Top 10 Black Friday Special Deals: HP Tablet At low Price 2021

One of the advantages Windows 8 provides to PC developers is the opportunity to create innovative and custom accessories. With a laptop, you’re able to buy a bag or sleeve- but that’s about it.

Windows 8 tablets all have an uncomfortable design, which means that it’s a lot more difficult to find accessories.

The HP ElitePad 900 might have only been another tablet-like Windows 8 system, but this business-oriented machine features the widest selection of accessories we’ve seen to date, which makes it flexible for mobile, home, and office use.

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Best Deals For HP Tablet on Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday)

Comparable consumer tablets may cost less, but mobile broadband packages from T-Mobile or AT&T are included with your purchase. Some configurations also include 2 years of 4G data from T-Mobile.

One of the most important accessories that we received with our review unit is what really makes the ElitePad stand out. The problem is that the productivity jacket, which is its most interesting accessory, isn\t currently available. Although the unique design of the keyboard case has yet to be released, it promises an elegant solution with high functionality and durability. The price, when announced in spring, will likely be high for a simple leather sleeve with keys attached.

The tablet has an expansion jacket with HDMI and USB ports. It also contains a weighted docking station for cables. In total, the system is $400 more expensive than if you purchased these items separately. For $1,200 you can choose from a 13-inch laptop with a Core i5 processor and great screen resolution, the Microsoft Surface Pro and Pixel Chromebook. Buying an Intel Atom/2GB RAM/64GB SSD tablet for that amount of money will provide you with little to show for your investment.

HP created the ElitePad 900 for business customers rather than general consumers. The ElitePad is made with the IT staff of corporations in mind, has support for various managed deployment technologies, such as HP BIOS Protection and LANDesk. Accompanied by those features it lacks a USB port to prevent security issues, all ports being relegated to docking stations and cases (a SIM card slot is under a small fret-slot panel This type of connectivity does not come as standard. Remember that NFC is in, but has yet to be used widely outside of certain industries.

HP has a lot of business-focused products with crossover appeal for consumers. The ElitePad probably falls into this category, as its price and security quirks are not very consumer-friendly.

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Design and features

though it’s been necessary, the hardware app ecosystem on HP’s ElitePad tablet has never provided much of anything.

This computer has a 16:10 aspect ratio, which many people enjoy.

Conclusion: The key factor that makes 15-inch laptops and tablets so appealing is the fact that these portable devices have larger screens than the average 13-inch laptop or tablet display. With a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels, the screen on HP’s Pro Slate 8 is comparable to what you’d find on a non-Retina Display 13-inch MacBook.

I’ve been using my ElitePad for a few tasks, including in its productivity jacket, with the full keyboard and USB/SD card ports. Medium-sized but heavy when carrying it around without a sleeve, this machine has good portability as if it were an ultraportable laptop of them costing only 1 3 pounds alone. The Hinge on the keyboard case will keep your screen from slipping, while also making it almost impossible to use with one hand. The three modes can prop up your tablet in a variety of angles, though some may regret that they do not tilt back far enough for their taste.

I found the flat-topped island-style keyboard as satisfying as any iPad keyboard case I ve used. It reminds me of the wonderful Surface Pro keyboard frame, but with a thicker base that makes it much more stable.

While the ElitePad’s keyboard cover is good in my opinion, it lacks a touchscreen or touchpad, where the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 has both. The ElitePad keyboard is only a keyboard and does not have cursor control, so you will need to use the touchscreen for that.

The tablet is a Windows 8 device but it cannot be used as an in-hand slate. When using the keyboard, or when docked on the docking station, it becomes difficult to fully make use of its productivity potential. You can solve the problem by connecting another mouse. I paired the keyboard casing with Logitech’s T650 standalone touchpad, and we ended up with a very workable combination. However, HP fails to mention a touchpad and mouse pairing.

The expansion jacket is similar to a protective sleeve, but includes HDMI and SD card ports, plus two USB ports. There’s a compartment inside for an extra battery that release later on in 2019 so it feels just like an iPhone. This docking station contains HDMI and VGA outputs as well as an Ethernet port. There are also options for dongles that provide additional connections at $29 each- one with USB, SD card, and video ports, another with only a video jack.

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Connections, performance, and battery

Finding the ElitePad 900’s ports could be difficult, but with one of the accessory cases or docking station you have plenty to work with. The individually sold dongles are annoying and no person wants to walk around with a pocket packed full of those. The tablet has dual cameras, an 8MP one on the back and an average 1080p Webcam on the front.

Every EliteBook configuration includes the same 1.5GHz Intel Atom Z2760 GPU and 2GB of RAM, but with a range of 32- or 64GB SSDs and different mobile broadband options giving you more choice. This means that performance is predictably comparable to other Atom-powered Windows 8 tablets we ve tested; some are expensive with less flexibility

The ElitePad certainly doesn t live up to its name when it comes to performance. That said, HP has done a great job at integrating Windows 8, and the design of the ElitePad makes it an extremely versatile device. You can communicate on your tablet using Skype for PC, but you also have access to Microsoft Office Suite apps: OneNote touch Holding its own against the iPad for a day of light use, it faltered with anything more demanding.

Battery life, at 7 hours of short burst use, is satisfactory. However, it does not measure up to other Atom tablets that may run for a considerably longer time. Our expansion jacket does not have an extra battery, so we weren’t able to check both batteries together.