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from the American carseat and buggy company, Graco , the Slimfit All-in-One Car Seat claims to be the only carseat you ll ever need.

Graco Slim Fit is able to transform from a baby seat right into an appropriate carseat for children up to the age of 12 because it’s grouped 0+, 1, 2 and 3. It’s among the cheapest with 169.99 RRP because it can last up to 12 years – and our most popular brand.

Background story This convertible car seat is an excellent value because it has a long lifespan. Get discounted products on black Friday

What are the best Graco car seats?
Why choose a Graco car seat?

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The Graco Slimfit All-in-One seat can compete with the best of them, but lacks some features due to it’s simplistic design.

Jenny, a mother of two children who lives in London, tested the Graco Slimfit All-in-One CARSEAT. She used it for short drives to school and shopping, and on an extended trip to go visit her family.

What were your impressions of this car seat with the word slim in its name? It didn t seem particularly compact, and surprisingly heavy. In fact, it actually appeared quite large, despite measurements that are considered to be fairly average size-wise. It looks strong and feels safe, with a considerable amount of padding.

The Graco Slimfit is in the 0-3 category. That’s when car seats are designed to be installed rear facing. For comparison, the Joie Every Stage is a 1-5+ seat and faces forward during use – it has an additional buckle position. The Graco Slimfit costs less then the Joie Every Stage, but you The Graco Slimfit carseat is the most affordable of all current age group options, retailing from $99 to $130. The Joie Every Stage also retails at around $100+, however a bit higher for more features such as 6 recline positions and two mesh pockets for storage.

Designed specifically for parents who want to install their stroller with the help of a car’s LATCH system, this Joie stroller is nearly identical to another model only it’s $60 pricier.

The Cosatto In general Rotate ( $239.95 on Amazon) is another expensive option which can be secured by Isofix and in addition has the ability to install a seatbelt. It offers the same seating options as the Graco Slimfit All-in-One and it includes
a swivel function for quick access to your The Cosatto Slim Fit car seat is available in several colors, each with a unique pattern.

Graco Slimfit All in a single is the tallest, widest and heaviest on test.

One of the drawbacks is that there s no carry handle, and it doesn t attach to a travel system. Our children are starting school now, so we have a Britax Romer and a Pampero high-back booster ( fitting for kids ages 4-8). The Graco Slimfit seats much taller and wider than either one in high

What is the maximum weight limit that Graco Slimfit carseat can fit? It can be utilized as a rear-facing seat with 5-point harness from 5kg to 18 kg (birth to 4 years old); forward-facing carseat with 5-point harness from 9kg to 18 kg (around nine months to 4) and a high (4 up to 12 years old). We tested it with a five-year-old and a seven-year-old. The seat feels very secure for all stages, so I would be happy to use it from infancy until toddlerhood.

How easy is the installation process? The Slimfit does not use Isofix, unlike many other comparable Group 0+/1/2/3 child car seats. It includes a base that fixes securely with your vehicle s seatbelt. The instructions in the manual take around 20 minutes to go through, but are very detailed. I had to use a lot of diagrams to install the seat correctly.

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It s difficult to get in, and once it is set up, there is no movement. We like this because the seat belt goes behind the padding of the seat so it is safe and secure.

One feature that sets this seat apart is its ability to convert between modes. For instance, when the harness is not being used as a barrier for children in car seats, it tucks away inside the seat and can be put back into place if necessary. The height of the harness does all the adjusting automatically which saves a lot of effort from you.

The Graco SlimFit carseat harness is impressive. It features a five-point harness that quickly and easily attaches with a slim buckle on the front, one I could release by hand without much effort.

Some online reviewers found the buckle difficult, but not a concern for me.

What is your opinion of the design? It is both strong and stylish! Fitting three functions into one seat is no mean feat, although this does make it bulky, it looks and feels top-quality.

Available in several color combinations, this car seat is not very fashionable but it has been well planned for the comfort and safety of your child.

It is important to note that Graco Slimfit carseat does not use an Isofix, which provides a feeling of protection. The headrest has included an energy-absorbing foam and side impact protection for every age stage.

Online shopping site, Amazon has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on this seat.

The seat can adjust to 4 different reclining positions, depending on the mode you’re in. There are 2 forward-facing and 2 rearward positions that you change with a lever underneath the front of the chair.

How comfortable may be the Graco Slimfit carseat for your kid? Both our children enjoyed sitting in it. You will find a LOT of padding, which is often added or removed as your son or daughter grows. The vast majority of the padding and covers are washable, and being simple to remove. My seven-year-old son praised this car seat, saying it was the most comfortable one he had ever tried.

This is mirrored by many of the online reviews of the Graco Slimfit All-in-One CARSEAT, which are overwhelmingly positive. Parents talk about how cosy and content their baby looks in the cushioned seat.

The Graco Slim Fit is quite thin when you compare it to its rivals. In general, all three of the other car seats we looked at are bulkier, especially the Cosatto Rotate which is 6cm wider.

Our biggest problem with the Graco Slimfit carseat was that it’s too tall. The bottom is okay in baby seat or toddler seat mode, but becomes a hassle for child safety as a booster seat when you consider how it adjusts to the height of your kid.

It actually proved to be a problem that the top of the headrest and the side wings on the seat combined with block nearly half our rear window when in use. I believe this may work well, but if you’ve a tiny car or truck you might not be in a position to use it.

The Graco Slim Fit has a higher height than most, at 86 cm. This is 10 cm taller than the next tallest competitor, and one of few with a 50-pound weight rating.

The Graco Slimfit can be too big for smaller cars.

Are the covers easy to take off and put back on? Yes. Almost all the coverings can be machine-washed and are easily removed from a seat.

The Graco Slimfit comes with a car seat, instructions and cup holder (and this can be fitted onto either side of the seat). There are no other accessories needed.

Many features set Graco Slimfit All-in-One CARSEAT apart from the rest of the car seat market. The most notable among these is that it can be used by the child up to age 12 as well as fitting in just about any type of vehicle.

The Graco Slimfit is a more affordable and slim-line version of the well-known product. It has 3 major differences from its fuller brother: it doesn’t swivel, it doesn’t hook into Isofix, and it looks different. If these factors don’t affect you, the few things it leaves out are hardly a concern.

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Where can I find the Graco Slimfit? It is available at Halford, Amazon, and Argos.

MadeForMums verdict: Basic car seat provides safety and comfort features that will last from birth to age 12. Ideal for families with small spaces