Top 10 Garmin Edge 520 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Garmin Edge 520 screen, buttons and mounts

The Garmin Edge 520 is light and sleek, taking up little room on your handlebars.

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Garmin Edge 500 offers great features for cyclists, including the perfect size handlebar companion. The 520 iterations follows suit with its size including a 4.9cm width, 7.3cm height and 2.1cm depth.

The controls are easy to use without reading the directions. The pause button is positioned at the base and may cause an issue when trying to mount it on a shorter stems, say 90mm.

The 520 includes a few small plastic attachments which can be put on the bike with two strong rubber bands, or you can buy an out-front mount.

[I’ve heard criticism of Garmin mounts not supporting well in crashes. ] This is true with my very own Garmin 520 – the mount dislodged from my bike when it crashed, slid over gravel underneath (along with my lower torso). Garmin give a tether to loop the mount and Garmin together.

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Data display and transfer with the Garmin Edge 520

For experienced bike owners who are younger than 40, the Garmin Edge 520 provides rich data and accurate information about their riding.

You can create multiple profiles, which tailors the data to your preferences. You can also choose a different color palette for each profile if you so desire.

Create individual profiles for different bikes and styles on the Garmin Edge 520

Garmin data is grouped into the following readings, distance, speed (including all of its variations), heartrate, elevation and cadence. Data for training zones such as % time in zones also exist.

One of the Garmin Edge 520’s standout features is that it can connect to Di2 gear systems and display data such as battery levels and gear ratios.

Connect your Garmin Edge 520 to a smartphone for two-way connectivity.

Speaking of connectivity, you can hook your edge 520 up to an Android or iPhone to view Strava rides as soon as they’re finished and send text messages. Handy if your ride has somehow extended to the afternoon.

In terms of battery life, Garmin estimates that the unit will last approximately 15 hours before needing to be recharged; I found that this was fairly accurate based on my own use.

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Strava segments on the Garmin Edge 520

Strava Live segments could be displayed on your own handlebars with Garmin Edge 520.

I won’t enter the moral argument around Strava’s dominance of cycling: if you want to, you can sync your Garmin 520 with your Strava profile.

With Strava, you’ll be notified when any segment is coming up and have the opportunity to finish it faster than you’ve so far. Plus, you can save all user data such as pace, distance and avgs for your friends or family members to see.

Marketing a Product

Whether you just want to check your time against segments that interest you, or participate in a similar segment for others to join and post their best times as well, it’s possible with Strava.

Despite resisting Strava’s dominance primarily (didn’t many of us?), Garmin and the orange giants are plainly batting for the same team now. Your unit also includes a two month trial period with Strava Premium.

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Measuring V02 Max and FTP on the Garmin Edge 520

New for the Garmin 520 may be the capability to automatically track V02 max and FTP provided you’re wearing a heartrate monitor and power meter.

The V02 max is an estimate of the maximum amount of oxygen that a person can consume per kilogram of weight. The Garmin 520 did not register for my latest VO2 max test but can only be speculated as to whether this is due to the cancellation of expired contract or accuracy shortcomings of some readings.

The Garmin Edge 520 also provides on-screen instructions for how to complete an FTP test, and it tracks your FTP as time passes.

Of those who negotiated in the Garmin Edge 520 with VO2 and FTP measuring.

The Garmin Edge 520 allows for the download of workouts from Garmin Connect.

The features I underutilized most were those related to speed and RPM, which were not assisting me with the more unstructured approach that I ve taken towards training during the past 12 months.
However, these tools are helpful for athletes who have adopted a structured plan of attack based on zones.

Recovery notifications are a bittersweet feature of Garmin Edge 520 cycling computers. For example, you’re prearranged at Cyclopark in Kent, with the preceding day’s race efforts still heavy in your legs. As the commissaire barks instructions, your Garmin beeps from your own handlebars. Poor GPS signal

Garmin s 520 is clever enough to analyse your performance and examine how much recovery you’re likely to need after training. As soon as it detects that you’ve had enough, the computer will calculate how long your next complete rest period should be before you start again. You’ll always have readouts of how far away from full recovery you are while on the

There are times when you’ll want to turn your GPS off in order to avoid constantly being reminded of the effortless preparation you’ve not yet finished.

Mapping and navigation using the Garmin Edge 520

The major difference between the two Garmin devices is that each come pre-loaded with different level of mapping capability. The 520 comes with a basemap which is lacking detail, whereas the 820’s maps are detailed.

However, it does provide turn by turn navigation alerts and maps. It s just not up to the same standard as higher-end Garmin devices so if map accuracy is essential for you then it might be worth investing a little more.


A bike computer that is easy to fit on a handlebar and provides all the data you need.
{A lot of features} in this product for an affordable price, so it should be worth your consideration