5 Best Kidizoom Smartwatch Deals On Black Friday Sales 2021

Not just for kids, the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is perfect for anyone that needs a new watch. For $59.99, you’re getting a stylish camera watch with an inbuilt clock and timer sensors to track your activities of daily living. The Kidizoom Pro Smartwatch is an excellent watch for kids, directed at a variety of ages and equipped with the tools necessary to have a straightforward and exciting experience on all their adventures. While this is a battery-powered watch, be sure to charge it after every use.


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Design and Features

Just like the Filip Wearable Smart Locator and Phone for Kids, this toy watch is made with a rubbery material meant to withstand the havoc of childhood. Unlike other devices, this will not provide any phone or locator functionality. Rather, the Kidizoom is intended mainly for taking photographs or videos, and understanding how to tell time through different clock displays. The watch also offers three built-in games, a voice recorder (with five voice-changing effects), an alarm with multiple alarms, and a timer. It will come in four colors: blue, green, white, and blue (the color of our review unit).

The watch face includes a 1.4-inch color display with 128-by-128 resolution and touch functionality. There is an integrated camera facing outward near the top of the watch, which captures graphics at 640-by-480 resolutions and videos for either 320×240 or 160×120 fps. You can export any photographs or videos straight to a computer. The left button on the display is for the house, and the right button controls your camera. You may also find a removable Mini-USB port in addition to an easy plastic panel just behind this surface. Hooking up to the VTech iphone app via a USB cable is easy and also enables you to charge the Kidizoom watch by plugging it in. You can also transfer files from the computer to the watch using its cable, but it will only work with Macs and PCs. The original Kidizoom includes 128MB of internal memory which is best for taking about 800 photographs or six 1-minute videos.

Before first use, you will have to charge the watch for at least three hours. If it is fully charged and displays a note on the screen, then switch off. When you create an account with Kidizoom, the settings block contains additional options including time zones and personal information which allows your child to be in control of their device settings as they But for optimum battery life, it is vitally important to shut off the watch whenever your child isn t using it. VTech claims that the battery can last two to three days if you switch off the watch when not in use.

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Upon initial use, the watch can take some getting used to. It requires adjusting the date and time before entering any other information. Press the house button to start.

I had no difficulty figuring out the watch interface myself, and my five-year-old tester was able to use it effortlessly as well. We gave the Kidizoom Smartwatch to our son, and he took it camping with him. Granted, most of his pictures were a still picture of the inside of our living room and video from angles in the backseat while the car was moving; nevertheless, quality resolution for somebody’s needs. An 11-year-old toy and tech demonstrator was impressed with this smartwatch, which has a voice recorder for silly accents.
He thought the three games on it were fun to play and that he would like to download more.

The two issues with this watch, which are understandable given the age group of children it is designed for, are that the battery dies and it is difficult to turn off in an emergency. However, pressing the button to activate and shut off was difficult due to some manual dexterity required.

The battery life was a little short, but not bad at all. I can usually get enough use out of it that it doesn’t require charging often. Despite the short battery life, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to use. It is too early to state if this will be a continuing issue with the watch, though.

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VTech includes an intangible holiday hit on its hands with the Kidizoom Smartwatch. Its wearable form factor can make it stick out amongst a toy market lousy with tablets and robots, and its own intuitive interface ensures that kids would want to play with it for an extended period of time. After you’ve charged the watch, have some patience when turning it on and off.