5 Best Fossil Q Venture Deals On Black Friday 2021

With a new release of the Fossil Q Venture smartwatch, the favorite brand has reaffirmed its commitment to Google’s wearable platform, featuring Android Wear 2.0. With this refresh, the company also announces that it is among only 8 other companies out of over 240 total at last count who have made devices running on Wear OS.

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At a great price and with strong construction, the q venture is a worthy entry to the struggling Android Wear marketplace. But a few key omissions may be enough to turn off some diehard wearable enthusiasts.

The Fossil Q Venture prices ranges from $255 to $295, depending on the configuration and finish.

Fossil’s Q Venture is a good watch with an attractive design and competitive pricing that is priced starting at $255–even more competitive when you pair it with a leather strap instead of the premium chain-link cuff. Paired with a rose gold finish, the price increases by about $25.

Without a 4G-equipped alternative, this watch’s functionality is limited. However, you can knock down the price significantly if you check with third parties that sell it.

Design The Fossil Q Venture has a simple, lightweight, and compact design. It features a single button in the crown but no rotating bezel or crown. This is ideal for those with smaller wrists who want to keep it relatively low key. Meanwhile, you can rely on Fossil to deliver sleek watch designs at an affordable price again–

The Fossil Q Venture still retains the round face design but offers a clean bezel (unlike most smartwatches that come with an identified bezel). The individual button sits on the right-hand side of the watch, which is integrated into its crown.

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This means the crown and bezel can t be spun. It is going to require scrolling through any lists together with your fingers on the watch s touchscreen, which might be less appealing for those with chunkier digits.

But there are plenty of other brands which offer similar features, including Tag Heuer, Mont Blanc, Misfit and LG. That means you re only looking at the Apple Watch 3 or Samsung Gear S3 if you want this functionality and those would come with an advantage to the Android Wear 2.0 ecosystem.

Fossil Q Venture
The Fossil Q Venture is the latest update to one of our favorite smartwatch lines. It has a sleek and fashionable design and its bold face suits most style preferences

This thin and lightweight stainless steel watch is perfect for when you do not want to be burdened by a heavier weight.

Frame grabs from the Fossil Q Venture, a sleek timepiece with modern embellishes.

The 18mm strap is easily replaceable, with Fossil offering leather and metal options. We were able to remove a few links from the thin stainless steel clasp for an improved fit, but be warned that we endured a squeaking noise in the clasp when shaking our wrists.

Rated to be water and dust resistant for 30 minutes, the Fossil Q Venture will survive a shower or get wet in one meter of fresh water without any problems.

The watch comes with a wireless charging puck, which attaches firmly to the bottom of the device and stays put during charging.

Fossil’s Q Venture smartwatch breaks its long tradition of using a flat tire display with the introduction of a fully rounded screen.

Most watches are 42mm in diameter, but the Fossil Q Venture is comparatively small at that size. The screen is sharp and clear.

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The Q Venture’s display was always readable, without being too reflective in both its fully-lit and dimmed modes.

There’s a black halo between the display and metal frame to help protect it.

– Given that the device is durable, you do have to use extra caution with some of these features such as the edge-to-edge display or water resistance.

Smaller icons may be difficult to tap when holding the watch with one hand, but alternatives like a rotating bezel or crown are more difficult for those with bigger fingers.

Android Wear 2.0 was designed with these considerations in mind