’t fall at the edge of vertical coverage range.

Extended, the video looks oversaturated even before YouTube takes its cut on compression. More pixels are needed to make a navigable, overexposed video look as good as we’re used to with 1080p HD footage.

Other than the purple fringing and flare, the quality of this camera is exquisite
The “best kodak pixpro sp360” video suffers from a few problems. Purple fringing occurs when high contrast regions are caught on film and this can be easily corrected with editing software. If you shoot with lens pointing to a bright day, there The camera’s dynamic range is just a little weak and struggles to keep the highlights in order when there’s a variety of bright and dark areas. However, the camera reacts quickly to these changes in brightness, showing no problems when moving from shadowed underbrush into brightly-lit meadows.

The smartphone app, which leverages Wi-Fi to stream live video from the camera to your Android or iOS device in a selection of projection modes, does let you change exposure settings. If you understand that your shot has varied lighting you can dial in negative EV (exposure value) to darken the autoexposure settings and stop highlights from completely

Footage taken in dim light looks very decent. It’s not overly soft or grainy because it has been recorded by the 360fly 4K. Audio is much louder than that of the 360fly, achieving clarity in a room where three people are speaking to one another at conversation level as voices come through loud and clear The device does not have an external microphone, so it’s important to record in a quiet place. However, if you mount the SP360 on a noisy device like a drone or tractor-which are both visible in the video-the noise will be picked up as well.

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Last year Pantone declared ultra-wide as the color of the year. It’s no surprise then that 360 video has become popularized by GoPro, promising to be the future for moving images or simply a passing fad. But only time will tell when this one is all said and done. The Kodak SP360 4K performs very similarly to the 360fly 4K, but is not quite as good with low-light conditions.

Dual SP360 4K cameras can stitch together images that are a little lower in quality than the Ricoh Theta S, which is the only other camera of its kind we ve seen. The Theta S also has limitations because it can only shoot up to 1080p. Dual-lens models may be able to bridge the resolution gap, but we ll have to wait for these 6K or 8K models before quality is there. The Kodak SP360 4K is a good choice if you are not interested in fully spherical capture, but understand that video will be of lesser quality than traditional cameras.