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Chris would like to find a powder stash he found some time back. The Garmin eTrex 20x tracks where he has gone and what you can explore next.

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This unit is lightweight but that does not mean it is slow to find the signal. It can take a little longer if you’re inside a slot canyon, but still works pretty well.

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Like many Garmin units, the eTrex 20x comes equipped with both GPS and GLONASS capabilities. Differential compass technology is included, which allows a user to adjust tilt of his/her device to pinpoint an exact direction. It had been pretty accurate in more exposed areas, but in more covered ones it suffered a bit.

This unit only lost reception when caving, where the subterranean environment disrupted its GPS signal.

In addition to making best garmin etrex 10, we tested the accuracy of the devices by walking away from a highlighted location and then having each device guide us back. The etrex 20x navigated within 85 inches of the initial position. These devices is fast to realize a signal, however, not as accurate as higher-performing devices.

Dan (our main tester) marks a means point on his Garmin etrex 10 20x 30x.

Ease of Use

Even though this device doesn’t have any fancy wireless sharing options, an electric compass or barometric altimeter, the simplicity of it is what we fell in love with. The Etrex is a no-nonsense GPS unit that’s designed for basic map and orientation functions, but we think it also performs well in the winter. The buttons make marking waypoints accurate and easy while wearing gloves.

For a simplified model in the eTrex line, the 20x does not have a touchscreen. Instead, the front of the device includes a toggle that works for both scrolling and selecting, together with buttons to scroll and select on either side. This model has a button that allows better outdoor use, since this does not have a touchscreen.

The Garmin eTrex 20x units can work with different glove thicknesses, making them ideal for people who like to hunt in varying weather conditions!

This GPS device has an easy-to-navigate menu, but the base map is not as detailed. We found that we could not fully rely on this map to navigate from one point to the next because it only contains road information and not trail information.

A 25K topo map set that covers trails and terrain features is a perfect size.

We like the fast access to improve the battery and ability to mold in a spine with mounting attachments.

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Display Quality

The eTrex 20x and 30x is the smallest GPS unit we tested.

The Garmin eTrex 10 has a 25-hour battery life and clear image quality. We found it to be very readable, but if you need a bigger screen, a touchscreen model could possibly be for you. Nonetheless it should be considered that other models with larger screens have the tendency to carry larger prices as well.

The layout is easy to navigate and use with large, clear icons on the menu. The screen performs well regardless of light conditions.


One of my favorite things about this GPS system is how quickly it has been able to grab a location. Though the signal isn’t as accurate, it was among the fastest. It’s processing speed was average in comparison with higher performance devices.

The most surprising aspect of these items was that it is surprisingly quick considering its size. As with many the devices reviewed, they have an instant pause between zooms. One of the most challenging features was the slowness when entering waypoint information. Simply because you need to select each letter with a toggle and hit enter before moving on to another letter.

The keyboard is used to enter letters in a unit of measurement.

Weight and Size

The serene E-Trex 10 can easily be stashed away for lightweight adventures. We also found that the device was a must have on backpacking trips or adventure runs, conveniently stashing in your backpack either on the go or short hikes.

It is portable enough to fit in a shirt or pants pocket for easy access. Should you want it available without having holding it, there’s also a belt-hitched lanyard supplied.

This small, lightweight unit is perfect for adding to any backpack and even carried in your pocket. With BaseCamp included, you can set-and-forget the tracking feature or check out your adventure down the road anytime.

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While most of the other units have a variety, this unit generally does not contain many (or really any) great features. It is designed mainly for basic GPS functions and then it can be covered in most cases by your smartphone, which we are holding almost all of the time. We would have liked a barometric altimeter and electronic compass, but however, we found it quite useful.

We found this GPS unit simple to take anywhere we went because of its light weight, water proof nature, and easy-to-use buttons.

]]> It is capable of typing, though the keys are smaller and there is no barometric altimeter. It may not be as accurate at altitude readings as other watches, but it works well in most places.

This GPS is just as convenient as it is for marking new climbing routes, making it a must-have for avid climbers.


Garmin’s Etrex 10 20x 30x is a compact GPS unit with a small and affordable price. The device functions the same as any other mid-level GPS handheld but features a light, sleek design. The battery lasts 25 hours, with 3.7 GB of internal memory. You can upload topo maps and employ Basecamp software to track and analyze routes. With such a minimal cost from many features, that is a steal of the deal.

Planning for a long journey, but still want to take equipment? This product is perfect for any expedition.

This GPS unit is the best choice when you’re planning an extended adventure without too much gear.


The Garmin eTrex 20x is a lightweight, inexpensive alternative to pricier models. The battery lasts a long time–even in cold weather–and the device can be used in wet and cold conditions. Our top pick for the best all-around hiking GPS is reliable and easy to use, and can be handy when your phone signal isn’t working too well.