5 Best Keurig K475 Coffee Maker Black Friday Deals 2021

When you wake up after a complete night sleep, it’s often pretty hard to endure the first day of your life.

For many of us, there’s not much time in the morning to waste a good sit down and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. I still have to get ready at home while dealing with the chaos that is part of life with kids.

Keurig and its many single-serve coffee machines had been made to provide you with a cup of fresh tasting coffee in the least amount of time and effort. Among its most popular models is the K475, which offers more functionality than simpler coffee makers while still doing the basics right.

The Keurig K475 is inside our review of the best coffee makers, and we take a look below with some pros and cons.

(A coffee enthusiast, I have a large archive of brewing recipes that you can find here!)

Who wants a fresh brew? Coffee lovers who care about their daily joe need to think about the coffee maker they choose. In homes with multiple coffee drinkers, it is useful to have a machine that enables customization of drinking preferences and easy storage for every user’s settings.

Be sure to look for an appropriate size water reservoir with your desired model. The smallest remain 30oz, which is barely enough for a few cups!

The personal coffee maker holds 5 BIG cups of coffee, but you will always have to refill it to keep plenty on hand.

Do you host many people? Some Keurig machines have the ability to brew larger sizes of coffee or tea so that you’ll have more than enough when your guests are here.

You can’t assume that all K- cups at the store will include the other accessories you’ll need to make them work properly. You may need to buy these separately.

Depending on the model you ve chosen, there might be a bit of space to fill up with coffee pods.

KEURIG K475 Keurig s K475 coffeemaker has provided popular because its launch, replacing the K450.

This coffee maker has plenty of settings to suit various preferences. And the water reservoir offers enough space for you and others who drink casual amounts of coffee.

Setting a timer will allow you to prep your coffee the night before and also power off in order to conserve energy when not in use.

Much like other Keurig machines, it is necessary to invest a bit more for the most out of this device. For example, you will need to purchase separate K-Mug and K-Carafe accessories.

Accessories that are included with the Keurig K475 coffee maker have good and bad points.

Some of the many advantages include:

Making good java. Versatile with K-Cup pods and reusable filter compatibility. Plenty of choice in strength and temperature settings, for satisfying every palate. You can also choose your favorite cup size (based on accessories). Big water reservoir lets you keep up with popular demand for many cups of joe at once. Warm water will provide a hot drink

Below are the specs and possible colors for this Keurig 2.0 K475. The weight of the machine is 13 pounds, which makes it more hefty than most other models in its range (which average about 12). At 13 inches tall, it’s also a little taller than most of what else Keurig has put out there recently.

The K475 has all of the features you want in a coffee maker, including different brew sizes, strength control and water reservoir. You need just a little more space to place the pods in 18-19.

It is also a bit heavier than other Keurig machines. Consider this factor when looking to move it around often. If you plan on having the machine stay in one place for a long time without being moved, don’t worry about this too much.

You have fewer color options to decide from when you buy a K475 Keurig.

Fortunately, the models that are offered suit my needs for traditional brewing.

It features a matte-black cabinet with six?-inch legs and a soot-black, five button control panel.

The K475 single serve coffee maker comes with a reservoir to hold 70oz of water. With a reservoir that holds 48oz of water, the K475 is significantly smaller than the K575 but not as small as other Keurig machines.

How long is your coffee big enough? This will depend on the size of your cup. However, a small cup is about 10oz

The K475 makes seven 4-ounce cups of coffee total, but these numbers will vary depending on how big your mug is.

The K475 includes a 2.4 inch touchscreen which is simple to use and read.

Unlike other models in the Keurig K475 line, this model has a larger screen that is better suited for people with poor eye sight.

You have the ability to enable or disable a timer for your coffee to brew at some point in time. I want every spare second I may get in the morning, so I prefer to set up this before nighttime. I also like to program the coffee maker to shut off when it is not in use. This saves money, and helps keep from wasting electricity. I like the simplicity of this coffeemaker. Big thumbs up for not having to experiment with blending different settings every time I want to make a cup of coffee. Temperature Control: You can brew your coffee at two predetermined temperatures using this setting. I need a major jolt in the morning, but can’t afford to lose focus as the afternoon wears on. THIN AIR: Even though this setting isn t really my cup of tea, it helps tweak brewing temperature in cases where you live at a high elevation to counteract your environment’s atmospheric pressure. This ensures the quality of coffee isn’t affected. Language: If English isn’t your first language, you can change the settings. Brewing A lot of Keurig machines as with this level are quite easy to use and the K475 is no exception. You can choose from high and low temperature dispersion settings if you want, but this is much the type of fast-brewing coffee maker that Keurigs have become known for.

There are a lot of different flavours to choose from, and the coffee comes out hot.

If you own a reusable K-Cup, then there’s no need to use ground coffee for your mornings. Of course, it’s better for the environment as well.

You can choose any of the following brew sizes if you’re using pods:

The Keurig K475 has a new motor that is meant to decrease noise.
It will typically still make some sound, but it does the best job of any machine currently on the market in regards to reducing noise. It is much better.

In addition, the K475 will brew your coffee rapidly. It should only take about 60 seconds for your first cup of coffee to finish brewing However, those who have had their machine longer noted that the original brew time increased with time.

Finally, there s a hot water dispenser. It s fast and can be used for drinks other than just coffee, like tea or hot chocolate.

Compatibility The good news is that the K475 works with accessories – like the K-Mug and K-Carafe. The first lets you take your brew on the road, while the latter allows you to make a much bigger batch of coffee.

The bad news is buying either Keurig K475 or the machine housing it separately.

You can fill your own travel thermos by taking away the drip tray and placing your mug under the spout. Just be sure that the height of you travel mug is less than 7 inches tall.

ALTERNATIVES Before buying the K475, consider some alternatives:

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Keurig K575 Single Serve Cup Pod Coffee Maker

The Keurig K575 may be one step up from the entry level model, but there are some ways it’s upgraded past that keurig.

One noteworthy feature of the K575 is its 80-ounce water reservoir, which holds enough to get you through an entire day without needing to refill.

This coffeemaker has a larger display of 2.8 inches when compared to the K475 with its screen-size of 2.4 inches, making it easier for those who find themselves squinting at their appliances to view information.

Cuisinart SS-15 Single Serve Coffeemaker.

The SS-15 is similar to the K575, only it lacks the classic Keurig appearance.

It falls short in terms of size compared to the 40oz water reservoir.

However, it does have a self-cleaning setting. Taking proper care of your coffee maker is an important investment that will keep it working for many years to come.

Unlike many other Keurig machines, this one includes a reusable filter so you can use your own ground coffee.

If you want an upgrade from your old Keurig machine and are brand-new to Keurigs, your K475 is a great place to start.

I was able to “brew” both strong and flavorful coffee within the new machine, with a 70 oz. water reservoir for single-serve cups being large enough for my needs.

I love that the K475 remembers your customized settings so that everyone can get their perfect cup of coffee just the way they like it.

For those who don t foresee moving their coffee maker around often, the machine is just a little heavier than other Keurigs which in most cases won t be a drawback. Just watch height since there should be about 7 inches of room for removing and inserting the pods.