5 Best JBL LSR305 Speaker Deals On Black Friday 2021

When we first tested the JBL LSR305s, we were impressed by the speakers powerful imaging but wondered if their particular sound stage would result in something we wanted to hear once we spend even more hands-on time with them. As part of your holiday shopping, consider these tips for finding discount products that are guaranteed to delight with amazing deals.

Table of Contents
Introduction – What is the LSR305?
– Design and Build Quality
– Features, Controls and Connectivity

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JBL speakers are a great option as they provide a lot of value for their price. Although they don’t do wireless streaming and need different set-up methods than traditional shelf speakers, at $265 dollars a piece, you are highly likely to make these an enticing addition to your house studio or living room.

Out of your box

The LSR305 speakers looked exceptionally beautiful, specifically considering their price. After popping them out of their foam enclosure we were greeted with a sleek jet black color scheme featuring glossy circles around the drivers and points surrounding the tweeters that looked strikingly similar to batman logos.

Laying the monitors on our counter top, we learned the ideal amount of connection points and controls at the trunk to provide great functionality, but with out a lot of complexity. Simply put these speakers are simple to use but offer sufficient control options for audio hobbyists. The sound is amazing and even better when you don’t have to fuss with the volume on eaach individual speaker.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what kind of surface you want to mount these speakers on. The best option for a full 360-degree sound experience would be wall mounts, but this will require holes in your walls.

Features and design

Although LSR305 may look like mainstream studio monitors at first glance, the rounded edges around the tweeters make it clear they are folded in on themselves just right. The JBL LSR305 speakers model delivers a breakthrough design through its Audio Control Waveguide (AWG) technology, which claims to split up audio tracks frequencies for an expansive center image from practically any listening position. Other than our expectations, it surpasses them

Physical acoustic suspension (ICW) technology is used in high-end speakers, such as the JBL $26k+ M2 Master Monitors so when this was added to their more affordable LSR305 series it helped them stand out.

The LSR305s have some additional design features too. These include the JBL SlipStream low frequency port design, which runs on the double-flared design to maximize woofer extension for lower frequencies as well as JBL Linear Spatial Reference technology (LSR) that employs 72 axis measurements to help make the performance of speakers perfect in any

The speaker features two different types of input connections, including XLR and -inch balanced inputs. The balanced audio accepts signals from consumer level -10 dB signals to professional +4 dB sources. Though these speakers do not require amplification from a home entertainment system, the self-amplification means they cannot be amplified by standard amplifiers and receivers. Adjustable trim switches come with +/- 2 dB EQ for both high and low frequencies. We finished up switching the HF to -2dB to roll off some of the treble.

A 5-inch throw woofer and 1-inch soft-dome low end driver are paired up to 41 watts of Class D amplification. JBL claims a frequency response of 43Hz-24kHz, which provides plenty of extension on the highs but for people looking for more punch below can be advised to purchase a subwoofer.


I know that you want to enjoy the best sound quality at a variety of listening levels, and as such have designed our JBL LSR305 speakers with an input connection that boosts signal by +4dB for professional-level audio performance. We then connected many different sources, including our iPhone 5 and Macbook pro.

Hooking the speakers up to external devices can be done in a number of ways. When we listened to these speakers, they were connected to an amplifier that was hooked up to the headphone jack on a Lenovo yoga and cables for aux input. if you want the speakers in a bunch, then lower the input signal.
The levels on your own source device can be set to where you need them and still have control over your level at all times.

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Audio performance

Our first experience with the JBL LSR305s was that instruments panned to the center of our soundstage stayed in place, but those panned to the outside of this area followed us as we moved. Moving completely right or left, vocals still sounded dead on as if the speaker were mono. Yet this also allowed us to discern that they were able to use stereo panning.

However, during our more in-depth evaluation the stationary center image became less impressive. Instead, the entire soundstage became more noticeable.

The LSR305’s vividly defined 3-D soundstage was nothing short of dazzling, especially considering its price. Every point in the room had an identifiable source: we could feel individual bass frequencies and pinpoint where different sounds were coming from in the stereo image. We enjoyed the clear vocals, which appeared to come from outside the speaker.

Instruments were crafted to a high quality and well defined, blasting out with glossiness. Some of our favorite acoustic instruments were mandolin, violin and guitar, sounding different from each other even when they played together in the mix. Percussive instruments, too, were superbly cut – specifically the lighter textures of shakers and hand drums. As these speakers didn’t reach deep into the textural acoustic layers like our own monitors at home, JBL’s LSR4326s that we paid three times as much for in order to afford this luxury.

The LSR305 had its flaws, especially the fact that midrange lacked some thump. There was more bass here than we expected due to their size, but it led to a lack of rawness in heavier instruments like guitar and snare drum.

Still, for a couple of speakers that barely go above the $250 price point, they do offer a lot. And outside some rather minor qualms, we can admit to being rather pleased with the LSR305 at practically every turn.

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JBL LSR305 studio monitors offer professional performance in a budget-friendly package. Beyond the dual-RCA inputs, you get a large amount of well-crafted sound.

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