5 Best Graco Extend2Fit Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The Graco Extend2Fit is a higher-end Graco, weighing around 22 pounds and boasting impressive crash-test results. This seat is relatively easy to use with dual cup holders, side harness retainers, and a footrest that provides more legroom when rear-facing. The Graco Extend2Fit can stay in the rear-facing position for up to 50 pounds, and it has a no-rethread harness adjustment. Although this car seat is nearly 19 inches wide, which makes it is difficult to match three safety seats across or two seats with a grown person. It usually takes a little extra time to set up, but it offers the best crash test ratings, is competitively priced with similarly marketed seats, and has the longer rear-facing capability. This Graco Extend2Fit model is a standard car seat that will provide customers with excellent crash test results.

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Best Deals For Graco Extend2Fit On Amazon (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales)

Graco was founded in 1953 after Graco Metal Products hired an engineer. Graco was initially founded in the 1940s. The initial product, a baby swing, made millions and put Graco on the map for infant gear.

This seat did not earn the best score for either head protection or chest clip sensor, but it fared better with an average of three sensors. The Graco is one among the seats that are of highest quality.

This Graco includes a HIC consequence of 214 Gs where in the high-end is 1000 and the lesser achievement can be better. The best achievement because of this sensor is 186 earned by the Britax Allegiance. The image below shows a comparison of Extend2Fit and the Allegiance.

The Extend2Fit in-car seat’s HIC consequence of 214 is a lot better for the best in-car seats with the standards by Britax Allegiance and stands at 186.

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Edited: The Extend2Fit’s HIC score of 214 is one of the very best within this group, coming up against British car seats. Beyond an average chest sensor result of 40 Gs, the Extend2Fit still can’t rival the Clek Foonf. The Extend2Fit chest clip sensor result is 40 when, in fact, the maximum allowed is 60; a lower result is better. It’s still impressive, but it can’t compare to the Clek Foonf and its 33.4 Gs result. The image you see above compares two products. During testing, only three test items scored a higher or improved result.

When your car does not have LATCH anchors in the position you selected or when your baby has outgrown the LATCH connectors, then you will need to install a seat using belt.

Installing the Extend2Fit in this position was the most difficult of all of the installations for us, even though it is meant to be an easier installation.

For the rear-facing configuration, Extend2Fit is up to 50lbs and the belt pathway runs through the foot end of the seat. You can tell by looking for a seam running from where you would typically buckle your child’s harness to rear buckle. Changing the belt from front to back can be a pain when you don’t remove the fabric which is another amount of difficulty. This Graco model doesn’t have an integrated belt lock-off which we found supports stability, but it wasn’t as wobbly as some of the other models that lack the lock-off. We had the most difficulty installing this car seat when it was rear-facing.

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The belt path for the Extend2Fit forward-facing configuration can be difficult to follow and requires removing a cover for visibility.

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Installing the forward-facing belt is easiest with a lap only belt. However, you can also install it into a 2-point (lap and shoulder) seatbelt system by accessing the different types of latches. The Extend2Fit may be the most stable in forward facing mode with its 3-point harness.