5 Best Hisense H9F Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The Hisense H9F gives lots of the features that people should be looking for in an economical 4K TV. Priced well under $1,000 and within $50 to $100 of our competition, this 65-inch set supports enhanced color formats like Dolby Vision, and will offer advanced functions like full-array backlighting. Starting this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can save on great items

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Get Huge Discount on Hisense H9F in Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales + Deals)

The H9F has great features, such as Google’s Android TV platform with the latest apps and voice control from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa skills. The video processing is not up to par compared to other excellent TVs, but if you do not mind that slight flaw then this set becomes one of the most desirable ones for 4K resolution. But if you are looking for a versatile 4K TV under $1000, the Hisense H9F is an excellent choice.

Hisense H9F review: Design

The display is devoid of bezels and Hisense touts it as “bezel-less.” However, the thin border around the screen is commonplace, with a slightly wider bottom frame. These features are unlikely to present any distraction.

For a large TV that is unwieldy or tricky to create, 65 inch and larger sets can be challenging. However, the Hisense H9F makes this easy with a center-mounted stand mounted onto two triangular feet for tabletop positioning. These tables top it with a sculptural foot extending from the center. The table does not need to extend far beyond the width of the opening because this is not an issue for them.

The option to mount the TV is an attractive one, with a mounting bracket used in most cases.

Hisense H9F review: Ports

With four HDMI 2.0a ports, the Hisense H9F is suited for different home theater connections. Whether your 4K devices are gaming consoles, disc players or other devices they will have a connection with this television set. As a result, the antenna is difficult to set up. One of two USB ports on this unit has a limited range, and there isn’t an audio output jack for other devices like external speakers or headphones. For old-fashioned video sources, there is the gleam of a group of traditional composite RCA audio and -video jacks.

For connectivity, a vital part of any smart TV today, there is an Ethernet port. The H9F also offers built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth.

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Hisense H9F review: Performance

The H9F delivers on most features a shopper should be looking for in a 4K TV, with both Dolby Vision and HDR compatibility. The HDR modes activate automatically, and can be disabled manually.

Conclusion: It is important to keep your child entertained throughout the trip.

The set has many preset picture modes, and we found Theater Day to be the best during our tests. We particularly appreciated that you could customize 7 different settings for each input type: Theatre mode for a Blu-ray player and brighter options for streaming services, for instance.

Watching Blade Runner 2049 in 4K demonstrated how well the Hisense H9F handles scenes with low light.

In Arrival, a black-and-white movie with subtle gradients of grays and blues, the H9F excelled. The cinematography takes place mainly in urban environments, so scenes from near the water to farms and factories were all distinctively displayed with colors that looked natural. One scene had a helicopter liftoff at dusk where

Contrast and black levels were also prominent in viewing The Martian in 4K/HDR. For example, the opening storm scene had great detail of the buildings lurking at night in the background; astronauts struggling to walk overhead. Such fine details are harder to see on TVs with edge-lit LEDs or fewer dimming zones, and the Hisense makes it easy to find such immersive moments because its black levels are deep.

All this was aided and abetted by the Hisense H9F s impressive peak brightness. Inside our tests, the set hit 1,125 nits in Theater Day mode, which is an admirable result for any cost range. In contrast, we saw a peak brightness of only 647 nits with the Vizio M-Series Quantum review.

We found one downside to the Hisense H9F s display: in video with subtle shading, we observed banding. The colors are rich, the attention sharp. There is occasional dot-crawl noise in some of the ocean scenes, like for instance where you can see shimmering waves on a beach under water.

Despite some nitpicking, the Hisense H9F’s color accuracy was respectable. The monitor is able to reproduce 98.6% of the Rec 709 color space according to X-Rite and CalMan calibration software. The Hisense H9F is significantly less pricey than comparably priced TVs, and it delivers better color accuracy.

It is easy to fall into the assumption that any HD programming on a 4K television will look stunning, which is not always true. Fortunately, this Hisense H9F model did a spectacular job at upscaling such content to 4K quality. Our old favorite Skyfall, in HD, showed this set was able to handle challenging scenes with aplomb. For example: some other TVs had trouble upscaling the chase scene on top of the Grand Bazaar but Hisense’s H9F s result was smooth and without dropouts or distorted picture elements.

Competitive gamers would want to observe the Hisense H9F display-response times. Our tested lag time for the set came in at 19.7 milliseconds. That s not the worst we ve seen (Vizio M-Series competitor had a lag time of practically 30 milliseconds inside our tests), but if you are serious about staying at the top

Hisense H9F review: Audio

Hisense TV models priced at this range (those with two speaker channels, of about the same wattage) are typical. This delicate and stylish Hisense TV is equipped with the latest Dolby technology, which provides a selection of audio output modes designed to fit your every need. From modes targeting movies or sports coverage soundtracks, for example, to modes that enhance speech clarity and can even produce crystal clear dialogues in concert footage – this TV has all of the features of Use wall-mount mode to ensure the TV recognizes it is up against a wall.

Your choice can make a big difference in the sound. Playing music on just the TV speakers falls short of what you would get with those that are built-in because it feels cramped and has a narrow soundstage — which means less stereo effect than you might have expected . Switching to the Theater sound mode, Steely Dan’s music was louder and sounded clearer. There are more speakers in this mode; it has a wider stereo image that positions the drums off to one side of the picture. Switching to Music mode is less pleasing because there is less surround effect – you hear mostly what’s coming out of your center

Review – especially considering the 5 band equalizer and thin design, it was surprising that there wasn’t more audible range on this set. For a complete audio experience, we recommend picking up one of these best-rated soundbars.

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Hisense H9F review: Smart TV features

Hisense uses the Android TV operating-system. Some benefits of the Hisense H9F include the broadest support for several apps, including Acorn and Vudu. All Google products are compatible with Android TV, so expect regular updates to be made available on services you use.

The mostly vertical, easy-to-read Android TV menus are also easy to scroll through apps, live TV and different inputs. Compared to Roku’s menu interface, which is more challenging to follow with its many items, the Android TV interface is very simple — but not too simple that you need a PHD.

“Siri, can you watch Wolverine?” may not get the results one wants. You can also get the Amazon Alexa on a different speaker.

Hisense H9F review: Handy remote control

The Hisense H9F’s basic remote control is easy to use because it s logically organized. The menu button is labeled, but its icon was fairly clear. Additionally, there are buttons for Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and Vudu services. The Hisense remote includes a feature that allows for the selection of second audio track (SAP) content in either multi-channel television set sound (MTS) or stereo mode.

The remote connects to the set over Bluetooth, which makes it more reliable than IR controllers. We just wish it were also backlit so we can see what we’re doing at night.

Hisense H9F review: Verdict

The Hisense H9F TV is a good Android TV and excellent value for the purchase price. However, as the price of comparable TVs has dropped daily, it falls short of what may be considered an ideal buy in this “cost-conscious” market.

Hisense is competing in the affordable 4K TV market, with a set that offers an excellent display.