5 Best Framing Nailer (Nail Gun) Black Friday Deals 2021

Finding the right framing nailer for your projects can depend on different factors. For example, are you a framer or a remodeler? Is price more important to you than driving power, weight, or recoil? Professional contractors share their favorite nailer in this face-to-face shootout

We researched the best framing nailers on the market, ending with a ranking of our top 4 favorites.

Here’s what we looked for and how the nailers with those features stacked up.

All of the nailers we tested, except for the Hitachi NR90AE(S1) come with a rafter hook. Some are better than others but most are well designed. The Hitachi NR83A5 doesn’t swivel, but Estwing does.

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Framing nailers with metal magazines work more swiftly than those with plastic magazines. All of our cordless units have plastic; only the pneumatic ones use metal magazines.

Quality framing nails are nothing, without a quality nailer. You can find jigs that ensure the right angle and length – for most types of projects.

Tool-Free Mode Change: In the very best case scenario, you flip a switch to improve between single fire and bump fire modes. Some of our nailers make it so easy – but some have a two-step process for safety reasons or require trigger changing on an electric air compressor in order to achieve this effect.

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Lockout aids in preventing harm to the nailer blade and reminds you to include more nails before you a run a line without nailing anything. In a perfect world, lockout would happen after the last nail is fired.