5 Best GoPro Fusion Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Though GoPro’s newest 360 camera doesn’t go as high as Yi, it is still a respectable choice for those looking to shoot immersive footage.

Leading lines: What makes the Fusion camera especially appealing (and unusual) is that you record video in 5.2K resolution at either 30 or 60 frame per second or 18 MP images. These The wait is over. The Black Friday sale has commenced and the best deals are waiting for you.

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Fusion’s most noted feature is “overcapture” which allows you to take a full 360° panoramic photo- or video and then easily post-frame it into a 2:3 aspect ratio for conventionality. A fusion feature lets you capture two different types of media and combine them into one single video. It also provides the ability to share videos that offer a 360 degree angle with anyone, anywhere.

Fit more in a scene with over-capture from GoPro. For the present time, it may appear such as a novel feature, however in future we think that over-capture is a standard must-have component in practically any video camera. It’s rivals include Insta360 One s FreeCapture and also the Garmin Virb 360’s HyperFrame.

Fusion, the new GoPro 360 camera, includes a lot of features that are normally missing from a 360 camera. No, it is not really possible to live broadcast 360 degrees. We’re waiting for that technology to become mainstream, but we don’t think that’s an issue.

Rugged design. Waterproof. Weighs about 226g. The GoPro Fusion is great for people who want to use it for water sports, skiers, and any person who would like the camera’s wraparound format. The Fusion also appears sturdy with side panels that contain an integrated grip strip. The Fusion’s square shape may not be as great for pocketing, but its robust frame makes it a great camera to take out in the wild.

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when you purchase a Fusion, it come with two free 32GB microSD cards. That’s a nice touch from GoPro. Another little hatch hides the USB-C slot for recharging.

The Fusion comes with a U1 universal tripod thread (1/4-inch) on the bottom.

My GoPro is better than yours. The Fusion is a little tricky to mount for the first time as it obstructs access to the screw whilst you tighten. Once mounted, it performs well on flat ground, but not in strong winds and when used near tricky surfaces such as beach sand or rocks. A semi-hard box is also included with the Fusion, which can hold it even when it has been mounted on the Fusion Grip Mount.

Once you have your Fusion powered on, it s a simple matter of pressing the power button plus the shutter button to snap an image. The LCD screen displays menus that can be scrolled through using these two buttons.

The GoPro Fusion offers excellent performance and awesome features including image stabilization in video mode. Thanks to the over-capture option, you can also create content that will be easy to upload on social media. The iphone app and the GoPro Fusion Studio software are two major bones of contention with this camera.

However, you can just utilize the in-camera controls on trips, and it s always possible to create some excellent footage with the Fusion. The resolution isn t particularly exciting; 5.2K proves sufficient, and there s definitely room for more pixels. What we liked was the image stabilization, which works really well. Ditto selfies-that it’s very simple to edit out the selfie stick.

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The Fusion software is platform agnostic. You can upload 360 footage recorded with the GoPro Fusion camera to a desktop, mobile device or web browser from anywhere in the world – and easily edit it too. For now, there is one drawback with over-capture mode: resolution. With 5.2K footage on a 16:9 frame, your video will come out in HD quality, but not exactly top notch. The Fusion will lose too many pixels as result and it is not likely to be considered a big reason due to the arrival of 8K resolution. Considering that, the Fusion’s over-capture videos are clean and colourful with some very nice image stabilisation. JPEGS are great because they can be either captured purposely or grabbed from video, taking full advantage of 360 features such as for example little planet mode and the drone-like angel view.

While the specifications did lead to a few misconceptions, our experience suggested that it was better for night time photography. We tried out all sky videography during the night and found it to be unsatisfactory in retrospect.

The Fusion lasts a full 70 minutes on average, which is an impressive amount of time for this type of camera.

GoPro s software for the Fusion is basic, and their iPhone app has a few drawbacks as well. They are not major problems in themselves, but they did make our test drive more difficult than it had to be. Pairing the Fusion and phone was not easy to do. Trying the process four times did not help, as it nearly took an hour of reinstalling software and manually entering a password before getting things to work properly. With care, a GoPro Fusion can be useful for creating unique videos.

It’s great when the app works and you can visit a low-resolution live feed from Fusion
There is no way to change settings or share leads. You may need to wait a while for processing if you add these effects. However, the results are worth it in most cases and can be saved at full resolution with stabilisation included.

You can perform a straightforward over-capture in the app, but it’s limited by zooming and basic pans. During our test drive it didn’t show thumbnail images of videos and photographs already taken, so choosing which files to edit took a whole lot of guesswork. They also found that editing and uploading videos on such a tiny screen was not an enjoyable experience, particularly because of the Fusion’s lack of WiFi.

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Fusion Studio 1.3 does everything the iPhone app allows, and more!

Fusion Studio 1.3 is an excellent program, but the iphone app faces some difficulties with file preparation and organization. After you have made all of the editing changes that you want, it will take another five minutes for the videos to load. Finally, when they are updated and rendered it starts making those adjustments also. If your computer freezes up, you’ll have to bring the video inside of a rendering program overnight and hope that it doesn’t freeze. It s tedious and tends to crash frequently

The most important thing about the Fusion is not being able to shoot 360-degree video of any footage you take. The Fusion is disappointed by both its iPhone app and its own software that controls it. The former is hampered by frequent connection issues and fiddly editing options; moreover, normally it takes up to one hour to download a couple of minutes of video. Ditto Fusion Studio, which is quite expensive and just takes so, such a long time.

As the Fusion is tough and has rapid processing, actually getting usable footage from it is a bother. This is made worse with subpar resolution when compared to Yi 360 VR or new Insta360 One X, as well as insufficient slo-mo mode at 100fps. The fusion seems like an option limited to professional content creators in the long run However, the GoPro Fusion has a leg up on its opponents because it is waterproof and more toughly made. For some, that reason alone makes GoPro Fusion the best option out of all three.