5 Best Handheld GPS Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals 2021

In this section, we’ll review the major features common handheld GPS trackers and what each size can provide. Do you know that GPS is the abbreviation for global positioning system?

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. Various types of handheld GPS
. How to use a hand-held GPS
. Where you can buy a handheld GPS
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How They Work

We forget that phone software like Google Maps and Waze works precisely. It s perfectly understandable, though – it s not always easy to know the way GPS is tracked.

Most handheld GPS trackers work similarly.

The Global Positioning System is made up of numerous satellites that orbit the earth. For many who buy GPS devices, such as handheld GPS, it will continuously pick up signals from these satellites.

As these signals are processed by your device, it estimates how far you’re from the satellite.

Whenever your handheld GPS receives signals from more than four satellites, it can track its present location within 25 feet or less.

Even though smartphones can perform these duties pretty well, their capability to hook up with GPS satellites is nowhere near as advanced as devices made for solely GPS connections.

Screen Size & Capabilities

Handheld GPS devices generally have screens between 2 to 3 .

The size of the screen is not the only important factor when purchasing a handheld GPS device.

A handheld GPS device can come with a myriad of features for you to choose from. Here are the key points that should inform your decision on what kind of handheld GPS you want and need.

Your GPS needs a screen in order to be of any use. To that end, make sure you pick one with a screen that will work well for you and is something you can actually use.

Map & Satellite Subscriptions

A subscription from a mapping service provider allows your handheld GPS to maintain the high-resolution maps you love.

When deciding on the devices in our list, Garmin handheld GPS trackers often make you subscribe with BirdsEye Satellite Imagery.

This product is a handheld GPS unit that provides continual access to high-quality maps. So you are able to see the terrain you are approaching before you arrive.

By knowing what things to expect in the environment before a hike, you can plan your route accordingly to avoid dangerous obstacles or unrealistically steep terrain.

Garmin bundles often come with a free one-year subscription to BirdsEye, so you can get where you’re going before you arrive.

Two-Way Communication

Though two-way communication isn’t essential, it can be a valuable asset in emergency situations.

This feature allows you to type in any other contact number or email and send them a message. You can also receive messages from your contacts.

This feature, which can be found in many devices, appeals to hikers who enjoy sharing their location with friends and family.

This is among those features that are not necessary, but it would be nice to have.

Barometric Altimeter​

Whenever your GPS comes with a barometric altimeter, you will be able to track your altitude as you progress through the hike.

With barometric altimeter features, you’ll be able to predict weather changes.

Your altimeter that records the change in pressure is a useful tool to have with you when planning your next outdoor adventure.

Key considerations:

There is no definite need for this feature, but it could be very useful in a lot of situations.

Additional Memory

With a handheld GPS, you can upload and download routes to your device’s internal memory and utilize the internal space for storage.

When the space for a handheld GPS begins to decrease, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy a new device entirely.

Devices which offer the ability to expand their storage with a MicroSD card are ideal for handheld GPS units, as they can store much more content and eliminate having to delete data when hiking or traveling.

Electronic 3-Axis Compass​

Accurate handheld navigation can be as crucial for hiking as water.

With its 3-axis compass, you don’t have to worry about positioning the device correctly in order to take a reading.

This makes it easy to hold the device in your hand without any awkward motions.

Battery Life

The best handheld GPS for hiking will hold the battery all day, even as it runs low.

There are a few different battery types powering handheld GPS trackers, including these three.

When picking a handheld GPS device, the battery life is an important factor. For long hikes and backcountry trips, look for one with a battery that lasts about 200 hours on a single charge.

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A handheld GPS is only as good as its durability.

Wilderness, mountains and water all can affect how your electric device functions.

When you’re in need of a heavy-duty handheld GPS with an ultra durable screen and waterproofing, there’s no better choice than the best handheld GPS.

Putting aside the occasional chance of being caught in a rainstorm while hiking, backpacking or climbing mountains.

When you’re navigating rougher terrain, there’s a chance that you can lose your footing and end up on the ground. It is important that if you fall with your modern GPS in hand, it will be able to survive just long enough for authorities to find the device.

To protect the device, many devices come with screen protectors and protective cases.

GPS Accuracy

That is why we are all here – to find the best handheld GPS.

When purchasing a handheld GPS, accuracy is important. It should accurately register where you are and the street map of your neighborhood.

Despite being accurate, there is more to a GPS than just accuracy.

In addition, you want to make sure that the GPS can hold its signal and won’t take too long to find local satellites. Spending a lot of time searching for satellite coverage will also slow your battery down.

This means the perfect device is accurate at pinpointing your location, but also maintains a solid signal regardless of where you go on your next hike.

Touchscreen vs. Buttons

Your favorite handheld GPS depends upon your personal preference. Most of the time, if you choose a more rugged and waterproof device which is believed to stand up to the ever changing environment-especially when using its touchscreen and buttons.

Touchscreen models and button-based trackers both have their pros and cons.

If you’re used to making use of your smartphone and don’t have trouble selecting something on the screen, a touchscreen handheld GPS should work just fine.

Every function that would be on the screen, is represented by a button on the casing of your handheld GPS. This makes using it much simpler if you aren t able to read all the text or use both hands.

Either method of navigation is fantastic and will not limit your use if you choose the type that’s best for your individual needs.

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Geocaching usually entails possessing a specific latitude and longitude to explore. Generally, the points of interest you find are more traveled or unnoticed portions of your area that have no identifiable landmark.

The capabilities of a handheld GPS is dependent on what type of geocaching and navigation you’re using.

GPS devices for geocaching have specific features that are helpful if you’re interested in this activity.

The unit can hold up to 250,000 preloaded geocaches and has the ability to hook up for some geocaching platforms

If you use the GPS for geocaching as well, consider selecting a model that has these features.

SOS Features

That’s just for safety, but it does come in handy if you get lost while hiking.

By texting SOS followed by a space and your PIN to the emergency contact that came with your *GPS, you ll connect to a live person who can talk you through any present situation.

From that point, the person you are texting with will be able to determine your location and best rescue techniques.

If you re a long way away from civilization and there s a comparatively small chance of someone else finding you while you re lost or injured on the trail, an SOS-enabled handheld GPS can be a powerful feature to get access to.

Smartphone Connectivity

This feature saves you the trouble of having to get your smartphone out from a bag or pocket while hiking.

When you hook up your phone to these GPS, you’ll be able to see some smartphone notifications on your own GPS and even answer a few of them.

Some handheld GPS units also offer features related to your phone’s information, like weather reports and weather maps that can be very useful.

Keep in mind that this will drain the battery of both your smartphone and GPS device