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No, I’m not discussing Star Wars Episode VII though there are many interesting similarities between it and the approach Microsoft has taken up to its first internally developed Gears of War game. Gears of War 4 is the newest sequel to the insanely popular Gears of War series. Gears of War 4 is the newest installment in an iconic video game franchise, but there are some notable changes in gameplay which may make it difficult for old fans to enjoy.

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The brand new DeeBee and Swarm enemies require welcome new offensive and defensive ways of combat them.

First off, I don’t think Gears of Wars 4 is going to reinvent the wheel. It should be noted that it hews closer to the first Gears game when all said and done. Personally speaking, this is what I would emulate:

a) The mystery surrounding a new enemy lends a survival-horror feel to the gritty shooter tone

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Gears of War 4, the long-anticipated cover-based shooter made by Microsoft Game Studios , keeps to the franchise s formula with a new defense: The DeeBee robot enemies and Seran Swarm foes attack differently than Locust predecessors requiring more offensive approaches. for example, the Heavy DeeBee jump-jets over cover and self-destructs when it requires enough damage. And the Swarm’s Pouncer flings deadly quills from its tail and hops along with cover, pinning you to the bottom just like a Hobbes from Hell if you stay static in one place for too much time. Most of these are far more difficult than ever before–especially at higher difficulty levels–and will be especially attractive to those

Variety is a welcome pillar of its eight-hour trek.

Gears of War 4 adds plenty of new weapons to the established universe, and for a few highlights: the Buzzkill fires lethal high-velocity sawblades that will instagib foes if they connect. The Overkill packs a wicked, if short-range, double-barrel shotgun-esque punch that’s especially gratifying when other human players feel its wrath. Finally, the DeeBees EMBAR is a no-scope rifle that’s not practically as cumbersome to wield as the original Longshot.

“Design-wise, the brand new Gears campaign succeeds because of stellar execution of a focused idea. Variety is a welcome pillar of its eight-hour trek as you’re never doing a similar thing for too much time.” Gears of War 4 contains an entertaining campaign that can be played in two-player split-screen or online co-op (and even supports cross-platform play with the PC version) and offers several gameplay styles, such as Horde mode and a couple other enjoyable changes of pace. (An agreeable suggestion: Think twice before watching the Gears of War 4 launch trailer because it gives away some combat design secrets. Fortunately, Gears 4 avoids having you do a long and frustrating gauntlet through old enemies to reach its conclusion, but it has got a much smarter endgame idea up its sleeve instead.)

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Gears 4’s most graphically impressive occasions are tied to the elements.

Visually, the game doesn t offer the same jaw-dropping punch as Gears of War from 2006 due to its revolutionary graphics created by combining the Unreal engine with dramatic lighting. It’s not that the game is one of the first Xbox One games to support HDR; while I could tell a difference compared to non-HDR, it was nothing special. Gears 4 has its best moments when it brings the elements into battle. Heavy winds in particular are illustrated well, with Windflares causing havoc on weapons fire that slow projectiles over shorter distances.

Gears of War 4’s campaign is typically complemented by great multiplayer. The same was true in Gears of War 4, with predictably fun results coming from both the Versus and Horde modes. Gears of War 4’s multiplayer mode offers a well-balanced blend of tactics and fast action to set it apart from gun games that fall back on violence as their sole draw. Gears 4 includes 10 maps and a number of gameplay modes. A standout is Arms Race which is actually Call of Duty’s Gun Game, where each team races to get 3 kills with every weapon in order. It works well here. Escalation, aka Domination or Territories, alternatively, drags on too long as a best-of-13 rounds duel by the time it’s over. If Gears 4 were patched to cut that in two, Escalation would join other modes in the winner’s circle. Meanwhile, the now-expected private match customizability also grants Versus a good amount of stamina to play how you want

Gears multiplayer shines brightest in the five-person story mode, which is a truncated but still compelling rendition of Gears 1’s much more involved “horde” mode. Unlike most other shooters this side of Left 4 Dead, wave 50 doesn’t just introduce new enemy types or hurl some simple twist at you; instead, each round up to that Every tenth wave brings a different boss to tackle, including the Snatcher, who grabs downed allies and carries them away. Gears of War 4, Microsoft’s 18th game in the franchise, is a fast-paced third-person shooter that focuses on teamwork. My favorite run ended at wave 42 and I wanted to keep going but our time was up. So that means you’re always going to have something new to experience with your friends.

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PC Version Update

After testing the PC and Xbox One versions, I found performance on both to be buttery smooth. However, my monitor limited me from seeing a higher framerate without drop frames. Keyboard-and-mouse controls feel satisfying and are as configurable as you would expect from a PC game. The only annoyance is that the default binding for the A button, which is mapped to the spacebar, was annoying me enough to want to re-bind it to the left shift key. Playing with friends cannot be easier. Cross-play is seamless, allowing you to play on Xbox One while playing side-by-side with teammates located across the world*. Both progress and achievements carried over regardless of which version was played.

*For example: Playing on PC while playing locally next to your friend who is hosting a game console Apart from 4K resolution, which we weren’t able to test, the PC version’s biggest draw is a 60fps campaign – something that has been capped at 30fps on the Xbox One.