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The Garmin Alpha 100 is a tracking and training collar that combines two industry-leading technologies: a GPS tracking system from Garmin and 45 years of dog receiver collar technology from Tri-Tronics in one single handheld device. The Garmin Alpha collar has a 2.5-second update rate, allowing you to keep your dog s location on track with just one device. With the expandable ability of up to 20 dogs and the 34-hour battery life, the machine is both powerful options for pet owners everywhere.

1. Why buy a Garmin Alpha 100?
2. Does the battery last long enough?
3. What side buttons are available on the watch?
4. How does this compare to other fitness trackers/watches on the market?
5. Do you need cell service or wifi for it to work if there is

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The Garmin Alpha 100 handheld sports a 3-inch sunlight-readable touchscreen color display, is glove-friendly, and can be operated with just one hand. The device is waterproof to IPX7 standards; it’s able to withstand accidental immersion in water for up to 30 minutes.

The touchscreen enables you to change between dogs easily and configure one’s data to your unique needs.

The main drawback with the Garmin Astro or Tri-Tronics collars is that they are not compatible with DC30, DC40 or EXP collars.

Just what exactly makes the Garmin Alpha not the same as the Garmin Astro?

Faster Update Rates

The Garmin Alpha handheld is configured to track your pet’s location every 2.5 seconds, and the Astro can only update its location with a maximum of 5 seconds. The only downside of faster update rates is that they draw down the battery more quickly than slower ones. The Garmin Alpha 100 could be configured with an update rate of 2.5 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and two minutes. It means you can control how quickly the collar will discharge its batteries. However, even though set to update every 2.5 seconds in initial field testing our runtimes were 24-26 hours per full charge and 34-36 hours on a complete charge when set to an update rate of 5 seconds.


Garmin’s collar battery life has improved. Similar to its predecessor the Garmin Astro DC40, it lasts about 22-24 hours when set to a 5-second update rate– which is significantly longer than before. If you leave the device on, it appears that the Garmin Alpha will last for about 34-36 hours before needing to charge.

The battery pack of the Garmin Alpha is rechargeable, which means you don’t need to buy new batteries before every hunting trip. Simply bring your charger along and you’re ready. The Garmin Alpha comes with a car charger to help you charge one’s body (collar and handheld transmitter) while on the way to camp. The battery life on this transmitter is 18-20 hours, you can also buy additional batteries if needed.

Collar Beacon Lights

A major new feature of all the Garmin Alpha is usually that LED Beacon Light is included inside the collar. This light might be activated through your handheld and not merely for coon hunters to enjoy this feature. The reassurance, that other people can easily see your dog on a dark evening while walking him or she will do ones heart good for anyone who walks their dog The collar light can be set to different settings, for example, illumination continuous, slow blink and fast blink.

Like most peripherals, the light on your Garmin Alpha 100 will also decrease battery life. Four to five hours of use is the best estimate with continuous illumination, and about 20% less time when set to intermittent flashes

Number of Dogs

The Garmin Alpha GPS device can now track any blend of 20 dogs up to 9 miles away. Contact Tracking allows you to effortlessly stay on the same page with your hunting buddies in a way that other brands cannot provide, tracking their handheld transmitting devices as they would be tracked by a typical GPS tracker – instead of just following their paw prints like most competing models While tracking other hunters in the field, your device will show them as a different icon on the map which is helpful for telling them apart from your own dogs.


Given that the Garmin Alpha comes loaded with 100K Topo Map software—including all 50 states and hiker-enhanced map data—yes, you heard me right. What’s a $100 option for Astro users, it’s standard on the Alpha. Garmin’s Maps are reasonably priced, and if you pay $29.99 a year, Birdseye Satellite Imagery allows you to see the world in person including roads, buildings, and terrain as well as topo maps.

Rescue Mode Feature

Plus, now with Rescue Mode enabled on your Garmin Alpha 100s, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if their battery level dips below 25%, the collar will automatically switch into an update mode (which lasts for up to 12 hours) and send out a signal looking for a location. This is a great feature that would save some people from losing sleep at night because of lost dogs, but it is not enabled by default. For every dollar you need to turn this feature on under the Collar Settings menu in the handheld device.

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Geofence and Radius Alerts Feature

The Alpha 100 Tracking System has a distinctive feature called Geofence, which allows you to define a location and radius. If your pet leaves the Geofence or wonders outside of the radius you have set into the system, you’ll immediately receive an alert on your own handheld. This is great for hunters since it allows us to know when our dog goes out too far and gives us a chance to react before they get lost. Furthermore, a radius alert is only accurate for the animal in question if you have one dog that will chase its prey as they are accustomed to doing. With rookies, it is helpful to keep them closed so they’re more likely to engage when given the first chance.

The Alpha 100 has various great features, but there is one feature that stands out to me specifically. This amazing device allows users to track and train their dogs without spending too much time outdoors

Tracking Dogs

The Garmin Alpha tracks your pet using two distinct methods. The first involves fixing a point on the compass screen while setting a distance that you want to follow the dog at intervals of 500 yards. Tracking with Topo Map is just as easy: you use the track-tracking function to monitor your favorite location and let the Alpha do all of the work for

I favor the compass screen for locating a dog that is on point or has treed an animal. The interface is straightforward and easy to interpret if you have ever used a compass. The electronic compass includes a color-coded arrow indicating which way your dog is oriented in relation to you, whether he’s moving or not. As the dog moves away from you and gets further away, his pointer on the map starts disappearing until it disappears completely. The Garmin Alpha 100 has a Point and Go feature that helps navigate in thick covers.

The Garmin Alpha offers a map screen as well and is pre-bundled with the 100K Topo Map Software on the handheld. As stated earlier, this is a substantial upgrade to the Garmin Astro 320. The program includes maps for all 50 states and that means you should be able to see every road, creeks, trail, elevation The Garmin Alpha 100’s map screen is great for seeing high-definition topographical maps, and its capability to mark points on a map is useful in a hunting situation. One thing I soon learned when hunting grouse is that it doesn’t take long to get turned around in the woods.
You have a lot of features in use.”

Remote Training Capability

I was very skeptical when I heard that Garmin would make a tracking and training combination collar. How will you have one transmitter that can do both, and at the same time no less? The Alpha is a good option for dedicated upland hunters. I wish it had an “off” button, but as a trainer that relies heavily on electronic collars, I’m not switching any time soon. That’s a popular old saying, I’ll offer you my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands. Well, that’s how personally I think about the Tri-Tronics Pro 500 G3. I want to be clear before you start firing emails off, let me explain. While it’s only my opinion, I’ve personally used the vast majority of bows available during the past 18 years. So while all opinions are subjective, mine is based on a whole lot of experience. With that being said

best Garmin alpha 100 When you have a dog out from the truck, adjust the intensity dial to his level, then let him get down and come as he pleases. Let’s take a quick glance at how dog training works. Dog correction is a practical example of punishment and stimulus.

In the background story, best Garmin alpha 100, information can be rearranged or condensed to improve clarity:
Now without ever taking your eye off your dog, you can issue a minimal, medium, and high correction to your dog I think that the transmitter should be fixed on a stable location when in use for training purposes. If, for some reason, I need to take my eye off the dog, if even just for a few seconds, there is no way of effectively reading what the dog is doing without looking back at the transmitter. This puts me at a major disadvantage and may The Tri-Tronics Pro Series of electronic dog collars can be used at the lower setting and as needed, based on your reading of the dog’s response. Anyone who has ever used a TRI-TRONICS PRO SERIES Collar will tell you how much they have helped in their training

Thus, the good news is that Garmin engineers have kept up with this notion of having the capacity to program three buttons to do something as Low, Medium, and High. However, changing the stimulation range can be a hassle you need to switch from screen to screen, and it’s cumbersome when using gloves. It’s not something I would use on a day-to-day basis. The simplicity of the intensity selection dial and Low, Medium, and High buttons makes a world of difference when training multiple dogs in one location. The Garmin Alpha 100, however, is a top-rated combo tracking/receiver collar for upland hunting dogs.

Types of Stimulation

The Garmin Alpha 100 provides 18 degrees of stimulation with continuous and momentary options, plus a tone option. The handheld buttons are programmable on the facial skin of the device.

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Customizing the Handheld Training Buttons

The Alpha handheld training button can be customized for one or more dogs depending on the type of stimulation desired, with Momentary, Continuous, and Tone options. You can vary the level of stimulation based on a dog’s individual temperament and how much correction is necessary. Each button can be programmed to control different dogs, and you can set up several screens so that you have more options for customizing your unit.


Garmin’s new handheld tracking device for dogs, the Alpha, is just about the best product in its genre. Utilizing the MURS radio frequency to transmit both location data and corrections administered via the remote transmitter, it offers unparalleled range without sacrificing communication bandwidth like other devices on the market
1. The Garmin Alpha utilizes This means that you can track your pet up to 9 miles away. However, it’s worth noting that in normal hunting conditions, pets can be spotted much less than the 9-mile range. Although we use a Garmin Alpha 100, and our dogs are closer to home in the northeast of Vermont and New Hampshire, I’ve found that using the tone only button as an emergency recall can be invaluable on tough windy days or when your dog is out of sight.