5 Best Jaybird X2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Jaybird has had a surprisingly quick rise to prominence among fitness and sports enthusiasts.

I would recommend the Jaybird X2 headphones, which are sweat-proof and easy to use. For about 190 CDN$, these are a great budget buy on Black Friday.

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These headphones are not just for fitness fanatics. They boast solid sound quality with plenty of battery life, making them a great option for casual use as well.

When it comes to headphones, nobody does it better than Jaybird. The latest model is smarter, lighter, and sounds better than ever. It’s a no-brainer for anyone who values sound as much as they value convenience and affordability.

We ll have to wait and see whether the Jaybird X2 will go on sale soon.


Jaybird, a company with an extensive history in the world of audio electronics, has created yet another pair of high-quality wireless earbuds worthy of your consideration.

Jaybird provided techradar with its Alpha color variation, which sticks out in the lineup of colors because of it unique medley of olive green and fluorescent orange. You start with the sweatproof earpieces, where in fact the guts of the X2 are contained, I came across them to be somewhat bigger than say, the earpieces from one

When you acquire the Jaybird X2 for your Apple line of earbuds, be prepared for a larger size and increased comfort and versatility. The X2 will fit most pairs of ears, despite their size, with a bit of adjustment from the box.

BTx2’s matte-textured, olive green earpiece enclosures provide an elegant appearance and improved aural performance. The included ear fins are not necessary to keep the X2 firmly in place.

One of the few design flaws is that there is no apparent indication on which side should be placed in your left or right ear. If you look at each end, however, it s easy to see that the tips are slanted slightly.

Plus, the proper side of the headphones houses a few distinguishing features, just like the microUSB charging port tucked beneath the brand-embossed cap and inline remote controller down on the cable.

When you utilize the main media controller on the headset, called Chameleon 3.0, you can precess your tunes or calls on your cell phone without affecting anything. There’s a quantity rocker that enables you to vary the volume of whatever it is that’s playing with one touch and deduce with another, moreover there are clickable buttons

The center button allows you to play or pause your tunes, answer or reject a call, and turn the headphones on or off.

To start with, there’s a silicone case that matches the design of the X2 you select. Giving it a squeeze releases the most notable and uncovers an included flat microUSB cable, three sets of ear fins and six sets of ear tips. The Jaybird X2 come with a number of significant upgrades over the BlueBuds X. The most notable is that they come with Comply foam tips, which enables better noise isolation and many cable management clips for taming any excess cables.

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The earpieces are large, but that enables the X2 to last for several hours on a single charge. not only is the sound quality, both music and phone calls, impressive.

the Jaybird X2 offer an expansive soundstage, with a bass performance that is accurate but not as punchy as it should be. Mids and highs ring in with clarity and warmth, an excellent that you will only find in extremely well-crafted cans.

The battery life is better than I expected. it’s advertised to last up to eight hours, but I could squeeze just over 10 hours of off-and-on use out from the X2. It’ closest competitor with regards to performance, design quality and value, the Optoma NuForce X2, could only push six hours tops.

Its call quality is crisp and it offers industry-standard Bluetooth performance (coming at a range up to about 30 feet with no signal loss). But the highlight of the X2 s voice assistant, Jenna, is how she greets you with one of the most enjoyable prompts I ve ever heard.

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In terms of design, the Jaybird X2 is difficult to ignore with its sleek, black exterior that’s meant for active crowds and crisp sound quality.

Though it has a number of goods, this headphone also possesses an above-average battery life and simplicity. Though the brand new X3 comes out on the marketplace to offer another option for those wanting upgrades, this model will still be one we recommend you explore.