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Just Cause 3 delivers a wonderful sense of empowerment in the global it inhabits, which is rife with destructible environments that provide imaginative instruments to destroy them. Just Cause 3 is not perfect, but it offers a wild sandbox experience that may be worth playing through.

Forgettable story and invitation.

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Just Cause 3 provides you with a wingsuit and grappling hook that let you fly around and jump off of buildings, in addition to the parachute if needed. You get access to these tools sooner than typical video game heros like Batman or Spider-Man would be able to.

I found that after some practice, I was easily able to jump from helicopters and glide through enemy bases. The feeling of leaping off a cliff and falling for 10 seconds before grappling to a local rock with my parachute deployed is thrilling. Rico was feeling like a hero learning his new skillset. It felt as though Avalanche Studios combined Batman, Spider-Man, and The Punisher, then threw their creation into an engaging Mediterranean landscape.

As scenes of devastation await, Medici is beautiful. With a concoction of spectacle and scale, helicopters dot the sky. Explosions chain over the screen. Combining a parachute and grenade launcher transforms Rodriguez right into a floating artillery battery from above. In a global teetering toward total destruction, Just Cause 3 grants you various tools to push it over the edge.

The original grenades, remote mines, and other land, sea and air vehicles are all on board. But that’s not all: the tether is a grappling hook modification which can attach two objects together before flinging them towards each other with hilarious results. Rodriguez can pull enemy soldiers towards explosive barrels, collapse watchtowers and pull attack helicopters right into a fiery end. Despite the obstacles I faced throughout my journey of destruction, guns were my final resort

There is a sequence near the beginning of Just Cause 3 where helicopters chase you over mountains. In any other game, I would have used an RPG that I had just picked up but realistically this did not happen in the constant convention of this game so instead I grappled to one of them and pulled the pilot out before assuming control.

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Yet still, that just seemed too normal. THEREFORE I evacuated my helicopter mid-air, opened my wingsuit, glided toward another nearby enemy, and grappled to his chopper door. By repeating this process, I ditched helicopter after helicopter (Sending both pilots and machines soaring in to the mountain range below), all without firing a

Just Cause 3 does not show a hint of what the end goal is. However, this isn’t a bad thing because you have many different options in front of you. You’re shown all your options and then let to make your own decision.

Like most of Just Cause 3’s more interesting moments, the tether encourages experimentation instead of automatic reaction, and as I put in hours on end with it, the destruction remained both creative and unpredictable. New domino reactions and car crashes were always emerging. It s a small detail, but it has huge effects and can be found throughout the game. Although after 30 hours of this idyllic sandbox environment, I am not sure if I ve seen every use for the tether.

Just when it appears the game’s supply of weapons may be running out, Avalanche Studios adds variety to proceedings. As you liberate new territories from enemy hands, challenges pop up on your map including vehicle races, machine gun contests, and wingsuit dives. They’re worth playing by yourself, but the true value is in going after them. Completing this will unlock new gear mods for all items, changing their possible functions.

For instance, these remote-detonated mines last longer and affect more than previously possible. I switched to the driver’s seat and used this on cars, creating two-ton bombs that flew towards enemy fuel tanks.

This cascading structure is why Just Cause 3 is so excellent. There’s a cadence to how you approach its world: outpost liberation brings about challenges, which brings more modification opportunities for gear and vehicles, which in turn allows you to experiment more with the game’s open-world design. And each tier of the formula is entertaining alone. That every flows well in to the next makes for a more rewarding experience because there’s always something new, but it all works together so smoothly that nothing ever feels tacked on. Just Cause 3 excels too because it adds variety to the equation throughout, which makes destruction and mayhem endlessly entertaining in some

The game’s best moments are when you’re allowed freedom to explore or mess with the sandbox, but when it chooses to do otherwise, things go awry.

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Despite its spectacle, Just Cause 3 is filled up with bugs, bad AI, and other rough edges.

Almost all these missions are escort missions, where you defend a plane, boat, or caravan of jeeps. Protecting another character was tedious to start with and because their behavior is unpredictable and frequently unintelligent I restart checkpoints more than should be fair. My patience wore thin when I faced setbacks from mistakes which were entirely my fault, but they grew even thinner whenever it was out of my control.

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-In the span of about a week, ____ closed in just Cause 3 on Xbox One have ranged from bugs like the parachute closing or AI behaviours that made story missions impossible for short periods of time. One mission required me to steal a prototype combat tank from Di Ravello’s forces, and extract it by boat to the hidden rebel base. However, the boat was too far out for me personally to board it, and I had to reload my previous checkpoint. It repeated the same mistake three more times from then on.

Some games are more forgiving when it comes to the basics, breaking up fall damage with other consequences. I’m happy that Just Cause 3 offers a lot of leniency on falling damage considering I spend so much time in the sky often. But one time, I survived a 500-foot fall but later died from a shorter one just minutes later. These flaws will be simple to overlook if they didn’t interrupt otherwise fluid experience too often.

Despite its chaotic explosions and instant gratification, Just Cause 3 also encourages experimentation, planning, foresight and careful approaches. The email contact listed in the header includes a back story as well.

Editor’s Note: Nearly all our time with Just Cause 3 was spent with the PC version, accompanied by a long time on both PS4 and Xbox One. The console versions tended to fare worse than the one found on PC as far as performance goes; frame rates seemed inconsistent, environments looked inferior when compared to their counterparts played through Steam, However, despite the issues, the game did not affect scores to a degree that would make it unacceptable.