Top 5 Google Pixel Buds Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals & Sales in 2021

#Chapter 1: Why are Google Pixel Buds the Best Buds for Your Head?
#Chapter 2: What Makes These Earphones So Great?
#Chapter 3: Considerations When Buying Google Pixel Buds Online
# Chapter 4: Where to Buy the Earphones and What You Should Expect From the Manufact

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Google Pixel Buds are a new product by google, available only from the Google Store. They won’t be compatible with all devices but may work if your device has bluetooth and runs Android 5.0 or higher software.

The Pixel Buds and Apple AirPods are two popular wireless earbuds for running that share a lot of similarities, but they have important differences.

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The new Google Pixel Buds are fundamentally the equal as Apple’s AirPods. Unlike AirPods, they also work with Android devices – in addition to iPhones. They likewise function alongside Google Assistant.

But what differentiates Google’s Pixel Buds from their Cupertino-made competition is live language translation, so long as you have internet connection.

The Google pixel buds are compatible with Android devices, but don’t offer any active noise cancellation. They have decent on-board battery life of around 3 hours and cost more than other comparable earbuds from Sony and Samsung.

Worse yet, there is often the weakest sound quality of any true wireless earbud we have tested so far in 2020. It’s warm, treble-heavy and for those with sensitivity to hi-hat clashes and sibilance, they will cause you to wear down after half an hour of listening.

These are a huge improvement on the first Pixel Buds and come with Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3a or Google Pixel 4 smartphones.

You can clearly see that these Google Pixel Buds have been designed to be sleek, comfortable, and easy to use.

Google’s Pixel Buds aren’t terrible for the price, but they still can use improvement in some areas. Firstly, their sound is mediocre at best and lacks any active noise cancellation technology. Secondly, there are other earphones out there that provide a better audio experience for less cost or more money with the inclusion of noise cancellation technology

For Pixel owners, the best features of Google’s Pixel Buds are their ability to answer calls or respond to messages. However they do not have a great sound quality when listening to music and they lose more battery in just one hour than the AirPods and Apple AirPods.

Google Pixel Buds price and availability

Google Pixel Buds have been around since Apr. 27, 2020 and are available for purchase in four shiny colors: Highlighter Yellow, Clearly White, Quite Mint-Green, and Nearly Black. They’re exclusive to the United States (and only available in America) but will be making their way to the UK on July 13th of

The UK will be treated to Almost Black later in the year, but orange and mint color options are not coming across the Atlantic.

Comparing them internationally, the Google Pixel Buds have an average price of $179 US Dollars (USD). Prices in Australia for this product are comparable to the other contenders that we have discussed.

Consider spending a little more on your headphones and getting the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus or the Sony WF-1000XM3.

The most recent Pixel Buds are AU$279 in Australia, which is a reasonable deal for parents who need more expensive headphones to supervise their kids.

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One of the most fascinating features of Google Pixel Buds is that they are completely cordless. No cable connects these buds, and this creates a feeling of pure liberation.

The design of the Google Pixel Buds is well considered and they come in a package that looks just as polished.

The Google Pixel Buds come with a new design and fully redesigned case. Better still, the case itself supports wireless charging and a bright LED on the back of the case that tells you when it is being charged.

Google includes multiple sets of eartips and a long charging cord in the box. The earbuds come with medium sized tips, but might run large so you might need to use other sizes.

The Pixel Buds are very small and the headphone wire sticks out from your ears—which may only stay in with the assistance of a nub-like shape in the outer ear. Depending on your experience, you might find that this protrusion is either uncomfortable or it’s just an annoyance. We found we preferred the fit without that n

people with different ear conditions may have more success than we did keeping the buds in place

That means, if you’re planning to use the Google Pixel Buds throughout a workout or other physical activity, make sure to keep an eye on them because they might loosen while in movement.

The only downsides of the Google Pixel Buds are their lack of noise-cancelling capability and a less than stellar muffling of ambient sound.

To compensate for their lack of noise reduction, the Pixel Buds can automatically adapt their volume based on the sound picked up by microphones.

Our favorite aspect of the Pixel Buds is the auto-play/pause that, while programmed for convenience, conserves battery life.

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The touch controls on the buds were one of our favorite features. We have used many wireless earbuds before, and are constantly frustrated by their inconsistent touch-pad controls. But not with Google Pixel Buds – those touch pads really came through for us this time around.

The Google Pixel Buds are touch pads and we had a superb response no matter what gesture was made. They were responsive whether it was single tapping to pause or play music, holding down the right bud to monitor notifications, swiping over them forwards or back to increase or decrease volume.

You can edit the many actions in the Pixel Buds software so if you need for instance to single tap to skip a song, double tap to return to the prior track and triple tap to play/pause, you can.

What’s more, the Pixel Buds sport a water-resistant rating of IPX4. That means they can withstand visiting the gym or commuting home during a heavy rainstorm, but not a beach vacation. Take care when considering.

Audio Performance

The Google Pixel Buds include 12mm speaker drivers in each bud. Taking their sound quality into consideration, how good do they perform? Let me put it this way: before even playing any music you may hear a slight hissing noise and some songs have an underwhelming bass response

Themid and treble are spectacular on Google Pixel Buds, even though the sound is a bit tinny at times.

The sound quality is bright, which can be associated with harshness and fatigue. There are no customizable options available.

Conversely, sound quality in video is a mixed bag: the Pixel Buds captured YouTube videos without a problem, but we noticed that action sequences on Netflix lacked bass and detail.

We had a concern when using them on a Facebook Messenger call where the microphone would crackle with each and every word. Again, this may be due to occasional conditions that can possibly be fixed with firmware updates or flukes due to connection quality, but we’re not too confident they are strong contenders for video calls.

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Battery life and connectivity

The Google Pixel Buds work as described, for better or worse. Officially, Google advertises a battery life of 3 hours and 24 extra hours available with the charge case while they identify that number to be pretty spot-on.

One drawback for the Pixel Buds is that they do not have a long-lasting battery.

The good news is that the case comes with battery life approximating those of its rivals, plus it can charge wirelessly.

While some people find them uncomfortable, you must hand it to Google for producing tons of features into these earbuds. The computerized connectivity out of the box is pretty magical and the always-listening Google Assistant lets you control all your home from wherever you are.

One notable feature of the Pixel Buds is their ability to directly integrate with Google Translate, through which they will provide instant translations.

You press and hold the left earbud to say something in your native language, and it’ll then repeat in the translated language from the speakers on your own phone. Hold down the translate button on your own phone as they speak, and you’ll hear a translation of what’s being said directly into your earbuds.

Once you establish your rhythm, using the right technology enables you to talk to extended family, friends and strangers. The one problem with the Pixel Buds is that you will need to speak individually and if you don’t download a language pack (around 45MB each) you need to be connected to WiFi for it to work.

One hidden feature of the Google Pixel Buds is that they can read notifications from your phone and, when necessary, respond using dictation. But these features don’t always work as smoothly as we’d like; they end up feeling overwhelming if you have social media and email notifications turned on.

You can choose which software the Assistant reads notifications for, but you cannot specify what type of notification it should read. If you find this overwhelming, you can turn off spoken notifications completely via the Pixel Buds app.

One of the features is the most practical to date, in particular for hands-free use.

Should I choose the Google Pixel Buds?

Buy them if…

You want excellent simplicity

Google has put a lot of weight into the usability factor of its latest pair of headphones. With its Pixel Buds, you can easily connect them with your phone because it runs on an Android OS. It also comes complete with touch controls that are seamless and rather intuitive to use.

You will want simple, elegant design

Style is right up there with performance as the Google Pixel Buds are one of the best-looking pairs on the market. The soft and rounded buds combined with branded case makes these earbuds more like a fashion accessory than an audio solution.

Live translation is vital that you you

A disadvantage of not knowing the language where you are traveling is that you might not be able to speak with others in the country. However, Pixel Buds can help by allowing you wireless pairing with your phone and a Web connection.

Don’t get them if…

You’re after the cost effective for money

Pixel Buds, despite their late arrival to the real wireless earbuds scene, are more expensive than many of their rivals. Earbuds from Samsung, Apple and Sony have all seen price cuts since their respective launches, which makes Pixel Buds one of the most expensive options in this category.

You want long battery life

The Pixel Buds battery life is not the best we ve seen, but there are plenty of other earbuds available that can last for a longer playback time. Check out the Cambridge Audio Melomania or the Lypertek Tevi if you re looking for something that will last all day.

You desire a secure fit for your workouts

The Pixel Buds are wonderful for everyday music listening, hands-free phone calls, and language translations. They could be a solid choice if you want earbuds to use throughout your workout – but some people find them too heavy. The Google Pixel Buds are not the best in-ear headphones and have a chance of falling out quickly.