Top 5 Garmin GPSMAP 78sc Black Friday Deals 2021

The Garmin 78sc is the best handheld GPS choice for marine use. This unit floats, has sensitivity to a high degree, and includes two on-board sensors which act as an electronic compass and barometric altimeter. The only drawback is that this device does not have a color screen.

The grey, black and silver case measures 6.0” tall, 2.6” wide, 1.2” thick when it is installed with a set of AA batteries; without them the device weighs 7.8 ounces

The machine will lay flat in a table top rather than slide around much due to rubber covering over the battery pack casing door and protective weather flap hiding an external antenna jack, mini USB port, and Garmin 4-pin serial connection. Rubberized inserts on the handle promote a secure grasp.

The easiest to operate button on the top third of the screen is operated by thumb without obscuring the view

Customers get a USB cable, wrist strap and quick start manual on packet with this water resistant floating GPS unit.

 Best Garmin Gpsmap 78sc

To find out about your 78-series handheld GPS, you would need to go directly to the Garmin website and browse the full owner s manual there.


Eight push buttons, with labels for their function on the button and printed next to the key.
The rocker switch has two labels near it, showing you what it controls.

The Garmin 78sc has five main pages, which are selected automatically after pressing the Page button. It provides us an easy way to access all the different functions by hitting “Quit” and then going through the pages in reverse order.

The Map page is the first page in sequence, and because 78sc’s preloaded marine charts are highly detailed, this way.

The next thing you need to do is navigate with the compass page.

The Trip Computer page offers many adjustments that are user-customizable. The last main page of interest to mariners is the Key Menu tab.

Pressing the Page button displays a full page icon graphic from the last selected screen. You can stop pressing after two seconds to witness the automatic appearance of your new selection. This GPS has a very sophisticated interface.

Waypoints and Routes

A simple way to save a current position, as a waypoint in the Garmin 78 sc has been by pressing and holding the Mark button. This creates the waypoint and displays a Waypoint Data page where you can press enter to save it as is or change the icon, name, add a note, or adjust latitude/longitude.

An icon, with the option of several others beside it, can be selected in any one of many different groups with names like markers or marine. The user could then enter a waypoint name to be up to long and use the rocker key and enter key on screen display as needed. That’s better than scrolling through letters and numbers for data entry.

The built in route planner made it easy to build a fresh route. Point were chosen from the map and then added by moving the cursor and pressing enter when you found an appropriate location. After quitting, the route will be automatically saved.

This Garmin handheld has a huge internal memory that will store up to 2000 waypoints and 200 routes. That’s impressive storage convenience of this lightweight GPS.

Display Screen

The Garmin 78sc includes a touchscreen that is portrait-style and has a width of one 1.6 inches and height of 2.2 inches, which is not too big or small for its placement on the unit’s leading panel. With a resolution of 160 x 240 pixels and 2.6-inch diagonal size, the TFT color screen is excellent for enjoying maps in detail on the go.

The hard-to-find off/on button turns on the screen backlighting for date, time, battery level, and GPS signal meters. You can adjust the screen backlight here or keep pressing the on/off button and change accordingly to either minimum, maximum, or mid-level brightness.

Garmin 78sc has a large viewing screen which is excellent on sunny days, but not so good when it’s too dark.

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Odds and Ends

The person overboard function on this Garmin lightweight GPS is activated by pressing and holding the MOB key and selecting navigation back to the MOB waypoint.

I came across this Garmin GPS page that offers some helpful navigation tips for when you’re trying to return to a MOB point.

Compass page shared the best default navigation back to MOB point. It’s so simple to follow the bearing needle and use the data box information for distance and time, then you will know exactly when we get there.

to effectively utilize the map page for navigation, you have to have previously setup the correct data box information or all you’ll see onscreen is a navigational course line. I favor a MOB (man over board) function that operates with an individual button push and comes with an available screen switch from graphic to numerical navigation information back again to the point

To install batteries and the microSD card, press the rubber cover door using a spring mechanism. When I removed the door, it was a two-step process: first fastening on the hinge side and then pressing in with your hands from both sides.

A micro USB port, serial port and external antenna jack are all covered by a weather flap. Optional marine dash mounts and power cables for long-term installation can be available with the device.

With this Garmin lightweight GPS, you’ll be able to do a radio data transfer with other capable Garmin units. With marine information such as navigation markers, tides, currents and local marine services available via the Find key, it can come in handy for anyone navigating water

This Garmin waterproof GPS is rated up to IPX7 standards (submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 mins) and floats too, a significant advantage if you use it on a boat.

This GPS device was able to survive our dunk and drop test without any issues.

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Final Thoughts

The Garmin 78cs includes a bright display screen, up-to-date intuitive operating software, detailed onboard marine cartography, along with plenty of other marine related information built-in. I would rate it as one of the most complex and comprehensive units to date.

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