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Garmin stopped producing their 600 series in favor of the 700. The 700 brings with it an aggressive amount of track and waypoint storage, but unlike the previous 600s, this model does not come pre-loaded with a 1:100k topographical map which may be better for those who would rather have a smaller scale mapping than that larger set up The Garmin Oregon 750 also features a built-in camera and an 8-megapixel resolution.

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We’ve yet to have trouble getting reception in the field.


The reception of the Oregon 700 is pretty good, in fact it is likely you will only experience a difference in performance beneath the deepest cover. Like almost all of Garmin’s GPS units, it could access both GPS and the GLONASS satellite networks, and with the improved antenna from the 600 series, this unit does pretty darn well. While similarly priced models offer absolute accuracy, the Garmin Oregon offers a better touchscreen experience.

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Ease of Use

Since all however the most stubborn Luddites nowadays have iPhones, the Oregon 700 is a fairly easy and intuitive device to use. After turning on, pre-set activity profiles pop up, and after selection show a map of where you are. There are a few different ways to view the map with this app. You can swipe left or right to show altitude, time/distance, compass, etc., and shrink or expand the map with two fingers. The energy button also acts as a menu button. Pressing the other one of these marks a waypoint on your route if you need it Continuity is great in most electronics, but it’s not ideal when you’re traveling with gloves on.

The Oregon 700 has a variety of activity profiles to choose from when the device is first used. The screen automatically reminds you what mode you are in, as well.

The 700 offers connectivity to your smartphone for active weather, VIRB remote operation for Garmin cameras, and live tracking. New users were confused about how precisely to locate a menu or get started on a track for one minute. Ran across some helpful Youtube videos. Once you figure the basics out on your own, driving becomes second nature. Finding and learning to use all of the features, though? That’s more difficult. But there are a lot of random functions that require plenty of time and internet access for sorting through.

Even with this light all around, it’s possible to use the screen and navigate.

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Display Quality

The Oregon 700 maximizes pixel real-estate, fitting a 1.5 x 2.5-inch 240 x 400-pixel display using one of the most compact units in the test. Garmin claims the screen is sunlight readable, and we did not have any difficulty reading it in virtually all lighting. Overall, it has a great screen display and reduces battery consumption.

The bottom map on the Oregon 700 is seen below compared to that of Gaia GPS. The Garmin lacks sufficient topo detail to compete with the Gaia for satellite-based navigation, although it’s screen size does provide an advantage in this area.


The touchscreen reacts quickly to your commands, in addition it redraws maps without lagtime feeling frustration. To learn and find satellites faster you can download extended prediction orbit files which were created by the company. By predicting satellite paths, these devices can help the GPS find you quicker. You can also change how quickly maps are drawn to save battery life.

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Weight and Size

The Oregon 700 s are easy to carry without adding excess weight. Weighing in at 7.4 ounces, the devices require less energy to launch and operate for long periods of time- making them perfect for any hunting, fishing or camping excursion. Garmin Oregon 700 GPS

If your adventure is warm and dirt-free enough, the Oregon 700 provides an effective choice.


The Oregon 700 offers a variety of pre-programmed experiences. The Experience Profiles for
beginners are easy to use, and best of all, switching between them is more convenient
than it was with the old Oregon versions. The machine itself, you can customize a topographical map reminiscence of your previous trip or one you plan to take in the future given your needs which is straightforward.

Garmin Oregon only has minimal essentials, and the difference in price to include these features is about $100. With the wifi connectivity, Bluetooth and ANT+ capabilities of this unit, it creates a fairly sweet set-up for fair weather use.

The Oregon 700, like other models, doesn’t come with topographic maps.

However, it’s somewhat different with regards to cold or moisture. If you’ve ever used a smartphone while it was raining, then you will know that touchscreens are lacking the moment water gets on the screen. The largest problems with this device are that it uses up alkaline batteries quickly, and can freeze during winter. To be fair, Garmin recommends that lithium or NiMH batteries for this product. Alkaline battery’s capacity is reduced in frigid temperatures. Lithium batteries are better in the cold.

One of the lightest and simplest to carry, the Oregon 700 is ready for some adventures. Clipping it outside your clothes or backpack increases reception.

Sometimes screen sensitivity can be bothersome. The device will jump to another screen on a sudden tap or swipe. You can lock it by tapping and selecting the Lock icon from the dark bottom bar, just below your map


The biggest downside to whole-heartedly recommending this product to a variety of users may be the hefty price tag. There are less expensive options that can navigate just as well, they simply have a little lag and do not provide the same comfortable feeling of using your smartphone.


The Oregon 700 is an excellent touch-screen GPS unit that does well in all sorts of weather and terrain. It is an expensive option.