Best Fujitsu Scanner Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals in 2021

The Fujitsu Scan Snap S1300i is a lightweight digital document scanner that’s designed to digitize documents on the go. This direct competitor to our Editor’s Choice, the Epson Work Force ES-300W printer, can’t quite match its speed but performs accurately when doing so. Plus, it includes Fujitsu’s robust, easy-to use scanning interface and document management software. If need to get a huge discount, then this is the time to take advantage of Black Friday sales.

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The ES-300W has held its position as our top pick among lightweight document scanners for more than three years – a testament to the fantastic design, performance, and display set. That doesn’t mean that the Fujitsu is not a fine little device; it’s just that when it comes to capacity and performance, the Epson edges it as one

In order to understand the Fujitsu Scanner (Model S1300i), it is important to first differentiate between two types of scanners: manual-feed and multi-sheet feed.

All scanners require a manual feed. Automatic document feeds are only designed to capture one page at a time (although many automatically scan both sides of double-sided pages).

These multi function machines provide a programmed document feeder, or ADF, that allows you to scan pages without the need of user intervention.

With today’s Fujitsu, scanning 20 pages or 40 images (sides) takes only 3 minutes.

Unlike most lightweight document scanners, it doesn’t have a lot of an onboard control panel. It has a Scan button that also functions as a status LED which can turn red, green, and blue lit states to signify various statuses.

Connectivity options are very limited. USB 2.0 is the only way to connect and power could not be attained via AC (alternating current) or a direct wire connection as it is powered through the USB ports on your computer or laptop. In the box, you will find a USB-to-power cable. It is important to note that power and data connectivity are only supported by different devices: YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER or Mac will need two available USB ports for this application.

The first time I saw this cord, it felt like an odd configuration. But after giving it some thought for a minute, the reason behind its design finally made sense. Most scanners that support power and data using one USB cable also forfeit the opportunity to use standard cables with most handheld tablets and smartphones. Hardly any of these handheld cellular devices draw and/or store enough amperage to switch on themselves. The S1300i scanner allows you to turn up the scanner via AC power, which will also allow you to exchange data over USB. Scanning to your mobile device can be done with a couple of methods, either Wi-Fi or WI-FI Direct.

Of the other portable scanners you have read about up to now, only the ES-300W supports wireless connectivity as approach a few others such as Apparent’s Doxie Q and IRIScan’s Anywhere 5. But that’s not the only feature which has helped the ES-300W retain its reign as well known multi-sheet-feed portable. The Epson can be one of just a handful of machines in this segment that is included with a built-in battery, that allows you to use it almost anywhere without having to be tethered to Kodak Scanners

Scanners each have a daily duty cycle, the maximum number of scans before overuse will wear out the device. No such rating has been published for the Fujitsu S1300i scanner as of yet. Many multi-sheet-feed portables are rated at 500 scans, but it’s quite ambitious to scan an entire ream of paper in a day on one fitted with only 10 sheets (less so if you have 20).

With the latest Scan Snap software, Fujitsu has once again demonstrated incredible progress and reliability. The S1300i downloadable software bundle contains Scan Snap Home, Scan Snap Manager, Scan Snap Organizer, and Card Minder.

Scan Snap Home is a scanner that not only scans but also edits and categorizes files. You can link Scan Snap Home to other applications, like Adobe Reader, to create metadata for your scanned files. Scan Snap Manager is like Scan Snap House, though it includes different features than that application.

Scan Snap Receipt is the clear winner. Like Card Minder, it can help you scan and organize those stacks of receipts that are constantly filling up your pockets. Scan Snap Receipt, however, is among the few utilities that support different currency types-both during installation or as needed.

Testing the Scan Snap: In simplex or one-sided scans, the S1300i provides a rating of 6 ppm. Duplex scanning is rated at 12 ipm. The Epson ES-300W, ES-200, and DS-320 all have higher ratings than this Fujitsu scanner. Scan Snap software converted the scanned text to editable text with great results.

We tested the S1300i over a USB link with our standard Intel Core i5 PC running Windows 10 Pro. The documents we use to distinguish how quickly a scanner digitizes hard-copy text and how fast the Scan Snap software converts and saves written text to usable formats fall into two categories: image PDFs and searchable PDFs.

When assessing a document scanner’s features, you want to look for two different things: its hardware and software capabilities.

On the device side of the equation, test pages (i.e. black-and-white text pages) are captured or digitized and then sent in an extremely rudimentary electronic format to your computer for optical character Scan Snap’s software scans and converts the written text in a bit mapped image to PDFs, which are either of an image or searchable (editable).

The last step of the process, imaging and saving information, used to be one of the slowest parts of scanning. However, these speeds are not nearly as noticeable now. Regardless, the S1300i has a remarkable scan speed for single-sided documents (7.1ppm) and two-sided text pages (14.9ip Then, Scan Snap converted and saved the written text to searchable PDF at rates that were faster than Fujitsu’s ratings.

The ES-300W scanned, converted, and saved the same text documents at rates of 28.6ppm and 54.5ipm compared to 36.3ppm and 64ipm respectively from the ES-200 series scanners.

Readily usable scanned text, of course, is editable on programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. The computer and software must work harder to convert imaged text into searchable text which takes some time. The processing time relies on a number of factors including the rapidity of one’s personal computer and in which OCR software you’re using. But with today s high-powered computers, efficient OS systems, and software like Google docs, it never takes all that long to scan documents often took even longer just a few years ago.

Regardless, the S1300i and its Scan Snap software scanned, converted, and saved our one-sided text document to searchable PDF in about 1 minute and 5 seconds. This scanner has a 10- to 15-second scanning lag.

Given the large gap in speed ratings between your S1300i and some of the other portables I’ve mentioned, these speeds may seem to be close in comparison, or at least not that much slower. The Fujitsu holds only 10 pages in the feeder when compared to 20-page capacity of other portables. This takes twice as long and, therefore, costs the user more money for operations that don’t involve printing ten or fewer pages. Conversely, the ES-300W and its sibling scanners are capable of handling heavier loads than this Fujitsu. This isn’t a problem if you’re only scanning documents with 10 or fewer pages on the highway.

What s best about this scanner is that it has a high accuracy when the scanning process is all said and done.

The S1300i scanned and converted our Arial font test page without any errors right down to 4 points and our Times New Roman page error-free right down to 5 points. You will not usually encounter pages with typeset smaller than 5 points. Most people would struggle to read text that small without some sort of magnification. The other scanners mentioned here are the best results- not limited to lightweight scanners.

Some may say that OCR software accuracy could still be improved, but why bother since we have already reached a pinnacle of maturity? Few people have the vision to decipher text.

The Scan Snap is an extremely effective and attractive document scanner. It might not be the fastest, but it gets the job done well nonetheless. The only drawback of the Fujitsu scanner is that it’s a bit pricey.

When it comes to scanners, Fujitsu is very competitive, and while some may argue that its great Scan Snap software is one of the reasons why, it’s not the only company with scanning capabilities. The ES-300W offers Wi-Fi and a battery for times when scanning large batches of pages, namely those needed at the end of a semester.

The Fujitsu Scan Snap S1300i scanner is a capable machine and if one- or two-page documents are all you need its durability will last well but it’s competing models have proven to be just as dependable.

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