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Garmin Edge 820

I love the simple digital integration of my rides, which upload immediately to Strava via my phone or WiFi and can be viewed on a computer. I can also quickly find power-meters and heartrate monitors that are stored in the device. In general I am happy with the small size of the Edge 820. However, when it comes to mapping and touchscreent performance, this Garmin is not as advanced as its bigger sibling, the Edge 1000. Even with a 15 hour battery life for recording, the screen goes dark after about four hours of use.

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You can also choose different routes with the Course Creator. I found that feature to be unnecessary, but I did like how it gives instructions from any page you are viewing while riding.

Notable Garmin Edge 820 details

Encyclopedia of features and comparison to other Garmin Edge computers

The Garmin Edge 820 has all the features of its less-expensive siblings, but also a number of capabilities to help you individualize your training.

Garmin Edge 820

Garmin Edge 520 offers a lot of similar features to the newer and more expensive 820 model, including Strava Segments.

The 520 also integrates nicely with your smartphone so you can read incoming call and text notifications on your Garmin screen, upload rides without plugging the device into a computer. This also lets other people track your ride when used in combination with the Garmin’s Connect app.

The Edge 820 has a few more features than the 520, which only has two buttons.

I am also able to see texts and incoming calls on the Garmin Edge. It’s my kid calling, so I need to pull over and answer it. (Or, you can just ignore it (or perhaps that’s a little too simple for you))

If you have a power meter, you have an abundance of options for measurement and analysis: real-time, 3sec, 10sec, Normalized/Value Factor Intensity (TSS), seated time vs. periods in the saddle

The Edge 520 includes a handful of educated guesses, including VO2 Max. The first takes a power meter and heart-rate monitor, which are not scientifically accurate to track your actual VO2 Max capacity. On a similar note, after every ride the Edge 520 will tell you how much recovery time you’ll need based on your heart rate from the previous ride. It’s still not an accurate measurement, but it’s closer to reality than just guessing.

The Edge 820 has most of these features, as well as a few additional ones that make it stand out from the competition.

In addition, the Garmin Edge Explore 820 is slightly cheaper and does not have as many performance metrics included.

Unique Edge 820 features

Garmin s GroupTrack feature is used to track positions on a map in real-time. It also allows others share this information as well. The theory is that you could meet up or keep tabs on your friend while out riding. This is similar to what the Wahoo Elemnt GPS computer offers.

In addition to the physiology, the Edge 820 also has a virtual coach that provides audio cues to encourage riders.

Friends and family members will need a Garmin Edge 520 or 1000 paired with a smartphone that has the Garmin Connect app running in order for GroupTrack to work. The reality is, this is a major requirement any normal ride. Or at least it really is for me; I also could barely get my arm-day friends showing up on time, considerably less have their phones configured to my preferences. So, when you have all of these pieces in place, then you will be able to see their position with only a few icons on your own map screen. GroupTrack includes a 10-mile radius.

While GroupTrack could be helpful in certain situations, like when a group is on unfamiliar roads and can get split up, it takes significant coordination to set up the system. It’s a huge ask.

The Edge 820 also offers Incident Alert, which once configured can send an alert to your specified contact that you are down at a confirmed location. It seems like a good idea, but unfortunately, it turns out you can’t tell the difference between accidents and rough patches on dirt roads. When the bike has been shaken hard and suddenly stopped, a little notification will let you know that your emergency contacts will be notified. You have 20 seconds to cancel the message before it is sent out. If you don’t turn off Find My iPhone, your contacts will receive a message with your iPhone’s geographical location.

The Edge 820 continues Garmin’s quest to provide a little virtual coach in every device. In addition to the educated guesses that can be found on the 520, like V02 Max and Recovery Time, the 820 can give you an estimated number for FTP based on either automatic calculation or by walking you through an FTP test. The use of a power meter and heart rate monitor is required for these.

Navigation on the Edge 820

The Edge 820 can follow routes created outside of the device using a “route” function. Routes are also available to copy onto the device from “another source.” It’s true that it’s a long way off from Google Maps where you’re able to harness the search capacities of Google, surf around, and get routed to wherever you intend go. However, it is still a step in the direction of being self-sufficient because you’re able to do your own traveling now.

truthfully, this device s 2.3in the screen just can t compete with the 1000 or the smartphone in your jersey pocket when it comes to viewing a map. Yes, you can zoom in and out; however, that requires quite a bit of touching of the computer, so it goes without saying that you’re still only looking at an undersized

Given that trying to preserve battery life is important, I was disappointed when my Garmin Edge 820 lasted for just a few hours. Rechargeable Battery Life: The biggest drawback for the Garmin Edge 500 is its battery life. A fully charged battery only lasts about eight hours, while a rechargeable battery on the 520 or 1000 can’t last more than four hours! That’s frustrating because it’s when you need your device most – how to find food and gas stations in

Furthermore, you can see what kind of altitude changes are on a map’s way which is nice.

One great feature is the battery-saving mode of about four hours, which we enjoyed. However, there was a time when it went into save-mode that I had to touch and wake up from in order to see if I was on course. shutting off completely and dying.

Garmin Edge 820 includes a course creator feature that builds your route for you personally at your desired length. However, I wouldn’t recommend it; most of the courses it built for me were too busy with cars and often winding around sidewalks instead of bike lanes.

If you ask me, there are three tiers of routes: computer-generated courses, Strava’s Route Builder, and MapMyRide with its breadcrumb trails. The best routes you can have are from Ride With GPS or other software, which can be loaded into your Garmin. The very best solution is by having a route created by someone close and loading that onto your Garmin.

Information aside, the Garmin Edge 820 does a great job of staying on course. You could follow along to the color map that shows turns are color-coded and illustrated before they come up in future screens for instance your regular training data, and directions will pop up when needed.

Once you complete a ride, you can review a summary page including the time spent in various training zones and an outline map of your path.

Conveniences and annoyances of daily use

Adding a touch-screen to the device makes it more user-friendly, as you can tap through menus and enter names and addresses. Similarly, changing fields on the fly is no problem; just hang on the field involved for a few seconds, then tap to find your brand new desired field.

I sometimes accidentally changed screens and fields when clenching my hands over the computer though, even on group rides.

And when the sky or my sweaty helmet above dropped moisture on the screen, swiping often meant inadvertently changing something on the screen.

Similar to the Edge 520, I don’t like that the start/stop and lap buttons are so low on the computer. It prevents snugging it neatly in front of your stem when mounted

Even though the touchscreen works well, it does not react as smoothly as an iPhone or Android. Short delays and heavier pressure required are a little frustrating. Using it with gloves could be difficult. From the perspective of someone who doesn’t live with a constant sense of urgency or dire immediacy, first-world problems can sound trivial.

The various wireless connections are a convenience when it comes to logging your rides. At the end of every ride, Strava is automatically logged via the home network (if available) or by connecting the device wirelessly (via Bluetooth).

Garmin s GPS capability is so quick and stable that you might have to ask for a few additional seconds if you need time to read the sign.

This computer boots up quickly and you can start, record, and upload a ride without difficulty.

Any time I want to go online, I simply turn on my Bluetooth and WiFi.

Important thing: Buy a 520 or 1000 if you don’t are really thinking about GroupTrack or a tiny computer with a touchscreen

As is the case with many of Garmin’s bike computers the Edge 820 has a lot to offer. The features that I like best are WiFi, touchscreen and GroupTrack. Each one of these offers something really unique depending on what your riding habits might be. If you need or have to use navigation frequently, I suggest going with the Edge 1000. It’s a bit more expensive but worth it for the larger screen and better battery life.