Top 5 GoPro HERO 6 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers 2021

The GoPro Hero 6 has improved super slow-motion video, outputs a stabilized image in 4K, and is capable of transferring files faster. Though compact and durable, the Black Friday deals make this an affordable action camera for anyone looking to get one.

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It’s not perfect, of course. The largest problem with GoPro devices is that the image quality is more impressive than phones and other devices can handle at times on account of huge file sizes.

With the latest version of the GoPro 5, editing videos is a major problem since you can offload and edit recordings at 240 fps.

Having said this, GoPro’s edit-in-post software has actually improved this year as long as you do not feel overwhelmed with transferring HD and 4K video files to the device.

Best GoPro Hero 6 camera features four things that make it a standout: 4K video at 60fps 1080p video at 240fps 12MP still images. The largest change to the new GoPro Hero6 Black is its custom-made GP1 chip. The Hero6 features 4K video at a smooth 60 fps, the Hero5 only offers 30 fps.

That isn t all. If you love slow-motion footage, the Hero6 Black can capture 1080p Full HD video at a high frame rate of 240fps. You can also shoot 2.7K footage in 120fps for those that want smoother shots in between frames or need more speed than 240fps provides!

it s worth pointing out that the Hero6 Black now offers improved image stabilization.

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The GP1 processor allows you to have image stabilization active when shooting 4K footage. Stabilization is capped at 30fps, but it’s a marked improvement over the Hero5 Black that could only offer this on Full HD footage while stabilizing can be possible up to 120fps at full HD

Want to capture stills as well? The Hero6 Black can capture 12MP images in single, burst and timelapse modes. What makes it different is an integral HDR mode for high-contrast scenes.

Photos taken in this new mode provide a richer and more contrasted range of light than the Hero5
Black’s Wide Dynamic Range mode. Night photos are also upgradeable thanks to the GP1 processing engine.

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Construction and handling: Waterproof up to 10 meters
Design unchanged from Hero5 Black
Wide variety of accessories available
While there was a significant design shift from the Hero4 black to the hero5 black, the hero6 black doesn’t look any different than its predecessor, and that is a good thing. The camera is extremely discreet, with a small logo on the top and black-on-dark-gray body you can barely see or notice without it in its case.

The GoPro Hero 6 is compact, feels very durable (a thing that even cheaper rivals have a problem with), and is waterproof (right down to 33ft or 10m) without needing a housing. As we are familiar with the Hero5 Black, the lack of a casing also ensures that the mic isn’t blocked by the built-in The Super Suit provides even more protection from water and it can go down to 196ft.

The Hero6 comes with a durable plastic frame that includes mounts for easy camera positioning, and the design is compact with a microSD card housed right next to the user-swapable battery. The Hero5 Black offers a lot of camera features, and we’re more impressed with this one than on past models.

There are 12 voice-commands, catering for major camera features.

The Hero 6 also has a 2-inch touchscreen on the front for reviewing videos and photos and adjusting settings.

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You d think this could be fiddly to use, but it s not too bad, with simple swipes and taps enough to easily access the Hero6 Black s settings and make changes quickly. The screen itself also looks to be a significant improvement over the Hero5 Black s, with that little more clarity evident.

The Hero6 Black offers voice control, which you can activate once you open the preferences menu. You would then simply have to shout GoPro start recording or GoPro, take a photo and the camera will turn on. The HERO6 camera features 12 customizable voice commands that cover just about anything you might want to do.

The Hero6 Black’s voice control capabilities are not the only improvement. It also includes Wake On Voice function that enables the camera to turn off and switch into a low-power listening mode, awaiting for someone to say “GoPro start.” Make sure to turn it off when not in use.