5 Best Kindle Oasis Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales 2021

If you’re looking to buy a premium ereader, the Kindle Oasis is worth considering.

The Kindle Oasis models are Amazon’s top of the line e-readers. The least expensive is the bottom Kindle, with its basic screen and limited storage. The Kindle Paperwhite offers a HD resolution and more storage space, plus some extra features like being waterproof. Amazon has released the Kindle Oasis 2 with updated features.

The newest Kindle Oasis boasts an adaptive brightness, optimal backlighting, and a warmth setting to reduce eye strain. It provides the most luxurious reading experience for those who like spending money on expensive gadgets However, is the steep price tag justified for a device that s only a minor improvement over the Kindle Paperwhite?

Amazon has announced the $275 Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019) and it will be released in June.

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Given the status of the Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019) as Amazon’s most premium ereader, you have to be ready to wince at its $249.99 / 229.99 / AU$399 / AED 999 price tag. That is for 8GB onboard memory; if you wish 32GB storage the purchase price rises to $279

The Kindle Oasis has 32GB memory and free 4G for downloading books on the go.

Amazon’s newest Oasis is their most expensive model of Kindle yet, with prices starting at $249.99 for a 32GB Wi-Fi only edition and up to $519.99 for the cellular enabled variant that comes with 128 GB storage and cellular connectivity — the cheapest Paperwhite costs just £89. For those who are on a tighter budget

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The Kindle Oasis 2019 does not follow the mini-tablet design of all ereaders. Most devices are noticeably thicker on one side, giving you a ridge down the spine in order to hold it better (theoretically).

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Unfortunately, the ridge wasn’t thick enough to provide a comfortable grip, even though it was only 5mm thicker than the keypad. The Kindle Oasis’s ridge can be a bit too uncomfortable to hold for extended periods of time, so we wouldn’t recommend it according to the position you want to sit in when you read.

The Kindle Oasis (2019) has dimensions of 159 x 141mm, so it doesn’t take up a large amount of room like many other tablets. The screen, however, is much larger than those on the other Kindles more on the display later.

The Amazon Kindle Oasis features a metal build, which helps offsets the fact that 3.4mm and it weighs only 188g, are both extremely slimline dimensions. This contributes to what feels like a sleek design but reinforces its robustness as well.

The Kindle Oasis can be water-resistant to a depth of two meters. Though we don’t recommend immersing it underwater for an hour, you’ll be confident knowing that the Kindle is OK if you accidentally drop it in your bath while reading or get spooked at a passing pedestrian and knock up against a murky puddle.

Even without a charger, the Kindle Oasis is one of the best electronic readers.

One downside of the Kindle Oasis is that there is not a 3.5mm headphone jack on board, nor loudspeakers- audiobooks can only be listened to through Bluetooth.

There are two buttons on the end of the Kindle Oasis used for skipping back or forth through pages. It felt much more snappy using these to carefully flip pages than touching the screen, due both to their location that falls naturally beneath our fingers and also because pages turned quicker anytime we pressed the buttons than when we touched the display.

It can be frustrating when the buttons doesn’t register our touch, or it does but stutters before loading the next page. This often happened with complicated books, like comic books and PDFs.

The design of the Kindle Oasis is almost identical to its predecessor.

Amazon’s Kindle Oasis (2019) Display The display area provides improvements to the reading experience over earlier versions.

The Kindle Oasis has a bigger display than previous models, making reading more accessible and comfortable.

The new Kindle Oasis is more accessible thanks to a major improvement in contrast on this screen. The backlit screen now offers 25 LEDs, while the Kindle Oasis of 2017 offered 12 LEDs and you’ll find that it’s easier to read both indoors and outside due to the improved level of brightness across different angles.

The brightness of the Kindle could be changed through an easily-accessible settings menu and also features a mode that automatically changes according to your environment, similar to many smartphones.

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Another important Kindle Oasis feature is its built-in Warm Glow. The warm glow displays your screen at a comfortable orange hue, perfect for night reading, or protecting your eyes over long periods of reading.

There are multiple light settings for reading in bed, but we found that a minimalistic setting was sufficient to read at any time of the day.

Kindle Oasis has a display that is suitable for reading, and you won’t notice the refresh rate on this as much as you would on your smartphone. It was not slow to zoom in if viewing documents, with increments visible when zooming.