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Grand Theft Auto V is back in a remastered form on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at a significantly lower price than its PS3 3 and Xbox 360 release. The PC version will also be out on January 27th, 2015. A number of additions and enhancements are made to the game, such as a new first-person control system that changes how the game handles and feels, some new radio stations, and more. If you’ve already played the game on an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, it might not be worth getting for a new console.

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Welcome to the Jungle

The fifth game in the GTA series is set in Los Santos, a satirical reproduction of LA. You switch between three characters with interconnecting stories trying to make enough profit and have fun mayhem over the town-this is dependent on your choice. This is your decision. Want to play tennis or take a seat on the couch watching movies? Just do it. Want to get away with punching people or stealing cars? You’re surely absolved to do so, but you’ll have to answer for it in court at some point. The core game remains the same as last year’s version, but it has been altered with the addition of many changes that change the game.

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New Beat

The new edition of the Grand Theft Auto series makes its boldest step this generation finally by taking you from a third-person angle to an all-out first-person point of view. One more thing I very much liked about a game is that it can be run in third-person mode or in first person, and also you may alter your viewpoint any time by tapping the options button. Rockstar North did a good job adding this feature so that it doesn’t hinder other features.

The new animations added a sense of realism to the fighting and climbing–the arms would move loosely like they were dangling almost to the ground, and my elbows would swing back when an opponent was in close proximity. My only complaint about the first-person mode is that I wish it had a wider field of view capability. Perhaps there will be peripheral vision on PC versions of the game. Otherwise, the merger with FPS is a positive outcome.

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Midnight City

Forget about the graphics for a moment and neglect to think that it could be perfectly playable. Instead, I will tell you what I discovered after getting my hands on it. Grand Theft Auto V is available in stunning 1080p resolution at 30 fps, although there are rare drops when the game gets more hectic (around larger explosions). Despite the improved draw distances, you can still see how much work there is left to be done in GTA V. The mountains of San Andreas are far away and the skyscrapers lack detail.

There are more cars and people in the city, as well as more detail at street-level. You can see storefronts, billboards, and walls clearly for the first time. And animals such as cats and dogs have fur that looks soft instead of shiny. If you happen to be brave enough to follow a pet down one of those dark alleyways The humans and their clothes still look just a little plastic-y, but the facial animations are improved. The well-written dialogue is lip-synched correctly.

You might still run into pop-up problems, but much less often. I encountered one entire building that popped up out of nowhere in my own testing, for instance–but this may have been a one-time occurrence during a pause after exiting the game. Plus some textures, such as clothing and hair, still appear to be underwhelming. The one major improvement is the new lighting effects because they make Los Santos look almost as good as Forza Horizon 2($39.01 at Amazon). The drive is an intense cinematic action game following the story of a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway car driver.

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Grand Theft Auto Online receives a few updates in the latest title. Players can now play up to 30 simultaneous matches, while the first-person mode is available. Previously, players were able to import their characters from an old gen console game into this one.