Top 5 Jaybird X4 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Earphones should not be replaced annually. But for Jaybird, the X-series range is like a yearly upgrade.

The big upgrade for the 2018-2019 Jaybird X4 is advanced water resistance. An IPX7 recognition means these are being among the most sweat and weather-proof earphones around. This black friday or cyber monday has brought you the best deals on your favorite product.

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These earphones are perfect for runners, due to good sound quality and fair comfort. However, there is plenty of competition: with the cheaper OnePlus Bullets Wireless and V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless providing stronger sounds .


Jaybird has a long history in making high quality wireless earphones, and their newest X4s are no exception. They’re made to be as flexible as possible with minimal weight, so you can wear them all day without discomfort.

The new Jaybird X4 look very similar to the models before it, though there are a few changes.

All of the previous Jaybird X earphones have a signature in-ear hook to keep them set up throughout exercise, with an interior honeycomb structure to make it flexible and strong simultaneously. The Jaybird X4 earphones, however, chose something more conventional.

Jaybird X4s have thicker silicone hooks that make them more flexible. This may help the Jaybirds be less stable while they’re in your ears and avoid falling out during exercise, which can happen with so many other earphones lthough the thicker hook taper is great for a strong and reliable attachment, the base of the hook is too thick to allow you to attach them in your field.

The top of the Jaybird X4 earphones is lighter, which makes them easier to insert and less likely to hurt your cartilage. You also have the choice of removing the wire hook entirely.

Some people prefer to wear earphones when they go running or to the gym. The fins on these headphones apply heavy pressure inside your ears, which might not be comfortable for every ear shape.

unlike other earphones that use a similar hook system, Jaybird X4 earpieces have the hooks separate from the tips. This leaves an obvious ridge on the earpieces which is used to keep the hooks properly set up, but despite this so long as you select the appropriate size of tips they still hold in your ears very well without a hook. The three pairs of fins that come with the product are silicone and expandable Comply foam, with two in each material type.

Moreover, these earphones include some extra cable that runs behind the back to guarantee they will fit even the longest-necked of protein chuggers. Leave an excessive amount of spare and it flaps around annoyingly as you run, so Jaybird figured out a way to keep this problem in balance with the helpful little plastic thingie that keeps The cable fastener from JAYBIRD x4 headphones is a great way to reduce the cord fumbles that can happen when you tuck away your headphone wire.

The Jaybird X4 relies on its water resistance to make up for a lack of notable features

## While it’s not designed for extended exposure to water, the JayBird X4 can withstand up to three meters of water. See other competitors such as the Plantronics BackBeat Fit or Anker SoundCore Sports that have lower-rated waterproofing ratings.

One unique feature of these is the proprietary charging style. The remote attaches to four metal contacts – which can be connected with a little USB dock – and charges through these connections rather than MicroUSB or USB-C port Jaybird X4

The price isn’t ridiculously expensive, but international shipping might be especially inconvenient for anyone who loses things.

The Jaybird X4 wireless earphones will last for eight hours of constant play from a single charge. Although the battery life has been shown to be a little less than eight because of how different types of devices drain it, you can estimate about 7-8 hours from your phone’s notification bar at all times. And an American Jaybird X4 tells me the charge level of the headphones to the nearest 10%.

The Jaybird remote, which is the center button with a pause/play function, often has lag times of two seconds between pressing it and when your music starts or stops. This is not a deal-breaker thanks to Bluetooth’s tendency for device-wide lag. Watch a YouTube video with them hooked up and you’ll witness enough of an overlap in lip sync, but nothing too noticeable.

Why is there an enormous lag between clicking and the result?

The Jaybird X4 headphones let you access Google Assistant or Siri by long-pressing the center button. The buttons on either side adjust volume.

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The Jaybird X4 earphones are some of the best for everyday workout use, as they provide plenty of emphasis on bass and power. However, their sound is not juvenile or bloated.

After a couple weeks of use, it’s clear we’ve fully integrated this style into our lives. After comparing them to the more restrained SoundMagic E11-E17, we realized the extra low-end punch was present.

The treble is not audiophile-grade, but does have a little more energy. Though this is not the type of noise that crops up constantly when a singer sings a word with an s in it, the Jaybird X4 earphones are not particularly fatiguing.

The mids are not as spectacular and soundstage separation isn’t exemplary but they still perform well enough for the price. Rest assured that these aren’t just throwaway words, the Jaybird X4 earphones sets a new standard in this class.

Users can also change EQ settings from the included Jaybird MyTune app. The primary purpose is to adjust the X4’s sound profile, but users have added community-created presets as well as athlete favorites Rory Bosio and Timothy Olson.

The community presets are worth exploring. One example is Golden Ears HD which shows the driver’s capability for pulling out texture and definition in the mids. Many of these show the upper frequency hardness too.

There are a good amount of Jaybird X4 presets that also raise the bass, which could be useful for workouts.

Though the MyTune app is easy to use, my fear of ending up with tuning that doesn’t sound good on all different genres and songs outweighs any desire for more tinkering.

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The Jaybird X4 earphones are a worthwhile step up from the Jaybird X3, but not necessary for many who already own an X-series of earphones. They increase water resistance to IPX7, permitting you to rinse them off comfortably. JBL E25BT earphones offer good waterproofing.

Jaybird’s redesign of its in-ear earbuds may not suit all ears, but they do ours and make fitting them easier than ever before.

its sound quality offers an excellent mixture of an exercise-friendly tone without going overboard. And the companion software enables you to thoroughly customise the type of what you re hearing